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Pure Onyx

Pure Onyx is a Sexy Side-Scroller Fighting Game by Eromancer. I’m looking for you competitive cucks out there today. Come on out. I know you guys exist. I’ve been to enough foul-smelling conventions to see a few Smash booths setup with you ugly bastards going at it. I think I’m going to try and become a vendor for deodorant at my next convention. I feel like I’d be raking in that fucking dosh.

But, really, I think you beta nerds are the most competitive bastards out there. You don’t see handsome alphas like me at events like AGDQ or other big-name e-sport events. All those chads are already winning at life. Why bother duking it out with you betas over who can win a fucking card game? Babes just come to me in real life without me even trying. Why should I bother stressing out over some trivial-ass game?

I hope I didn’t damper your competitive spirits too much because I’ve got a kick-ass porn game that lets you, well, kick ass. That’s right; Pure Onyx is a fighting game that has been in development over the past year or so. It is still being developed by Eromancer. You might recognize the name. This talented fuck is responsible for another awesome porn game called Mailse and the Machine.

Game is Still in Alpha Development, but it is Still Fun as Hell to Play

There is a free version of the game floating around, but if you love that experience, then I would recommend throwing some cash at Eromancer. Their team does this shit full-time, so they could use all the support you can give. A 3 buck donation nets you access to all of the latest versions of the games. Keep in mind that this game is in very early development. I’m talking Alpha or even pre-alpha. The free version nets you a dev-test copy where you can get a feel for what the game is going to be like.

As with everything Eromancer has put out, this shit looks good. The game runs using Unity and has a killer art style that reminds me of old-school cyberpunk graphic novels or comics. It’s fucking dope. The game plays full-screen with no current way to toggle graphics or to make it a windowed game.

But, again, this shit is fresh off the presses. For a game that only started development in November of 2021, it looks better than most games I’ve played that took 5 damn years to make. And I liked that this game took a 2D side-scroller approach. Some of those 3D porn fighting games look way too janky for me to get into.

Bare-Bones Wave Fighter Game With a Unique Art-Style

I will temper your expectations just a bit. The game is pretty bare-bones. You can hop right into a dev-test version of the game, check out a gallery of sketches of future fuck scenes, and that’s about it. But even as it is, the game is a pretty good time. You play as this busty babe in a crop top and the shortest shorts possible named Onyx. She’s a fucking dimepiece. It is awesome watching her run around with her ass and tits jiggling.

But the game doesn’t go overboard. It’s not like Onyx is running around with a fucking gravity-defying set of quadruple E tits. The proportions are relatively normal compared to some other games out there like this. I am looking at you, Dead or Alive. Even the fighting looks like a classic fighting game or comic book. You can punch with X, kick with C, and block with V.

There’s a health bar up top for Onyx with another bar below it that I have no idea what it does. Probably some sort of special ability that hasn’t been added in quite yet. But your goal is to survive. You fight buff dudes with no shirts on. Some have chain whips or giant fucking wrenches, while others will simply try to beat your ass.

Classic, Tough Side-Scroller Action

The game starts off pretty easy. You’ll probably survive the first few waves on enemies without taking more than a hit or two. But those hits matter. You don’t get any health packs. That health is what you have for the entire game. You don’t regain shit in between rounds or anything like that. Once you get to wave 10, there will be this huge fucking dude that acts as a boss. He’s tough as fuck unless you find a way to stun lock him, especially since he keeps summoning goons to fuck you up.

I know what you’re all thinking. You cucks are wondering where the fuck the porn is. Sure, watching tits bounce around is awesome. But that’s not enough for you fap addicts to get off to. Getting Onyx to take some dick is a little tricky. You need to let one of the goons get behind her while she is standing still. They’ll grab her arm, and you’ll need to mash the left and right arrows to break free.

Enjoy a Few Kinky Scenes of Onyx Getting Fucked

You don’t want to break free. Just let that shit happen. You won’t take any damage, but the bad guy will force Onyx to her knees and fuck her right then and there. You can mash buttons to move shit along, or you can sit back and enjoy the show until Onyx gets her tight pussy creampied. Holy fuck, the climax scene had me dying laughing. These fucks shoot cum out like a goddamn super soaker. It’s coming out in a spray in all directions. I swear these dudes shoot out half their body weight in splooge.

There are a couple of different positions that can happen if you keep letting these dudes grab you. But it seems like only the basic enemies can fuck you right now. The boss and the chain guys didn’t seem to be interested. Unfortunately, you don’t get any hot moans during these scenes. Hopefully, they will add that shit in the future. All you get right now is some wet slapping sounds.

And right now, you can’t play this game on mobile devices. I don’t know of many phones that support Unity games, let alone ones that have the keybindings necessary to play a title like this. But I hope to see a mobile app version of the game come out in the future. That would be a ton of dun. And I think the game would be well suited for mobile play. After all, it’s not like there are a ton of complex menus or anything. Throw some on-screen buttons up, and you’d be fucking golden.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

The combat was great. It didn’t feel overly clunky or stiff like some other fighting games. Sure, the move set is pretty limited right now. But this is just the start. If they’re already doing this well, then I can’t wait to see how this game develops further. It’s going to be fucking awesome. Speaking of awesome, the art is so good. It’s a unique style that isn’t too cartoonish and silly. It’s a quality looking game that will be incredibly fapworthy as it goes forward. Hell, most of you fucks could probably bust a couple of nuts to this game as-is.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

All I can suggest is that Pure Onyx keeps this shit up. Sure, I could complain about the lack of voice acting, story, combos, sex scenes, and all of that. But what’s the point? The game is still being made. That would be like looking at someone doing the outline for a painting and commenting on how it hasn’t been shaded in right. It would be pointless. Though something to add moving forward would be some game-pad support. I know tons of fucks who prefer to play fighting games on a controller.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Pure Onyx is a fun side-scroller fighting game with some kinky fuck scenes. It isn’t packed with porn. It isn’t the most complete game. It doesn’t have a story yet. But I still recommend you fucks at least keep an eye on its progress. I’m telling you, this game will not disappoint. It’s got a fuck ton of promising features. I can’t wait to come back and play this game when it’s all wrapped up. Head on over to Eromancer’s Patreon and at least browse through some of the cool updates coming to Pure Onyx.

PornGames likes Pure Onyx

  • Fast-paced fighting game
  • Fluid fight animations and a unique art style
  • Fun
  • wave-based side-scroller
  • Hot sex scenes

PornGames hates Pure Onyx

  • It isn’t finished yet!