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Blitz Angel Spica

Blitz Angel Spica is a 2D Fighter With Tons of Hot Hentai Content. You betas would get fucking destroyed in a fight. There’s no denying it. I mean, you might be able to stand through a few of the onslaughts by soaking the punches in your flab, unless they hit you in the acne. You’d burst like a pussy water balloon. But don’t you fucks dream of being able to return fire? Don’t you wish you could fight and defend your girlfriend...if you ever got one?

Well, I don’t have a solution for you in real life. But I’ve got a game where you can pretend to be a hot waifu who loves kicking ass. Okay, yeah, I know that whole lead up was a bit of a stretch. Anyway, the game is called Blitz Angel Spica. It’s a 2D side scroller where you need to fuck monsters up or get fucked by monsters, but we will get into all of that kinky stuff shortly.

Halted Development With No Signs of Forward Progress

The development of this game has been a bit...odd. It started development and was initially released back in December of 2016. But it still hasn’t gotten beyond version 0.3. Fuck, talk about a slow development process. It’s being developed by Erobotan, or, at least, it was. His Patreon page has been wiped from the face of the earth, so I don’t know what the fuck is going on with development.

But you can find the game on a variety of sites for free, so I’d just go with that. I don’t think there’s a legitimate version of the game out there anymore. You play as the hot waifu babe who doesn’t seem to have an actual name. It just says “Doki Doki Cells” above her picture, which I imagine is just a play off of the game Dead Cells.

Very Minimal Story & Exposition Makes for a Confusing Start

There isn’t any sort of story as far as I can tell. You don’t get an intro, tutorial, or story to go along with anything. There isn’t a single line of exposition. I know I usually complain about games being too heavy on the plot, but it would be nice to know what the fuck is going on. Why am I fighting monsters? Why am I an anime waifu? They need to answer the important fucking questions.

This game has a unique spin that most hentai fighters don’t seem to take. It has some roguelike elements to it. For those of you who aren’t massive nerds and don’t know what the hell that means, it means that the game is focused on losing and trying again. You get points and credits the further you get. When you die, you can spend those credits on upgrades or items that will make your next run slightly more manageable.

Complex, Fun Fighting System that will Challenge Most Players

You get a decently complex fight system. It’s not like most hentai fighters where you simply smash attack to win every single time. This one requires some strategy and forward-thinking. You can chain combos, duck, run, roll, and flip your way through the waves of enemies that are trying to rape you until you can’t stand.

That’s right; this game is one of those ones where you get raped if you lose. Though that’s not quite accurate in this one. You’ll want to pay attention to a few bars above your waifus head. You have health, stamina, and lust. The higher your lust is, the easier it is for monsters to fuck your brains out. You lose all of your health, and it’s game over. And stamina just helps you know how many attacks you can do in a row before you need to recover.

You get hit a couple of times, and that monster will automatically bend you over and start pounding that waifu pussy until it’s raw. This is great for fapping. You can just sit back and let your babe get ravaged by some thick monster cocks or robots with big tendril arms.

Enjoy Many Different Rape-Fetish Scenes

It’s not so good for actually trying to play the damn game. You need to mash buttons to get out of it, but monsters will usually just chain lock you until you can’t do a fucking thing. The higher your lust is, the harder it is to break those stuns. It was incredibly frustrating. Thankfully, some upgrades help you avoid getting stun-locked so often.

You likely won’t make it terribly far before you get a game-over. Once you lose, you will get taken to some sort of base where you can purchase upgrades, go to different maps, and interact with a few NPCs. But they don’t tell you anything about the plot or anything either.

You can also go on “dates” that are just quick hentai scenes of you fucking the single NPC babe that is in the base. And every location is basically the same but with different enemies. There isn’t any platforming or anything to speak of. You’re simply fighting on a different colored background on the same old flat battlefield that you had before.

Kinky Hentai Animations With Hot Moans and Sexy Sound Effects

But let’s talk porn. There’s a good bit of it in this one. You can get fucked by many different creatures, and you don’t have to seek them out each time you want to fap to your busty heroine getting railed. There’s a full gallery for h-scenes as well as hot CG moments. Everything is uncensored and pretty fucking well done. You get hot audio of your slut moaning and all of the hot, wet noises that you could ever want.

And I sure hope you want those noises because you can’t toggle the volume in this game. You can turn the music off, but that is it. It doesn’t help that this game is insanely fucking loud. You could have your volume slider on low still have your hentai slut’s moans reverberate through the entire fucking house. And the menu noises are so high-pitched. It sounds fucking awful and is incredibly annoying to have to deal with.

Casual Players May Have a Hard Getting Far into this Game

You’ll want to strap in for a lot of repetition in this title. The first few waves of enemies will become a cakewalk, but bosses are nearly impossible. Seriously, I consider myself to be pretty decent at these kinds of games, but I couldn’t fucking beat the first boss no matter how hard I tried. Maybe it’s easier with a controller. The keyboard bindings are clunky and hard to use in general.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

I genuinely had a good time fucking around with the combat system in Blitz Angel Spica. Some side-scroller fighters feel clunky as hell. This one was enjoyable, and the combat actually posed a challenge. Most games just throw you in there and let you button mash your way to victory. Not so much with this one. You’ll need to put your gamer glasses on for this shit.

The hentai scenes were fucking great. They aren’t full HD animations or anything, but you get some decent shots here and there. There is a ton of content for you fetish loving fucks. If you like the thought of some hentai slut getting raped by a robot with massive tentacle arms, then you came to the right fucking place.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I don’t say this too often, but some exposition would have been nice. I don’t know what the fuck this game is about. Give me some bullshit reason for why I’m fighting. It doesn’t even have to be a good one. And please let me control the goddamn audio. That was so fucking annoying. The menu sounds were so jarring it fucking hurt. Just add in an audio toggle. You know, the thing that nearly every game has.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Blitz Angel Spica is a fun fighting game with loads of nut-bustingly sexy hentai scenes. I don’t know what the hell is going on with the development of the game, but there is plenty of content for you betas to jerk your dicks to as it is. Sure, it has some minor issues. But it’s still a great fucking game. I highly recommend you cucks get out there and give Blitz Angel Spica a shot.

PornGames likes Blitz Angel Spica

  • Fun and challenging fighting game
  • Loads of kinky hentai rape scenes
  • View any hentai scene in the gallery

PornGames hates Blitz Angel Spica

  • Can’t turn the volume down
  • No plot
  • Exceedingly difficult at later stages