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Arena Of Audacia

These past few years, we’ve been seeing a ton of return to retro in the game scene, and the porn game scene was quick to follow. I’m very happy to see this return to 8-bit and 16-bit graphics, because it leaves a lot to the imagination. You’ll also see this as a porn genre that’s very popular on imageboards. I think they call it sprite porn. Basically, you’re watching 8-bit pixel chicks getting plowed six ways to Sunday in the most perverted, most depraved ways imaginable.

The nice thing about this approach to the smut art is that you can show more with less. When an artist doesn’t have to worry about skin textures and eye reflections, they can focus on what really matters – triple penetration. Seriously, though, when they draw in this art style, they get free reign to draw whatever situations they want with very little time and effort. That means more quantity and less quality, but when your imagination is creative enough, you can enjoy yourself for literal hours on sprite porn alone.

That’s why I’m super jazzed to be reviewing Arena of Audacia, which is a completely animated game made entirely with what appear to be 8-bit graphics. It’s a recent title, so it doesn’t really suffer old-school limitations. Basically, the artist behind this game had the ability to draw out all of his sexual fantasies in a simple video game for everyone to enjoy for free.

Enter the Arena

The premise of the game is that you’re a sexy female warrior with huge knockers and a fat ass. Also, she’s equally talented at handling swords as she is with thick rods. You enter a circular gladiatorial arena and fight your way through waves of enemies. It’s that simple. The combat is very much reminiscent of the 8-bit games of old. You swing your sword at the enemies and hope they don’t swing first. You also get a bunch of skills that you pretty much couldn’t survive without, and you have to be careful about wasting them. They come back over time, but you’re fighting for your life. You can’t afford to dick around.

The first ten waves are basically a cakewalk, the next ten are a nightmare, and everything beyond that will have you smashing your keyboard. It doesn’t take a lot of skill to understand this game, but it gets hard to master as you go along. That’s probably why the game also comes with a bunch of items that drop from enemies at random, once you defeat them. Getting rare drops is always a big deal, because these can really be a life-saver. I cannot understate how difficult the game gets in later stages.

Plus, there’s the upgrade option on your skills, which will make the biggest difference, in my opinion. These skills don’t just do damage. They help you avoid enemies all-together sometimes, and that can mean the difference between life and death. Well, I say life and death, but really this is a porn game so…

Fight or Fuck Instinct

This game pulls a trick that I’ve seen in other similar fighting porn games before. It has you fighting against the very thing you want to see – the smut. Let’s say that you’re so good at this game that you never take any damage. Let’s say that you’re an absolute expert, and you play all of your cards right. Well, if you get through the game like that, you won’t see a single piece of smut. I doubt you could ever jack off to the shit you see in this game if you play perfectly.

But, if you happen to suck at the game long enough to get hit in the face a few times in a row, well, your health will drop to one heart. In this game, that means that you’re just about lubed up and ready for the action, because every enemy that’s left still standing will be trying to penetrate you until you’re just about ready to pass out.

They’ll come your way, corner you and jump you. Then, the sex animations start. This is roughly the only jack-worthy part of the game, and I’m not very sure whether it’ll be enough for some of you. It’s extremely hot, and you get to choose whether you want them to do you one by one or just run a train on you all at once. I guess it wouldn’t be called running a train though if they all go in at the same time. You get my point regardless. They will plug all your holes.

Fapping to this Game

You get some controls to fiddle around with the action while this is happening, and you can set up some pretty hot scenes. I managed to rub one off during the later stages when the enemies were a lot more brutal with this girl’s holes. Plus, the style leaves a lot to the imagination, but uses a really high framerate, which is just my cup of tea. Everything is very soft and bouncy. Titties flap to the rhythm of the cock, and they’re very satisfying to stare at.

The problem that I think you’ll run into is that once a sex scene ends, you go right back into combat. And, unless you want to see the same-sex scene happen again with the exact same enemies, you have to go back to playing the game. Plus, if you’re into the actual gameplay, you have no idea when the optimal time to get banged is. On the one hand, you get to see some action. On the other hand, you’re losing in combat. Are you supposed to play ten rounds then bend over on purpose? Or does the game assume that you’re so shit at it that you’ll inevitably get fucked no matter how well you do? This, I do not know.

Personally, I found the game to be challenging, but not enough to constantly feed me the pussy I need to keep fapping. Plus, you can’t even edge while you’re playing the game, you need both of your hands. So, you’re supposed to fight for a few minutes, then fap for a few seconds, then fight again. That’s torture. My cock would not enjoy that for longer periods of time.

My Suggestions

This game would be so much better if when you downed the enemies, you could plow them. Maybe you can fuck them in the regular girl on guy style, but in a dominating way. Maybe you can chop their heads off when you’re done fucking them; I don’t know. It would be much better than getting literally no reward for your combat except for the ability to do more combat. That would work fine if this was not a smut game. Or maybe I’m overthinking things, and this isn’t a smut game. Maybe it’s a standard fighting game that happens to have sex scenes for no reason at all.

There are so many wonderful options for improving this game. You could extend the level so that it’s more than just one arena. Or, if you’d like to keep it an arena, then maybe add some options for more variable fuck play. Like, maybe the fucking can fill up your energy. Perhaps it’s dangerous to fuck because you risk getting hit in the face and losing HP. I’m just saying; there’s tons of ways to mix the smut with the action if that’s what the developer wanted.

But, I suspect that the dev really wanted to keep this as simple as possible. It’s a fighting game that happens to have smut, and that’s the end of it. For what it’s worth, playing this game for the combat alone is super entertaining. It’s a challenging fighting game that’s a lot more interesting than say, similar Flash games that you play to kill time. If you’re going to play this game at work, don’t let your HP drop to one heart, that’s all I’ll say.

At the end of the day, this is a very addicting simple video game with well-made animations and art. It’s super fun to play, and it’s entirely free. Plus, you can support the developer to your heart’s content on Patreon if you’d like to. That’s always a good idea if you find yourself appreciating an artist’s work.

As for one-handed gameplay, well, consider it a challenge, I guess. Maybe remap your custom keyboard so that you can reach all the buttons with one hand and stick the other one down your pants. It should make this already difficult game that much harder.

PornGames likes Arena Of Audacia

  • Fun combat
  • A lot of increasingly hard levels
  • Fun to use skills and items
  • Sexy smut scenes

PornGames hates Arena Of Audacia

  • You have to lose to see smut
  • Can be a bit brutal on some players