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Lewd City Girls

There’s a lot of rape fantasy in porn games these days, and it usually features a male protagonist making his way downtown, walking fast, passing faces homebound as he fucks his way through every living soul that happens to be female. Ever since RapeLay, this concept has made its way into porn games one way or another. Games like Degrees of Lewdity will have everyone raping everyone else, including your main character. But, it’s very rare for you to play a porn game in which you straight up rape dudes, as a girl. In Lewd City Girls, you get your way, not with coercion or tactics, but by punching dudes in the fucking face until they drop, then mounting them so you can milk them for all they’re worth.

Beat ‘Em Up, Jack ‘Em Off

In this game, you play as a very hot, very horny schoolgirl, who is undoubtedly of legal age. She’s got red hair, a cute bow to hold up her giant ponytail, breasts that won’t quit, and a blue sports jacket. She gives off some tomboy vibes, but she’s still ultra fuckable and a generally fun person to have around. That is, when she’s not on a punching spree, making her way through an entire school’s worth of people.

This game takes a lot of inspiration from old-school beat ‘em ups, in that it’s actually a standard fighting game in which you clear out rooms full of baddies, by punching and kicking them until they drop. You can move sideways as well as up and down, and once you take all things into consideration, including the art style, it’s basically a Scott Pilgrim homage stylistically. If you’ve ever played that game, you’ll know what I mean.

Pixelated Pussy Punches

This game has an extreme retro vibe, starting with the graphics. It’s got this 8-bit inspired vibe, though I suspect it’s not really 8-bit. It’s probably made in some modern engine, especially since the UI is in an extremely high resolution with sharp graphics. So it’s safe to say that the retro graphics were a stylistic choice. They were going for an old-school vibe, and in a fighting game, that’s usually a great decision. Plus, all the animations have a very high framerate, so the game’s equal parts blocky and smooth. That’s the kind of shit I play fighting games for. I want to feel like I’m in control of my pixelized vixen.

So, you get control of this girl, and you quickly realize that her skinny arms and tiny body generate a lot of power. I don’t know if she’s roided up or just generally that excited, but she punches like a truck. She can easily down dudes that are twice her size, and she keeps her smug grin on her face throughout the fight. She’s a real badass, is what I’m trying to say. I mean, I haven’t exactly sparred with any women in my life, but I’m pretty sure that a girl of this stature couldn’t knock me the fuck over. Then again, all a woman needs to get me horizontal is to ask nicely, or preferably just take her top off. I don’t stay on my feet for very long.

School Cleansing

I mentioned that the game takes place in a school, which doesn’t really explain why the place is littered with people who are trying to brutally beat the shit out of this girl. Maybe it’s some sort of parallel to the patriarchy trying to keep women down at all costs. They have to use their fists or succumb to the crushing weight of the male gaze. I have no idea what I’m talking about at this point. I’m just throwing in concepts that I’ve heard women yell at me. I didn’t understand them then; I certainly don’t get them now.

So, you set off on your adventure to punch dudes in the face and you down your first baddie. What happens next? Well, you walk over to him and see a prompt to press E or X on your keyboard. What happens if you do that? Well, you pull his dick out of his pants and stick it inside you. Whether it’s in your pussy, your ass or down your throat, you are going to milk that sucker dry for every bit of cum he can produce, before you finally let the poor fucker rest in peace. I don’t think he’s dead; I just think he needs some time to file assault charges.

You have a handy dandy cum indicator on the top left of your screen, which I suppose acts as your high score meter. For every dude you drain, you fill your virtual condom with more cum, and that thing can fit an infinite amount of man juice. Why you want this man juice is beyond me. Maybe you’re making a cocktail, or you’d like to impregnate yourself with everyone’s cum all at once.

Or, maybe it’s like a trophy thing. I’ve heard of dudes having notches on their bedposts to mark how many women they’ve slept with. Perhaps this is the female variant of that. They collect the cum into one single gigantic condom, and they measure how big it’s gotten. I have absolutely no idea what the logic behind it is, but it’s weirdly arousing somehow. I’d like to think that my cum is out there somewhere as a testament to the many women I’ve satisfied. I just hope they respect it is all.

Sexy Suck and Fucks

You might think that the sex scenes in this game should be boring and repetitive, since this is a retro-looking pixelized game. Well, you’d be fucking wrong. I’ve said this before about a few other pixelized games, and I’ll say it again. Pixels can be very hot and extremely worth fapping to, if they’re done right. And boy, in this game, they’re definitely done right.

All the sprites, blocky as they may be, got a lot of care and attention from the artist. When you punch a dude in the chest, his eyes bulge out. When you walk around, your tits bounce, and of course, the more you fight, the more clothes you lose. That’s genius game design right there. This chick manages to be extremely hot for a pixelized pixie. She’s absolutely gorgeous, and I’m always waiting to see her get fucked. It gets me through the game.

In other similar games, you might have to lose to get a dicking, as if that’s your character’s punishment. That’s not fun. I don’t like having to choose between playing the game right and seeing the smut. I’d like to be rewarded for my hard work and amazing combat skills. That’s what this game does. I beat the fuckers down; then I mount them like there’s no tomorrow. Granted, I’m not down on the whole idea of roleplaying as someone who takes the dick, but the scenes are hot, and I just pretend I’m the dude when I see it, so it works really well.

River City Girls

There’s a non-smut version of the game which appears to have a lot more content, made by the same studio. Except, you can’t jack off to this one. Trust me; I’ve tried. It’s not even free. This is a paid game for people who really fall in love with the art style and gameplay of Lewd City. I’m just throwing it in this review in case you really find this type of gameplay to be your thing.

Even though these guys have a running Patreon, it doesn’t seem to be very successful, and I’d wager to bet they’re making their money through other, more conventional means. That’s kind of unfortunate if this game depends on the Patreon making money. Plus, I’m not really sure if they intend to update it any time soon. As it stands right now, it feels a bit like a super polished demo, which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Maybe the artists are too busy working on other projects to add more smut scenes to this game.

Either way, the game is absolutely fap-worthy in its current state, and it’s free for download to your PC so you can play it as much as you’d like. Personally, I’d advise you check it out, fap hard and look for other 8-bit porn games on my list like Arena of Audacia. That game has a very similar vibe to it, and you might enjoy the sex scenes there too.

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