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Wagamama High Spec

Wagamama High Spec is a Lengthy, Lewd, Hentai Visual Novel by Madosoft. This one is for the weebs out there. Do you nut all over cute hentai figures that you paid way too fucking much for? Do you cuddle your favorite anime waifu body pillow when you sleep every night? Do you have shelves upon shelves of manga, anime, and doujinshi? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then please re-assess what the fuck you’re doing with your life. But, before you do that, keep reading about this cutesy, lewd, hentai visual novel that I have for you weebs today.

Wagamama High Spec is probably the weebiest fucking thing that I have ever seen. It’s cute to the point of making me fucking nauseated, but I’ll get to all of that later. What you need to know is that Wagamama High Spec is a hentai visual novel created by Madosoft. It launched back in 2017 and has garnered a decent following of you cucks. You can buy the game from for around...holy fuck. You can buy it for around 85 bucks. Damn, that’s a big price tag. Though you can also find it in the darker corners of the internet for free.

Play as an Aspiring Writer with a Secret Passion for Making Risqué Manga

As with many visual novels, you play as some dude who you can’t see. Extra immersion or whatever, I guess. Though that does mean that you can’t customize your character in any meaningful way. I get it. It’s not an RPG, but sometimes I like to see what I’m working with.

Anyway, the guy you play as is named Narumi Kouki. He’s a high-school student who works on a weekly manga series, but he keeps this shit under lock and key. The only people who know about this shit are his younger sister Toa and her best-friend Mihiro. Why keep it a secret? Well, he’s basically writing a cheesy romantic comedy with a good dollop of smut added in.

Can You Keep Your Secret, or Will the Whole School Discover Your Perversion?

I don’t want to spoil too much of this shit, but I’ll give you the starting plot hook. Your computer breaks, which makes it hard to get your email sent out with the manuscript for the new issue of your manga. You ask you incredibly busty sister for help. She helps you out. You get more involved in school, but the student council president ends up hearing about your naughty manga.

In exchange for buying her silence, you join the council and help her accomplish a variety of tasks while a ton of responsibilities begins to pile up on you. Not the least of which is the supreme opposition of the student council vice-president who seems to hate your guts for some reason. You need to juggle all of those responsibilities while you attempt to make time for whichever babe you want to try and romance. You can even fuck your sister if you’re into that.

Very Long Game With Many Different Paths and Romance Options

That paragraph sums up about a solid hour or two of gameplay. You definitely need to settle in and immerse yourself in the ride for this game. It is a beefy visual novel that will take you fucks around 30-40 hours to complete. No wonder this shit is 80 bucks. That’s a fuck ton of content, even for a visual novel. It’s the kind of game you come back to again and again.

The game does present you with choices. It takes a long fucking time to get to the first couple of choices, but your decisions will lightly influence how the game goes forward. The later decisions have a good bit more weight to them than the ones at the start. And, like all visual novels, you can choose who you want to romance.

Enjoy Lewd, Softcore Hentai Scenes With Steamy, Voice Dialog & Sounds

It’s peppered with lewd, softcore scenes all throughout. You’ll get a glimpse at some panties, a look at one of the cute girls in lingerie, and there’s even a scene where they have a water fight, and their clothes all become see-through. Now, don’t expect sex scenes to come quickly, and don’t expect them to be full of hot fetishes or kinks.

This is supposed to be an uplifting, cute, and lewd experience. Emphasis on cute. Every line of dialog is the epitome of what weebs think cute anime girls sound like. I think that shit is pretty cringey, but I’m sure you horny cucks will be rock hard the first time a girl calls you her senpai.

You will have to deal with censored sex scenes. The game claims to have some sort of toggle that will turn censorship off, but I have yet to find that magical button. Maybe you’ll have more luck, but all of my resources tell me that you’ll be shit out of luck. Though you’ll be glad to find that this game is almost completely voice acted in Japanese. I know how hard you fucks get at the sound of some “kawaii” school girl talking to you Japanese. You’ll have hours and hours of that to enjoy.

Great Writing, Music, and Censored Hentai Illustrations

The hentai scenes aren’t animated, but you do get plenty of hot illustrations to help you bust that nut. You also get breathy moans, voiced lines, and everything else you could possibly want. Everything works well together to make a kinky scene that is well worth fapping to. Plus, you can always revisit the hottest scenes. And, as a side note, the music in the game was pretty damn good. This fucking game even has a full anime-style intro song and animation to get you hyped.

For a translated game, the dialog and descriptions are pretty good. There were barely any errors, and the story was pretty good. It didn’t have a ton of twists or turns. It’s the kind of game you play when you just want to have a good time playing and fapping to cute hentai schoolgirls. There are some intense or sad moments, but this is mainly a feel-good cute-fest that will touch on all the right places for you slice of life anime lovers.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

This visual novel has more content than the last 10 games that I have looked at combined. If you’re looking for an in-depth, immersive experience then this is the game for you. It’s got over 30-40 hours of content for you to dive into per playthrough. And this game is very replayable since you can’t possibly romance every cute school girl on your first go through.

Then there’s the voice acting and lewd scenes. Holy fuck, it’s so impressive that they got this game to be fully voiced. There are thousands upon thousands of lines, and each cute girl has her own distinct voice. That’s fucking awesome. And then there’s the acting during the lewd scenes. Trust me; you fucks will be going insane when you witness these hentai scenes for the first time.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I personally like games that take a quicker approach to storytelling and shit so that I can get to the hot fuck scenes, but that suggestion would defeat the purpose of playing a fucking visual novel. My only real suggestion would be to knock that price down. Nearly a hundred bucks for this game is insane. Sure, it’s got a lot of content, but so do full-priced games that you see in a store. Those don’t even climb up to that large of a price tag. It’s fucking insane. I’d bet that many more people would buy the game if the price were sliced in half.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Wagamama High Spec will keep you weeaboos out there occupied for a long fucking time. This visual novel is jam-packed full of cute, lewd, and funny content. If you’re looking for a game that you can get fully invested in while still being able to bust a few nuts, then this is the game for you. Pick your favorite waifu and see if you can get them to fall in love with you while you balance the ever-piling responsibilities thrust upon you. I highly recommend any fans of visual novels or slice of life anime fans give this game a look.

PornGames likes Wagamama High Spec

  • 30-40 hours of content to dive into and enjoy
  • Engaging story with cute
  • fun characters and themes
  • Full voice acted game
  • Hot hentai scenes

PornGames hates Wagamama High Spec

  • Very expensive price tag