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The Twist Game

For our teenage, young-ish, and young at heart incels out there who’s looking for a Sims-like erotic game that you can hang out to, check out the Twist Game! Porndude here back at it again with a boisterous, cheeky, and offensive review. Are you sick of me yet, meatheads? This time around, I’m bringing you a classic, role-playing, visual novel game that will surely blow your mind. Or your load. I know I did. Hehe.

So if you’ve been reading my reviews for a while now, you know that I like to give it to you straight, or at least as straight as some of our lonely patrons in here - no judgment, a warm mouth is a warm mouth, if you know what I mean. LOL. So yeah, after playing with The Twist for quite some time (just two hours, maybe less, I ain’t that have much time), I can say that you’d be amiss if you don’t add it to your daily rotation of erotic games.

A short yet succinct way to describe the game is it's a choice-based game that lets you decide what to do with your life. Much like most of the wholesome games that those silly high school bitches have on their phones, right? So you live a life, make decisions every day like how to go on with a situation, that kind of stuff. Except with The Twist, we get down and dirty. Oh yeah, motherfuckers, this game lets you do fun PG stuff and will surely give you a chub.

It’s called The Twist for a reason, and I’m not going to spoil it to you on that. But what I’m gonna say is that you’ll never see things coming with this game! Though it’s some run-of-the-mill fuck-them leave-them kind of game for horny middle schoolers? Oh no, you’re in for a rude awakening, my dude, because The Twist will blow your mind through the best way!

The Game

The Twist is a real-time 3D game that you can change angles from anywhere anytime. In most scenes, you can freely orbit around and choose what angle you want to view the game. It’s awesome that way, and when I tell you that having the choice to orbit makes for really great angles, I’m saying you could get up there and really go in on things. Perverts know what I mean.

In the game, you’re the male protagonist, right? And you can customize how you look, but let’s skip that for a moment and go on the mechanics of the game. You’re going to school, because why not? You’re surrounded by these sexy bad bitches around, from classmates, teachers, principals, and even some random chick living in the community.

You get to have interactions with every girl you’d like - busty, booby, ass-y, thick, pretty, white, black; you get the drill. What you’re gonna figure out is how to date these chicks. The choices that you’re gonna pick will determine your dating destiny. So choose carefully, idiot. Or not. I mean, where’s the fun in being a prude, right?

Since the game is rendered in real-time 3D, you’ll need to have ample GPU power to give the game justice. That shouldn’t be a problem. Because any self-respecting incel who thrives on erotic games should have a pretty good gaming set up. If you’re still running Windows Vista, boy gets out of here. Don’t be complaining about fucked-up gameplay if your computer’s shit, you get me? Try asking Mommy and Daddy for an upgrade, how about that you twat?

The game’s available in both Mac and Windows so you PC master race buffoons should stop with this nonsense that Mac-users can’t game because of their limitations. Lol, you’re right though, Mac’s for shit on hardcore games. Sorry, not sorry, Mac-users. Anyway, for this type of game, we’re all in, so let’s rejoice!

Oh, for real, though, I’ve been reading that some users are experiencing a magenta/pink-ish glitch when they’re gaming and if you happen to be experiencing that one, developer KST recommends a hardware upgrade. The file size is pretty big at almost 2GB, so you better have storage space available.

It’s an independently-developed game, and let me just tell you now that there’s a paywall that you need to unlock to get to some good parts of the game. You know what I feel about paywalls anyway, so let’s just get to it: I don’t mind them since developing erotic games can be really time-consuming, and I’m willing to pay if it’s worth it, what I don’t like is the fact that it’s keeping away the good stuff.

Anyway, so there’s that. Listen, if you’re gonna play this game, you might at least put in a dollar or five in there. Where else will we find good erotic games when developers can’t get money out of their works? And The Twist is so good at so many things anyway that you won’t regret paying for it. I certainly did not —wink wink. So get in there, meathead, and pay. Don’t be a freeloader who just wants to choke his dick, and that’s it. That’s why you don’t have a girlfriend!

So after going through the motions of the game, this I can tell: it’s a great game. Is it the type of game I prefer? No. But will I recommend it? Yes, of course. Is it a good erotic game? I mean, duh. If you’ve been here since I started this shit, you know I’m not one of the erotic dating games - I find them too tedious most of the time. Will you do these, how will you react to that? I don’t loathe it, but if I can play something more active, I would.

But I recognize that a lot of you like this type of game and trust me motherfuckers I understand the charm. Okay? I’ll play it when I’m bored, but I won’t play it every day, let’s leave it at that. Overall though, I’d certainly recommend this game, for sure.

What Did I Like About The Game

Even though I’m not necessarily a fan of this type of game, I’ll tell you right now that the 3D animation that this game has is top-notch. With that file size, it better be. The 3D rendering is legendary for an independently-developed game, and I’m pretty sure that for you incels out there that likes dating, novel-type games, it will blow your mind.

The gameplay is also great. There’s a difficulty level in there that’s just right, making you build relationships to really get into the good stuff with the ladies in your orbit. And yeah, that includes the busty step-mom. The side quests are nicely done too, and it adds to the gameplay in a way that elevates. Gotta have to work on that relationship scores with the babes if you want to get into the action with them. Just like good, old dating, you know?

H-scenes are mind-blowing, to say the least. There’s a range of women, with different storylines and all that shit. The trick here is to be patient, because one way or another, you’re gonna get them if you just make the right moves. It’s kind of a slow-burner, but man, the sex scenes are truly worth it. And fucking demented. Like truly, your pervert ass could never guess what’s coming for you.

Keep choking that dick, boy, because another thing that I liked is the variety of women in the game. This is not your run-of-the-mill typical white-washed, anime-inspired, voluptuous women (although if you want that, there’s also a good number of women who looked like that in the game), it’s an explosion of colors, of curves and of different sizes. Just like in the real world. Take that, Sims. Sleepsex, titfuck, MILF, lactation? Yep, they’re all here.

What Didn’t I Like About The Game

Okay, KST listen up. I know that 3D rendering can take lots of space, but don’t you think almost 2GB of file size is too much? I mean, come on man, this is not like DOTA or something. Also, if you could make the storylines tighter, I would appreciate it. But what do I know, right? I mean, I won’t even play this game everyday. LOL.

Also, one thorn among this bed of roses you’ve given us is how limited the options for decisions were. I mean, I could use some, “Not doing anything about this” or “Will decide for another time” in some cases. Just throwing it out there, you know.


I’m going to be the straight shooter motherfucker I am and say, make a lite version of this that’s more sex, less storyline. And you’ll get the majority of these meatheads instantly. The game is polished as it is, but it could also make some room for improvements on dialogue and smoothness in transition. Other than that, I’ve no qualms.


All in all, I’d say, The Twist is a great erotic game. For all intents and purposes. It’s got killer 3D rendering, great premise, hot H-scenes, and decent gameplay. If you’re the type that likes dating games, check The Twist. I’ll go out of a limb here and say you’re not gonna want to miss this one out.

PornGames likes The Twist Game

  • Great animation
  • Superb 3D rendering
  • The ladies
  • of course
  • Storyline’s decent as well

PornGames hates The Twist Game

  • File size big AF
  • Long download time
  • Scenes could be better