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A Town Uncovered

What in the world do we have here? A lonely motherfucker who spends all of his time staying in his grandmother’s basement, staring in front of the computer while playing with his tiny dick. Lucky for you, I have found a game that combines your two favorite things to do - adult games and masturbation. Isn’t this fucking exciting? This sounds like something that you would like, right?

Well, you’re in for a treat, the game that we are talking about here will be one of the best games that you will be spending a lot of time with. So having said that, now is the best time to take out your lubes, ready the tissues, pull out your small dick and read my honest review of the dating simulation game; A Town Uncovered.

Explore a new town

A Town Uncovered is the perfect game for horny idiots like who are out there looking for a new adventure. Do you remember the game “The Sims”? Well, this is similar but this time, with lots of sex. Yes, you heard that right, you bastard. A Town Uncovered lets you go around town and meet new girls, and you can do all of those without leaving your dark and empty room, you horny motherfucker.

For those idiots who only how to hold their dicks and not use their brain, A Town Uncovered is a dating simulator game where you build relationships with the people you meet. The outcome of each conversation depends on what you say towards the bitches you are talking to. In short, you have to be nice in order to get laid, or else you will end up going home alone in your room crying while playing with your dick like how you usually do.

A Town Uncovered is available for download on Windows and Mac, so whatever reason you have, fuck that shit. You’re lucky, I took one for the team and downloaded the game so I can review it for you lazy fuckers, you can thank me later. You can find the download link online, which is very easy to do.

Let me tell you. I had high expectations from this game. When I clicked the icon, I was impressed by how fast the game loads. I clicked ‘Start’ and was shown a warning, with a notice like that, you know the game is going to be good. Now, I’m ready to meet new girls and get laid. Let’s head on to the gameplay.


A Town Uncovered is a visual novel. In simpler terms, there will be dialogues, and if there are dialogues, there will be a lot of reading. In the current public version (Alpha 0.25), there are approximately 200,000 words. Fuck me, another waste of time. Don’t worry, your efforts of reading will be rewarded with the sex scenes. The game has a storyline to follow, but your choices will also determine the outcome of the game.

The story starts out with me (the main character) in a scene on a Sunday night, where I just finished jogging. The next day, I have a conversation with my mom (with huge tits), she tells me to wake my sister up, and when I get there, I get to see my sister naked, yes! Some action at the start of the game! After that, I go to school and meet the other characters, Miss Allaway, my hot school teacher, and Effie, my classmate.

Further into the game, I meet with Effie in the cafe, and later on, she tells me to meet her outside of her house, and she says “I’ll make your night go off with a bang,” oh shit, we all know that means bitches! I’m getting laid tonight! What’s even better is I spent the night with her. The following days after that, I meet new girls in my town, and I couldn’t wait to have sex with all of them.

What I like about the game

By far, this is probably one of the best games that I have played. In terms of the overall gameplay and user experience. There are many things to like about the game, and if you are into date simulation games, I would totally recommend this game, especially for losers like you. The first thing that I would like to point out is the skills and relationship point system. Why? Because I get to learn about a thing or two, and at the same time, I get to bang bitches!

Second is the number of characters in the game that I could interact with. I think there are around 40+ characters in-game. Having this many characters is fucking amazing. I didn’t have to worry if I get bored with the sex scenes because I got to bang many bitches. In fact, sex with the characters is so acceptable you would almost be free to do it with anyone. Isn’t that fucking great? Who doesn’t love free sex? Sounds great, right? There’s more.

Are you worried about getting bored from the limited locations in a game? Well, in A Town Uncovered, there are around 40+ individual locations for you to go to, what’s your excuse now? Each location has different events that come with it, so make sure to check out every one of them. Another thing is the in-game soundtrack. I never got annoyed while playing the game, even up to the point where I thought there was no music. Funny right?

Also, this is probably the most anticipated part of the game, the scenes. The scenes are just wow. I could never ask for more. There were softcore scenes, and there were hardcore scenes, which I think puts a balance on the scenes, giving you a variation to enjoy.

What I don’t like about the game

Just like any games, there are still some minor setbacks that some users might not like. For me, it is the number of words that I have to read. Hell no, I’m not gonna waste my time reading the words that come up on my screen! Though you can skip the words, the storyline might not make sense anymore. But, if you are hungry for the sex scenes, go ahead and skip every dialogue, surely you’ll get to the scenes that you like.

This one is what I am looking for in a game. It decides my interest in the game - the graphics. Yes, the graphics of the game are what I look for whenever I play. In this case, since I took the liberty to review this game for you lazy horny incels, I have to say, the graphics suck balls. It looks like everything was drawn by an amateur. I mean, the outline on the ladies is ok, but it could’ve been better if they were close to being real. Masturbating along with the scenes, could have been great as well.

My recommendations for improving the game

Just like what I have mentioned above, A Town Uncovered could be a lot better if the graphics are improved or even better if it was close to real. The people behind A Town Uncovered could have put in extra time and effort though I’m not saying that they didn’t. It could have given the user a much more fun and a better experience. Also, if possible, cut out some of the words as reading might not be easy for idiots like you.


Overall, A Town Uncovered is a fucking nice game, especially if you are looking for games that portray you like a high school student. Unlike in the real world where you are don’t have the balls to do what you want, in A Town Uncovered, you can control the outcome of the game and have sex with the people you meet. It can make you relive your high school life and have fun with bitches in your town. A Town Uncovered is a fucking nice game that you should play.

This game is easy to download as it is available for Windows and Mac. It also very easy to navigate through the game, so even a horny loser like you won’t have a hard time completing the game. One thing this game requires, though, is patience as you will be reading quite a lot, but don’t worry, the rewards will be pleasing.

The game sounds fucking exciting, right? What are you waiting for? The game doesn’t take long to download. Go ahead and download A Town Uncovered now, go around town and start living your high school life again, this time, banging the ladies you meet along the way.

PornGames likes A Town Uncovered

  • Fast loading time
  • Tons of characters
  • Point system
  • Good Storyline
  • Sex scenes

PornGames hates A Town Uncovered

  • Graphics
  • A lot of reading
  • Lots of dialogues