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Treasure Of Nadia

Oh shit, where do I even begin with this one? If you haven’t heard of Treasure of Nadia or at the very least NLT, then you’ve most definitely been living under a rock. Did you just now get your hands on a dial-up connection and discover that porn games are a thing? Seriously, you have to know NLT. I don’t care; you don’t get to make excuses. The hard work and dedication that this one man has put towards people like me jacking off to animated tits is astounding. This guy has single-handedly served up a ton of porn games that defined the 3D dating sim genre.

You know about 3D dating games at least, right? Milfy City is trying to lead the charge, but developers like NLT and Dr. Pink Cake have pretty much been showing the general public that porn games can actually be finished, wrapped up, packaged and delivered to paying customers without them having to wait several years for half a fucking story. I’m a little butt hurt, don’t mind me. If you want intricate and realistic stories with deep emotions and gripping storylines, check out Dr. Pink Cake. Instead, if you want to jack your dick clean off to the hottest women in porn gaming, with back to back pussy, stick with NLT and try to get through this review. I promise to say tits and pussy a lot.

<h3>Continuing the Story</h3>

One thing I fucking love about NLT is that he knows how to finish a story, but keep you excited for future releases. His first smash hit was Lust Epidemic. By the way, check out my review on that game as well; it’s fucking tight. Anyways, that game wrapped up with a satisfying ending. Your playable character got to make his way through a fucking treasure trove of quality pussy and if you got the incest patch, he also turned his mother into his very own personal cock slave. I didn’t get that mod, because I’m not a fucking degenerate, but I did finish the game. I had zero regrets. It was awesome.

Anyways, at the end of that game, there are some teasers about a few baddies that may or may not have survived. There’s a lot of supernatural shit, that I won’t be spoiling in case you want to play that game first. Suffice it to say; the game left some questions unanswered. Your character got the pussy, but you didn’t get all the answers. That’s a perfect setup for a future game.

Well, that’s where Treasure of Nadia picks up, but with a completely new protagonist. New town, new babes, new aspirations and a ton of sex to be had. You couldn’t possibly ask for a better game premise. I know I was absolutely stunned when I saw the initial release for Treasure of Nadia.

<h3>The Game World</h3>

One major improvement on the first installment in this series was the addition of open-world gameplay. The game is still story-driven with some linear pathing that you have to go through, but you’re not forced down a single path anymore. You have an entire world to explore. More specifically, you have a small town to explore. But, you can’t complain, because this game has like three times the babes. On top of that, every single babe is listed in your main menu with a convenient little heart system that tells you just how close you are to breaking her down and turning her into your own personal sex slave.

Granted, you have to find all the babes first, but that’s not going to be difficult. The big question that remains is, how the hell are you going to maintain 12 separate relationships without anyone getting butthurt about it? Well, I guess I’ll leave that bit of genius to NLT. He hasn’t disappointed yet.

<h3>Major Updates Regularly</h3>

Good news, bad news. You probably saw this coming already. NLT is sponsored on Patreon. That’s part of the reason why Lust Epidemic has an incest patch rather than having the incest built in. Anyways, that doesn’t matter right now. What does matter is that the game is currently in development, but a giant chunk of the gameplay is already available.

The game also has scheduled updates, so you’re never in the dark about when the next release will be available. As of right now, there’s about three hours’ worth of gameplay. But, the next update is due in three days and we’ve been waiting for about nine months. Hell, by the time you read this review, we might even be getting another release; who knows?

NLT has always delivered and that’s exactly why the public appreciates him. He’s apparently been working on porn games since the 90s, so I’m assuming he’s getting on in years. But, I’ve found older people are a lot more reliable at delivering on time, so let’s just hope he keeps at it. Personally, I have no concerns. This game is looking like an absolute masterpiece.

<h3>Better Than the Original</h3>

Treasure of Nadia is easily better than Lust Epidemic. I’m sorry to say it. I know it’s heretical. That game was a polished gem of a masterpiece. Still, Treasure of Nadia takes the original formula and adds so much to the mix that I just can’t stay indifferent. First of all, you get 12 babes to romance instead of four. That’s insane. And yes, there were a few other pussies in the original game that I’m not allowed to spoil, but it’s still a huge difference. Twelve parallel pussy relationships are an improvement. End of story.

The open-world approach is also an improvement, as the first game was entirely linear and it took place entirely within one building. This kind of dictated how short the game would be. It’s kind of like NLT knew in advance that Lust Epidemic would be a very concise title. You can get through the whole game in one day. I doubt Treasure of Nadia is going to end up like that. NLT’s clearly got a lot of high hopes for this one. He’s shooting for the stars. Good on him, too. I know this game’s going to be breaking records when it’s fully completed. Hell, he could sell it for a profit on Steam. I’d buy it.

<h3>Some Technical Gameplay Information</h3>

If you’re brand spanking new to the world of open-world 3D dating sims, you should probably start with Summertime Saga, just to get into the general vibe. But, you can’t go wrong with Treasure of Nadia either, I suppose. The one thing that kind of cripples all of NLT’s games is the original engine, if I had to pick a gripe. As far as I know, when he first started making these specific types of games, all the way back when Visiting Aunt Sara came out, he was using RPG Maker. Either that or he was at the very least ripping off the assets from that engine.

Then, he moved to Ren’Py and he’s been using that superior engine ever since. Long story short, he’s still using the RPG Maker design approach. In other words, the game looks like dog ass when you’re not interacting with the babes. So, when you’re fucking, you get the high quality pre-rendered 3D scenes. A ton of them are animated. Hell, there are even some smooth movie-like cut scenes that will take your breath away. But, then you’ll go back to the open-world gameplay and the same old 2D top-down perspective RPG Maker bullshit will ruin your immersion and your day. This is not sexy. It’s retro, it’s annoying and it cripples the game. Summertime Saga had the good sense to just remove “walking” from the game entirely. You click where you want to go and you go there. NLT should have probably gone that route, if I’m being honest.

<h3>Best Game Ever?</h3>

Eh… I can’t really make that call. Treasure Of Nadia is one of the greatest free porn games you will find on the internet. It’s currently in development, but a great deal of the sexy content is already available for download. Stay up to date with new updates and follow along with the sexy story served up by the amazing porn developer, NLT. This game is sure to satisfy your thirst for some high-quality 3D beauties who are all ripe for the taking.. If the game didn’t have me physically walking around and interacting with objects, then I’d consider bumping it way above Milfy City and the like. It’s a serious 9 on 10; let’s just put it that way.

If you don’t mind the open-world 2D non-sense and fetching random items for babes in order to get to the next sex scene, then this is the game for you. The writing is impeccable, as it was in the previous game, so you shouldn’t be bored at any time. The game will keep you both excited and aroused, throughout. Plus, it’s designed so that you can fap and play without any interruption—one-handed gameplay design, for the win.

PornGames likes Treasure Of Nadia

  • High quality titties
  • 12 girls to romance
  • Open-world gameplay
  • Amazing 3D graphics

PornGames hates Treasure Of Nadia

  • Over-world is 2D and janky