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Hunie Pop! This particular game is one of those games that simulates dating, but not the kind that you think; however, it's quite popular in Japan. If you think of the country Japan, and porn, you'll know that it would mean that it's some twisted fucking content when you combine both of them. Japan is very popular throughout the world with its pornographic content that sometimes contains tentacle or monster-related porn.

Despite all those twisted and disturbing pornographic content that the people of Japan create, it still gained a massive following that resulted in a series of porn productions. All of the Japanese porn later adapted to the world of gaming; thus, the game HuniePop was born. The main goal of the fucking game, if you're fucking wondering, is to seduce various women to submission, which results in the women sending you seductive images.

Let's Get This Fucking Started

When you start the game, it immediately lets you choose on whichever gender you prefer; however, if you try both genders and progress through the game, you would then realize that the dialogue is pretty much suited for the male audience. Not to be sexist or anything, but just think about it, all of the erotic contents in the game are nude women who are pleasing themselves, of course, the dialogue is more fucking suited to men.

Anyway, back on track, as you start, the game immediately throws you in a scene where you'll be meeting a beautiful girl named Kyu. After having a conversation with her on how you fucking suck when it comes to dating, you'll then find out that Kyu is a love fairy, in which she is destined to help you date all of the girls in your town, which renders your character the luckiest son of a bitch in the world.

The Gameplay

The majority of the gameplay of HuniePop revolves around completing puzzles; you must solve the puzzle by matching gems in the way of sliding them vertically or horizontally. However, failure to meet the expected goal would result in failure, and your affection for the girl would not go up. And you wouldn't fucking want that as you need your affection to the girls to go up to make them "reveal" more and more if you know what I fucking mean.

While HuniePop's puzzles would seem similar to a game such as Puzzle Quest, it does have its differences, one of which is the nude women as a reward for completing a puzzle. However, you can't just match as many as you want in hopes of seeing the girl's naked and fappable body. Each girl has their unique trait, in which it's represented by a color, and failure to meet her expectations would result in losing your fucking chance to fap on her fuckable body.

Wait! There's more you little fuck; there are "special" gems in the game that would appear during the day. Those are the bell, teardrop, the heart, and the broken heart, and each one would give specific bonuses. To help an ignorant little fuck like you to understand, I will simplify this for the sake of your idiot mind. Bells will give you an extra turn, hearts adds more passion, broken heart removes the percentage off the meter, and teardrops lets you use items.

HuniePop's "Dating Simulator"

If you haven't been putting into your mind what I've mentioned earlier because you have the attention span of a fucking cockroach, I will repeat for you, HuniePop is an erotic puzzle game. However, in my fucking surprise, this game actually has a dating simulation as content. However, it's as basic as it gets as the "dating simulator" part of the game boils down to giving the right answers to questions and giving gifts to the girls that you desire. That's all.

The Game's Graphics

Visually, the game is very appealing, but not as much as you would want to fucking cum all over the graphics of a nake girl. However, the game has an anime-like aesthetics. Each character is unique and has a personality that differentiates from the rest. Not to mention that the game has a diverse group of nationalities, in which it includes Indian, Mexican, American, and so much more.

The Game's Soundtrack

Now we get into the most important of a game full of fucking and nudity. I'm talking about the selection of the soundtrack and voices. I would fucking say the music selection of the game is quite amazing, despite being an indie project, not to mention that the dialogue is fully voiced by experienced voice actors. However, one thing that annoys me, though, is the way the lines became repetitive.

If you're not a big fan of the music and voice acting of the game, I will give two fucking thumbs up to the developers because they managed to put a fucking option in the menu to turn the music off. However, in the overall aspect of the music quality, nothing particularly stands out except for the part when the girls come home to you, as you would find it fucking familiar that you've heard somewhere before, such as other pornographic videos.

What I Hate About This Game

To be honest with you guys, there's actually nothing to complain about this game, in spite of what the game's original intentions were. Moreover, the game is meant to let the players have a good laugh, and it succeeds marvelously at its goals, which is to provide an enjoyable erotic game full of nude content and exciting rewards after each puzzle. To be more precise, it's only a simple match-3 puzzle game with a solid set of voice acting.

One of the best things about this game is that in every puzzle, exciting rewards are waiting as the girls would get more revealing as you progress through the game. However, to some people, the game doesn't get that much praise as they would think that the price doesn't justify the overall content that it provides, despite being a game on a popular gaming platform, Steam.

What I Would Recommend To Improve The Game

If you're asking me on what I would recommend to fucking improve the game? Then I would say, absolutely nothing. To me, the game is actually perfect considering what it actually is, a pornographic puzzle game. It's highly addictive that it even got me to the point that I was playing it not for the erotic "rewards," but for the immersive gameplay that it provides.

Reviewers would call HuniePop as a perfectly completed game, but, yes, there's a fucking but, it's a fucking P2P game. To the mindless idiots who don't read the instructions and only play the game mindlessly to satisfy their lust, P2P is an abbreviation to Pay-to-Play, which means that you would have to a significant amount of money only to download and play the game. Basing on what the game currently offers, others would deem it unworthy of their money.


To make the long story short, if you've played Candy Crush, then I can fucking guarantee that you'll love this game. What can I fucking say? HuniePop is pornography and a pretty damn fine one at that. I can't fucking believe I wasted hundreds of hours on this fucking game, and it was sure hell worth it. However, the game can be similar to the popular Candy Crush; therefore, you would expect little to nothing when it comes to the gameplay or storyline.

Moreover, I see HuniePop as a silly and fun game, despite being only a puzzle game. What I'm trying to say is that, for a game that was created for no other reason than to look at nude and erotic girls, it is actually quite a solid game. And similar to Candy Crush, HuniePop can be very addictive as it offers tons of content for the players to enjoy, not to mention that you'll always be "motivated" to finish each puzzle as the rewards can be unexpectedly seductive as fuck.

PornGames likes HuniePop

  • It's fucking enjoyable
  • The graphics are beautiful
  • The soundtrack selection would give you an orgasm
  • The game has hidden "Waifus" for you to discover
  • I would consider the game to be balanced
  • Marvelous boss fights
  • Beautiful erotic artwork
  • The moaning is quite believable

PornGames hates HuniePop

  • After a few hours
  • the dialogue becomes repetitive
  • The gameplay of the story is not the to other dating simulators
  • Lack of interaction between girls
  • Why the fuck is the Uncensor Option not in the main menu?!
  • Wait
  • there's actually no sex scenes or animations?!
  • It's basically a version of Candy Crush for the adult audience