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We’re officially living in the future, boys. VR porn games are cropping up left and right, and everyone seems to want to get in on the action. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time. Virtual sex has always been a dream of mine, but had I known that when it came out, it would look like this I would have curbed my expectations. The virtual reality we currently have is nothing like what we expected. You’re not magically whisked away into another reality. You’re wearing a phone in front of your face, with a couple of lenses, while you sit there cross-eyed, jacking off to antiquated 3D models.

But, enough bickering. VR isn’t perfect, and we all know that. The only reason these modern headsets are taking off as they have is because there are developers out there willing to put in the work and make some quality software. And what software drives sales more than porn? None. Porn has always been the commercial driving force of every industry. After all, the US military first developed the internet in the 70s so they could send dick pics to the Russians and hopefully receive some back. The same thing is now happening with VR headsets. Amazing developers are putting together amazing games, making VR a viable investment. One such game is this here title powered by VirtualRealPorn called VRLove The Game. It’s available on a ton of different devices with the kinds of sex toy support you can only imagine.

A Custom Character

This game makes a big deal about how you’re supposed to feel immersed in the action. Other VR games do this too, but they usually lock you into first-person mode, so you don’t have to worry about what you look like. You have a penis, and you have no head. Onward. To fuckery!

In VRLove, however, you get an actual character, head and all. He even gets a haircut. And speaking of he, your character can also be a she. Hell, you can play as a transgender person even, though I’m not sure if that functionality is in the game already. I know they touted is as part of the trailer, though, so it’ll definitely be there at some point. The idea is, you get to make your own character and customize every part of their body, yes, even the dick, to make sure you can easily identify with the protagonist.

There’s an extensive character creator built into the game that lets you make all kinds of wacky characters or keep things realistic. It’s up to you. I found it a little hard to fiddle with the controls and try to make my character look like me, though. It’s not exactly too intuitive. It’s super easy to slide some control too far and make the character look sub-human. That’s why I recommend that you check out some community creations, find a dude-bro that tickles your fancy and download him into the game. You can do that. The developers even encourage you to do that. It’s super easy to share creations with other people, and since the character creator is so extensive, you can download dudes that look like actual real pornstars, so if you’ve ever wanted to play as James Deen, here’s your chance.

A Custom Babe

If you think custom playable characters are cool, check this out: You can download community chicks, and most of them are crafted to look like actual pornstars too. Now, this isn’t nearly as perfected as the kind of content you get on Virt-A-Mate. Those girls are modelled by the community. It’s also not nearly as accurate as the representations of pornstars you get in HolodeXXX. It’s more a combination of sliders that gets the girls as close to the real thing as possible, but it’s hardly uncanny. They’re just similar.

Faces, Places and Different Races

The game lets you make any kind of character you want, covering all the bells and whistles necessary to replicate any human being. This encourages you to make the woman of your dreams and also make your character look as much as you as possible. They’re trying to let you live out your actual wildest fantasies. But there are a few kinks they haven’t ironed out. Namely, this engine really wasn’t made for photo-realistic renditions of real human beings. Everything is a bit cartoony and plastic. I guess you can say these characters look a lot like The Sims characters. They’re matte, polished, kind of plastic-looking. They come off as animated dolls, rather than actual human beings.

And it’s not just how they look that’s a problem; they act weird too. Their animations are very basic. The walking around shit is fine, but when they start talking… you can forget about any hopes of immersion or real-life vibes. This is all super mechanical, and it’s not just the standard animations either. The sexual animations are super basic too. Sure, there’s a ton of them, but they don’t look sexy, they look mechanical. I know sex is all about the repetitive ins and outs, I’ve ridden that rollercoaster many times before. But, there’s gotta be some leeway for some curves. You can’t just animate the chick moving back and forth on the cock and call it a day. It doesn’t look sexy; it looks jarring.

There’s a Story

If there’s one thing that propels VRLove ahead of the competition, it is definitely the fact that this game has an actual story. It’s the kind of campaign that you’ve seen in other Triple-A titles that are built around single-player experiences. So, this game is a sex simulator, but it’s also a story-driven dating experience. It’s nothing too extensive. There are no plot twists and unexpected turns. It’s more like the kind of story you wrote for your characters in your head when you used to play The Sims. Guy meets girl; guy invites girl over for a nightcap, girl agrees, buttsex happens. You know, standard upper-middle class shit.

This story might not be extensive, but it definitely helps make this game a worthwhile addition to anyone’s VR collection. Look at it this way. It’s not a toy that you fiddle with; it’s an experience that you get to navigate through. There’s dialogue. The bitches in this game actually talk to you. Granted, you have to read the dialogue off of a little subtitle box below their heads, but that’s just the price of doing business.

A Big Future

If you were to take the developers at their word, then this game is definitely looking at a lot of future updates that are apparently going to cram it full of new features. And, since this is a pay-to-play title, all the updates are going to be free. Compare that to games like Virt-A-Mate, which can be made available with a single purchase, but you have to keep paying in order to get new updates, and you also have to pay random people on Reddit hard cash to get their new and beautiful models of gorgeous girls. You get none of that grief with VRLove. You pay once, own the game, and enjoy an endless stream of content.

Oh and, I can’t forget to mention the toy support. This game has a list of both female and male automatic masturbators that can be hooked up to your computer to simulate the sex you’re having inside the game. So, if you’re fucking some girl in VR, you can feel her pussy on your cock automatically, without having to use your hands. That’s the kind of future I want to live in. I’m a little on the fence about the visual quality of this game, sure, but the gameplay is solid. It’s extensive, it lets you perform all kinds of sexual acts, and you’re free to explore the story at your own leisure. Plus, you can fuck an infinite number of different people, so it’s infinitely replayable.

I can’t give this game my top spot for best VR game as of yet. That award goes to the games that focus on realistic skin textures, eye-tracking, and boob physics. But, this game is definitely top three material. It’ll definitely appeal to anyone who’s played and enjoyed The Sims, but was disappointed there wasn’t any smut in that game. Plus, as a VR title with a story, it makes for a great adventure.

I personally hope they add some twists and turns to the story, so that the sex you have is also a challenge, and you get rewards for it. Only time will tell what VRLove will look like a year from now, but I, for one, am very much looking forward to seeing it.

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  • Extensive gameplay
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