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3DX Chat! Have you been looking for a whole new experience in a porn game? Tired of those generic, single-click types of gameplays? Holy fuck, do I have a game for you. Let me introduce to you a game that would take your fucking breath away; it’s called 3DXChat, a game where you’ll experience an immersive 3D world. 3DXChat is a 3-Dimensional game where you get to fully create your personal avatar and live in a world where you can do anything as you please, and when I say anything, I really meant anything. What you can do to this game is only limited by your imagination. So, without further ado, let’s get on with the review of 3DXChat.

Let’s Get This Fucking Party Started

Firstly, let me ask you this, do you want to bring your erotic fantasies to life? Do you want to live out your sexual exploits with the similarly horny locals? Then get to the website, register, and download the game! I fucking promise that you’re not going to regret this. Anyway, after registering to the game’s database, you get to build your character, in which It’s absolutely amazing by how far you can customize your avatar. Not to mention that you can even choose the gender that you want to be, whether if its male, female, or transgender, while having the capability to customize every part of your body.

Picking A Location

After you’ve created your character, it’s the perfect time to pick whichever place that you would want to spend your time with. In the game, it offers you two private apartments, in which you can fully customize it to your liking with props and random furniture. Other than that, the game also has several other locations such as nightclubs, beaches, and privates yachts in which you’re more than free to fuck anyone there.

Moreover, some places are user-generated depending on your erotic preferences, areas in which it’s either specific for men, women, or the transgender community. Moving from one place to another is fairly easy, as it’s only a matter of clicking from a list of locations located on the menu. Not to mention that once you’re there, you get to move freely.

Experience Fucking Virtually

3DXChat is fucking awesome! There, I’ve said it. Not only that, it’s in 3D, but you also get to fuck people virtually. Do you think I’m fucking joking? Go try it for yourself, you ungrateful little bitch. Anyway, the game’s feature allows you to mingle with another player that you might find attractive, you click their name and find out if their interests match with yours. Moreover, finding other players to chat with is relatively easy as there are numerous avatars located in the location you’ve selected.

Now, have you found a beautiful bitch that you want to fuck? Here’s how it gets intense. You get to decide if you want to send them a private message or buy them something beautiful with XGold (A virtual currency that can be purchased with real money). Now, all you have to do is mingle with them, similar to what people usually do in this kind of scenario. If the person doesn’t like you, then too bad. But if he/she adores you, then prepare for a night of fucking glory.

The Graphics And Animations

I’ve spent countless hours into this game, even more than what I initially intended. You want to know why? It’s because this game is fucking addictive! For starters, I love porn games, comics, and any lew contents in general, but this game really takes the cake for me. Moreover, the reason why 3DXChat stands out from the rest of the porn games is that it supports the Oculus Rift. It's a Virtual Reality machine that would literally transport you to the virtual game itself; it would feel like you’re there doing all the fucking, sucking, and spanking.

Since it’s a 3D game, users would expect it to have aesthetically pleasing graphics. What I’m trying to say is, do you really want to play an immersive game, especially in 3D, and end up getting disappointed by the fact that the graphics are absolute garbage? No, right? This is why I would deem the graphics to be fucking commendable, not to mention that the animations are absolutely brilliant. It would guarantee to make you cum all over your fucking room as you play through it.

What I Like About The Game

I paid for a one-month membership, and don’t get me wrong; I was skeptical at first as I’m paying for something that I may or may not like. Anyway, as I spent countless hours playing this game, I really find it quite mesmerizing. There are so many things that I like about the game, and let me start by saying my most favorite, I CAN ROAM FREELY! I though in my head was saying, “fucking finally, a porn game that has an open world.” To add to that, you can also design your own avatar. It’s not as good compared to other character creation interfaces, but the fact that this porn game has this feature is already a huge fucking plus.

Moreover, you’ll be completely immersed in its 3D world, not to mention that you can also have a more immersive experience with using VR types of equipment. That’s not the end of it; I was fucking amazed by how aesthetically pleasing the graphics were, not to mention its sex animations, it would guarantee to make you fucking cum all over. Aside from all of these, when there’s a multiplayer 3D game, there’s bound to be a community, and what can I say? The community is fucking awesome; it’s everything that you fucking wanted it to be.

My Recommendations To Improve The Game

There’s a lot of elements in the game that needs improvement, on which is the lack of game content. I can’t stress enough on how the game is fucking expensive, and yet, the content is only worth a fucking few hours or days. Furthermore, I can’t deny the fact that one of the strengths of the game is its complete control for character creation; it’s almost perfect as it still falls short on the options for customization. I mean, they already wasted time and energy on this interface, but they won’t go all out? What the fuck? Other than that, I’m grateful that the game supports the use of VR equipment, but the controls are a bit clustered, so do something about it.

On a more serious note, with the game’s impressive 3D graphics, I know that they’ve put a lot of work in it, but does it really justify the FUCKING 20 DOLLAR PRICE TAG?! I mean, come on, to gain access to the game and its community, you need to pay 20 fucking dollars every month. However, there are also other options, such as paying annually, in which you’ll be paying less than a hundred dollars for a yearly subscription. Fucking think about it, who the fuck would want to spend a hundred dollars to play a fucking 3D porn game, in which you’re only going to play it when you feel like fapping your useless, pathetic dick. Not to mention that the content would only last you for a few days if you play continuously.


If you’re looking for a game that completely allows you to literally fuck other players without limitations while also having an active community, then 3DXChat may be one of the best options that are currently available. However, with a 20 dollar price tag for a one-month membership, I can’t seem to comprehend how the staggering price justifies the product. I mean, the game is good, and all and the community is impressive, but I really think that 3DXChat is still lacking some important elements. However, If the developers find a way to improve the game and add more elements such as more places to explore or more ways to interact with people, maybe then the ridiculous price tag can be justified.

To sum it all up, 3DXChat is one hell of a game to waste your time with. With the use of Virtual Reality technology, you finally get the chance to experience every 10-year old’s dream, which is to have a virtual experience fucking a random hottie. There may be other titles out there that have better graphics than this one; however, I can’t deny the fact that the quality of 3DXChat is quite impressive as I still find myself enjoying it more than what I expected. Moreover, the game stands out even more as has hardware support for the Oculus Rift, a top-of-the-line virtual reality machine that can really help you “enjoy” the game even more.

PornGames likes 3DXChat

  • Being able to move around freely
  • Design your own avatar
  • Exceptional Virtual Reality graphics
  • Various places to explore
  • Sex animations are orgasmic
  • Awesome community
  • You get to fuck in Virtual Reality!

PornGames hates 3DXChat

  • Lacks content
  • The avatar customization falls short
  • Virtual Reality controls are a bit inconvenient