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We are officially living in the future. Game producers are now bringing hot, fuckable animated Japanese schoolgirls straight to your home, digitally. And, if you own a VR headset, you can play with them any way you’d like. This is the digital alternative to buying a fuck doll. Now, I don’t really have experience with fuck dolls, because I’m too busy fucking real women every single day, but I’d imagine that they have tighter holes than VR chicks. I guess you could technically wear one of those automatic masturbator gadgets that sucks you off while you’re in VR, but then you wouldn’t be able to walk around. Either way, it’s nice that we’re finally at a point in life where you can mix and match this kind of tech any way you want. And, when it comes to bringing you proper 3D schoolgirls in virtual reality, VR Kanojo is the best game currently on the market.

A Very Monogamous Hookup

The whole point to fucking sexy bitches, in fantasy or in the real world, is to not get too hung up on one of them for too long. You’re supposed to deliver the package then move on to the next house, if you know what I’m saying. That’s why I find VR Kanojo a little annoying, even though I think it’s a fantastic video game. You only get to bang one hentai babe.

I mean, I like her, she’s hot. Her tits are huge, and her ambition for taking cock is even bigger. I wholeheartedly want to bang the shit out of this bitch. But, I like variety for my money, and this game costs $60 on Steam. If you’re going to be charging me around three real-life lap dances for a video game, you could at least give me three different virtual babes to romance. I don’t care if they’re just some random texture swaps with a few tweaks. Give me the option of switching around.

Well, you get none of that with VR Kanojo. It’s one girl, or bust. At the very least, you can change out her outfits, so you feel like there’s some customization. I’m just saying, paying $60 to only sleep with one woman sounds a bit like a simulated marriage. That ain’t sexy.

VR Magic

Once I got past my general phobia of commitment long enough to play this game for more than an hour, I found myself liking it. Getting used to the VR controls is, as always, a nightmare. But, the game is built around these controls, and everything feels very intuitive. Plus, there’s a ton of stuff you can do with this girl around her house. It starts with you generally perving over her while she’s going about her day, but you gradually unlock new shit to do to and with her. Eventually, you get a long list of sexy activities that you can perform with her. The only limit is your imagination at that point.

Granted, most of the scenes are extremely scripted, but you still have to act them out in VR. Your body is on a rail, but you can still move around your appendages and touch the girl with your hands. You get more than enough freedom to feel like you’re in control of what’s happening. What I don’t like very much is that you can move your dick around at will. You pick out a scene you unlocked out of a list, and then the game sort of warps you to it. Then, you’re free to play around within that scene, but you can’t move out of it. You have to start another scene and basically get warped to the action.

They do sort of do their best to keep you from getting VR sickness. Personally, I have perfect balance, so this shit doesn’t faze me, but I’ve seen some people try the same experience, and they pretty much fall over and out of their chair whenever the game moves them even a little bit. When you transition between scenes, there’s a loading fade in and fade out so you don’t get sick, and I get how that’s a good thing, but it destroys my immersion. I mean, the whole point of VR Kanojo is that you feel like you’re really there, in this girl’s home, getting it on like there’s no tomorrow. It’s kind of hard to believe you’re really there if you’re constantly teleporting. I mean, this is supposed to be a realistic game, not a magical one. I just don’t like the fact that it’s all so segmented. It feels like watching an episodic movie more than anything.

101 Ways to Fuck One Woman

To make up for the fact that this game has to be divided into scenes, they made sure to stuff it full of so many scenes that you don’t have time to complain, because you’re busy trying to unlock them all. I’ll be fair and say that all the scenes are super-hot. They’re all definitely worth checking out, because it’s all hot smut. There aren’t any hand-holding or talking about your feelings scenes, and thank god for that. I would hang myself if I had to listen to this chick’s life story. Instead, it’s all a very hentai standard affair. She’s hesitant at first, but she remembers she’s a cock hungry slut pretty quickly. That’s how I like my women. Simple and fast.

I kind of wish that you could move around the girl and insert your cock in any of her holes then watch her figure out how to best bend over so she can take it. Instead, she gets locked into position, and you just drag your dick over to the nearest hole. It’s a nice bit of immersion, but there’s just so much more that could have been done. I think that once you unlock all the scenes, you’ll have an idea over what your favorite parts were, and you’d just replay those for the fap value.

High Quality Graphics

It’s time to give this game some well earned praise, because even though I found it to be a bit too linear, I have to praise the hard work that went into optimizing it. VR games are still generally absolute shit, because it’s tough to code a proper VR experience without giving the person who’s playing the game a seizure. This game does an excellent job of using all the computing power you’ve got on hand. You need around a GTX 1060 to play this game, which is about the recommended horsepower for any VR experience. I tried it on a GTX 1070, so I’m a bit over spec, but I think that even on weaker graphics cards, you’ll get top of the line action.

They didn’t bloat the game in unnecessary places with a ton of backdrop action. Most of the difficult to process crap is based around the girl’s curves and her textures. The entire game tries really hard to give you a high quality and high-resolution babe to play with. There’s not a lot of bloat there that could damage your experience. Plus, I’ve played a lot of VR titles by now, and while a lot of them suffer from high framerates coming at the price of low resolution, this game strikes a nice balance. I can feel that most of my computer’s power is focused on rendering the chick’s tits. While they do sometimes invert back into her body, which I assume is a bug, the game is stunning throughout.

The designers also did an outstanding job with the girl’s skin. Typically, I wouldn’t give a shit, but this girl is inches away from your cock or your face at any given moment, so you do get to see a lot of her skin up close. It would suck if her face was some sort of texture blurfest. That would really kill the boner.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that in this game. She’s very well textured, she’s expertly modeled, and she’s just all-around gorgeous. She’s got huge tits and round and fuckable ass and a personality that I learned nothing about. I am grateful for that. For reasons that I do not entirely understand, this girl is really fucking shiny. It feels like she’s covered in oil most of the time. I’m not complaining; it’s actually kind of hot. It’s just inevitable. It’s one of the first things you’ll notice.

As for my faps and what I think the best parts were, I’d have to say that it’s the same as real-life video porn in VR – The best parts are where her face is up against yours. When you fuck her from behind, it feels like you’re watching a porn cartoon. But, when her face is up against yours, it really feels like there’s a person standing in front of you. The game has a free demo, so I’d recommend you give that a whirl before you decide to drop $60 on it, to make sure that it’s exactly what you’re looking for in a VR fap.

PornGames likes VR Kanojo

  • Great Graphics
  • Very Well Optimized
  • Tons of Sex Positions

PornGames hates VR Kanojo

  • A Bit Too Expensive
  • Gameplay Extremely Linear
  • Only One Girl