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Dezyred may be a high-tech new porn site, but it initially made me feel like kind of a dumbass. I stared at the name for like ten minutes, trying to figure out what it meant. I thought maybe it was based around some broad named Dezy Red, but I didn’t see her listed among the big-name pornstars on the page. After taking a fap break to clear my head a little, it dawned on me: it’s a “clever” way of spelling Desired. It ain’t the name I would have chosen, but I’m still excited about the whole setup I see on their landing page. calls itself the First Ever 8K VR Porn Real Interactive Game, which is a major selling point in and of itself. I was even more interested when I found out it was created by the same perverted geniuses behind VR Bangers, which I currently list as my #1 favorite VR paysite here at ThePornDude. The site just launched, but they’ve already managed to build a substantial amount of buzz with just the premise and the names behind the game. I’d like to say I’m the first lucky motherfucker to try it out, but within days of opening for business, they’re already getting 3500 visitors a day.

A Quick Word About Compatibility

If you’ve checked out my VR porn reviews or just did your own homework after buying your expensive new masturbation gizmo, you already know that most sites are compatible with most devices. You can jack off to the immersive 3D flicks at the aforementioned VRbangers whether you’ve got the highest-end Oculus Rift or just some bullshit plastic helmet you bought at the flea market that has a slot for your phone. Since Dezyred is an interactive game, it isn’t quite as simple as loading up a 180-degree movie in a format that fits your device’s resolution. is compatible with most of the big, popular virtual reality platforms. You can jump into the action on an Oculus Rift, RiftS, Quest or Quest2, but Oculus Go support is supposedly Coming Soon. It works on HTC Vive, Steam VR and Microsoft MR, but that’s currently all that’s listed on the compatible list. There’s no mention of PSVR, and they’ve got that “Coming Soon” notice for the Gear VR, Daydream, Android and iOS.

Honestly, dudes? If you’re rocking one of those last-gen VR gadgets, I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for compatibility. You’ve got to figure, Google doesn’t support Daydream anymore and they stopped making Oculus Go, which makes it even more of a challenge for the engineers at Dezyred to get that shit working. The market share for those devices is also dwindling, along with the monetary incentive for VRBangers to give a shit about you and your outdated toy. At the end of the day, it’s a business, so they aren’t going to spend money if it isn’t going to make money.

It’s also worth noting that Quest/Quest2 users need to use the Link to hook your sex helmet to their computer, at least at the time of launch. The help page sounds pretty damn confident that they’ll have it ready for wireless very soon, and I believe them. Facebook can’t make Quests fast enough for all the people scrambling to buy one, so it’d be like leaving cash on the table if VRBangers didn’t fix it.

Fuck Your Favorite Pornstars in 3D

Anyway, back to the good stuff. Since VRBangers is behind Dezyred, I knew I could expect high production values and good porno. I wasn’t disappointed. Everything they do stars major pornstars. Their first interactive story, Double Trouble, stars Whitney Wright and Lacey Lennon. I’m hyped about the next one, which is going to have Angela White, Kyler Quinn, and another trio of nymphettes. There’s also a sorority story coming soon that I think is going to earn the site a shit-ton of signups with 9 teen starlets and some bigtime MILFs.

The bad news is that’s literally all that’s on the menu right now: one story you can play now and two coming-soons. One of the struggles of any paysite is launching with enough material to keep members happy. It takes time to build any porn library, and this one rolls VR and interactive storylines into the mix, adding a lot more time, effort and money.

If this was a typical $30 subscription site, that small amount of content could potentially be a major deal-breaker. They’ve got a different business model, though, utilizing credits to make choices and unlock further content. Once you spend those credits, the scene is yours to play again as many times as you want. Right now, they’re offering half-off intro pricing with some bonus holiday credits tacked on. Ten bucks buys you 3000 credits, $35 earns you 12500, and the big spenders dropping $60 get 30000 to go hard with.

Decisions, Decisions (And Slutty Girls)

If your VR headset does work with the site, setup is pretty fucking simple. All you’ve got to do is fire up your space visor, download the Play’a app and aim it at I’ve reviewed other porn games that have VR compatibility, but getting that shit up and running isn’t necessarily easy without having some amount of tech knowledge. Dezyred, on the other hand, is one of the most easily accessible VR porn games I’ve played. Even grandpa could figure this out, so don’t be surprised if your Quest is sticky as hell when he gives it back to you.

The game itself plays like a cross between a VRBangers movie and a visual novel. Basically, it’s a pornographic Choose-Your-Own-Adventure in ultra-high quality 3D video. In Double Trouble, you’re dropped into the role of Lacy Lennon’s stepbrother. You’re mostly along for the ride, like your consciousness is trapped in another man’s body. Thankfully, the dude is a stud with a hot stepsister with a hot friend. From time to time, you get to make some decisions, choosing brosef’s fate and what he does with the girls.

The company has always been ahead of the curve with VR, so it should come as no surprise the immersion level is high. You’ve got the option to stream or download each scene, which is probably the most frustrating choice you’ll make in the game. Do you want the immediacy of streaming, or the deeper immersion that comes with the full 8K visuals?

You’ll spend between 150 to 500 credits each time you make a decision that moves the story along, and I’d better warn you, those credits add up quickly. I’m actually curious to see if they keep this pricing model. It’s a new type of VR game with no other real benchmark to compare it to, but I might be happier with a regular monthly subscription rate.

Those expensive decisions do get you into all kinds of sexy situations, though. Double Trouble alone has 9 sex scenes, including blowjobs, anal, masturbation, foot fetish fun, and some glorious lesbian action. Wrap that up in a faux-incest scenario with these two babes and I’m pretty much sold, especially when it’s in virtual reality.

The Good, The Bad and the 3D

Dezyred reminds me a lot of LifeSelector, another site with interactive pornos, lots of recognizable starlets, as well as a credit system. The big difference is the VR element, which is definitely going to propel Dezyred to another level for fans of VR. I love the way the technology enhances the slow parts of porno movies we often skip, turning foreplay and conversation scenes into something worth watching, and turning little touches like eye contact and whispers into magic. Don’t forget your headphones for the full effect!

The site's biggest downsides are the compatibility issues, the tiny size of the library, and the price. All of these may be temporary, and I think a lot of that depends on how successful overall Dezyred is at getting porn fans to play their game. Their current and only story seems like a really fucking strong start. is an easy recommendation for anybody who loves virtual reality porn and is looking to add a little more interactivity to their masturbation sessions. It’s got the high standards and deep immersion of VRBangers pornos, and it pulls you in even deeper by letting you choose what your porn-stud stand-in does in their 3D world of dirty sex. This one’s a winner in my book.

PornGames likes Dezyred

  • First-ever 8k vr porn game
  • Very accessible for non-geeks
  • Compatible with most popular vr units
  • Top-shelf pornstars
  • Intro prices and free holiday credits

PornGames hates Dezyred

  • Incompatible with some vr devices
  • New site
  • small library
  • Credits go fast