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Custom Maid 3D 2

CM3D2, aka Custom Order Maid 3D 2, aka COM3D2! How’s it going, you crazy sons of bitches! It’s your boy, back at it again with a review that will fucking guarantee to get your dick out of your ass! With that being said, I will introduce to you a wonderful game made by the developer, Kiss. You’ll start living your new life in a fancy place; however, you’re not going to be alone… No, I’m not talking about ghosts, you ignorant little fuck! I’m talking about sexy Waifus that would accompany you all day.

Sexy, erotic, and horny maids, yes, you fucking heard that right, you’ll be playing to live out one of your favorite wet dreams, a housemaid that would follow all of your commands. And when I mean follow of your commands, I’m not fucking talking about ordering them to cook for you or do laundry, I mean commands that would force them to do nude and erotic acts with you or against you. That would mean a lot of things, depending on your… imagination.

Ever Had A Fetish For Cute Girls With Maid Outfits?

Yes, you fucking hear that right, you abnormal little shit, cute girls in their fucking maid outfits! In terms of fetishes, it doesn’t get any better than that. You’ll be living in one your best sexual fantasies such as having shit-loads of money, living in a fucking mansion, and most importantly, having cute girls in maid outfits that would do anything, I mean fucking anything you want. Ain’t that such a fucking tease?

Welcome to the beautifully erotic game called Custom Maid, the best part is that it’s in fucking 3D! That’s three-dimensional graphics, for the ignorant imbeciles who don’t know what the fuck 3D means. Anyway, the game’s setting is in a place called the Empire club, the most luxurious bar in the world that ladies and gentlemen of the highest class come to socialize. Not to mention that the place is full of beautiful maids to accommodate the guests.

The Gameplay of Custom Maid 3D 2

As you start the game, your character that you’re going to portray is invited to the luxurious Empire Club, courtesy of your uncle. The Empire Club is dubbed as the next generation of luxurious clubs. That's because, it could cater to all of the customers and guests with their needs; however, there’s a twist to it all. It turns out that the famous luxurious club is left enormously in debt.

Your uncle suddenly leaves for an unreasonable trip outside of the country, for reasons “note related” to the whole large debt issue, that fucking coward! Your uncle would then let you be in charge of the entire fucking place. This means that all of the things inside, and all of the beautiful maids as well is all yours for the taking.

You, being left in charge of the whole fucking place, must work on renovating the entire luxurious club with the remaining employees that you have. The remaining number of employees that you have are only three; however, they’re only doing basic household tasks, but they can actually perform your most ludicrous requests.

Character Creation

Let’s get on to fucking business, shall we? In every pornographic game, it’s always a major advantage when the developers added a feature to completely customize your character, especially other characters in the game. Thus making this game as the one that would let you stay up all night. With the never-ending advancement of technology in the video game departments, it’s no surprise that developers are finding new ways to attract more players.

Anyway, let’s continue to one of the best parts of Custom Maid 3D2, and that is the character creation. You heard that right, motherfucker! Fucking character creation! You get to choose how the characters are going to look in the game; you can turn them into one of your child-fetish, or one with the giant tits to submerge your face in.

How To Do It

The game’s character creation feature is included in the game’s system itself. The feature offers a fuck-ton of body options, in which it includes slim, fat, and fit. Like the body options, you can also adjust the maid’s personality voices as you can do so with 4 moods. Moreover, the game offers a buttload of clothes and underwear to choose from, but other “revealing” clothes can only be obtained by buying them. What the fuck?

Aside from the clothes, underwear, and the voices that the character portrays, there’s also backgrounds that you can edit to add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the maids. And last but not least, one of the best parts of the character creation is that it offers multiple positions, yes fucking positions, for your maids to do so that you’ll immediately get aroused just by looking at them in their pure and erotic beauty.

Similar to the option of changing the background and “positions,” the various options for poses only serve as an aesthetic that would give no effect to the character’s stats, and also the personality of the maids. Once you’ve finished with the character creation, you’re then given a card in the maid options menu as well as the pose options. And that’s it; you’re now set on continuing the game to satisfy your sexual hunger, even though it’s only a virtual fantasy.

The Quality Of The Artwork

The overall quality of the graphics of Custom Maid 3D is exemplary; moreover, the developers added an option to change the resolution of the game to cater to some devices. The resolution ranges from HD to an astonishing 4k resolution. If you ever get the fucking chance to use the 4k resolution, fucking do it! The detail of the artwork would take your fucking breath away. Don’t settle for less like a fucking pussy; get the best quality that you can!

What I Hate About The Game

The one thing that I fucking hate about the game is not its limited content and surprisingly short gameplay, but the price of the game! Can you fucking imagine? Buying a game, a pornographic game for that matter, for half a hundred dollars? And you only get to play it whenever you feel like you want to fucking jerk the night away. Fucking think about it! Porn sites are much cheaper than this, and it offers more content than this fucking game.

What I Would Recommend To Improve The Game

Let’s cut to the fucking chase, this game is quite fucking awesome, despite being a pornographic game. I mean, who the fuck, in their right mind, would waste so much time and money to construct a pornographic game? Oh wait, the developer of Custom Maid did. Moreover, KISS, the developer, really put a lot of thought into this game, I could only imagine his thought process as he suddenly found the inspiration to create a fucking porn game.

Anyway, ludicrous aside, the game is close to perfection if I’m basing from the way the developers wanted the game to turn out. But if you’re really asking me what I think about the game, then I would say, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? I mean, come on! I know that Japan is famous for its pornographic content, and this game is from one of the best developers, but really? You want us to fucking pay that much money to play? I’d rather subscribe to porn!


To summarize all of the fucking things that I’ve said, Custom Maid 3D 2 belongs to a popular pornographic website in Japan called the Nutaku. Of course, with that being said, you should expect that the game is filled with adult-oriented content. Moreover, it’s not a gimmick that the developers put “3D” at the game title, as this incredible work of art has support for Virtual Reality, which means you get to enjoy the erotics and the nudity in fucking 3D!

However, despite having positive reviews for the Custom Maid 3D 2, I can only assume that not everyone is going to enjoy how much this game is gonna cost. The Custom Maid 3D2 can be downloaded from the Nutaku website, but it’s priced at approximately 4,050 Nutaku coins, which is FORTY FUCKING DOLLARS! Look at the bright side, there’s a ten percent discount off of its original price, but the 40 fucking dollars is quite costly for a fucking pornographic game!

PornGames likes Custom Maid 3D 2

  • Excellent artwork
  • Good gameplay
  • Vast options for character creation
  • Erotic animations that are quite enough to let you cum in your sheets
  • The fulfillment of a fantasy having nude and erotic housemaids

PornGames hates Custom Maid 3D 2

  • The soundtrack selection is quite lousy
  • However excellent
  • I expected more from character creation
  • You’re only limited to interact with three characters