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Hey there fags and bitches, it's your favorite reviewer here back at it again. You're in luck today, as I'm going to tell you something about a game called Yiffalicious. From its name, maybe you fuckers are thinking of a hot maiden named Yiffa or something like that. Sorry to disappoint you cunts. Yiffalicious is a game that's about anthropomorphic characters fucking the shit out of each other.

What? What the fuck have you been doing all the time? You still don't know what anthropomorphic means? For the love of everything holy, I'll fucking explain to you what anthropomorphic means. Anthropomorphism is the attribution of anything human to a non-human species, yes genius; we're talking about talking, walking, human-sized animals.

Before I proceed with my review for this game, there's another word I'd like to explain to you. Since Yiffalicious is a game about anthropomorphic creatures, furries will surely love this game. Furries are people who love getting into animal costumes and doing everything while inside those costumes. Furries love interacting with other furries, and some even set up conventions were a ton fuck of these people gather.

In the most bizarre or usual way, or whatever your fancy is, furries also develop personas while wearing their costumes. So it's not uncommon to see a Richard who is working as a lawyer during the day become a Samantha, the dominatrix during the night. Yes, your small brain is correct, faggot. Furries also have sex with each other. There are also fucking orgies full of these fucking furries.

Anyway, enough about those people. Let's talk about the game. Here's my fucking honest review of Yiffalicious.

Who Made the Game?

So who made this game? Well, two key people are responsible for the game. The first is odes. According to his bio on their official website, he works as a developer and programmer for the game.

Oh, and surprise motherfuckers, odes is also a furry, probably the reason why he started this shindig. His photo on the site is a white lotus flower or some shit. I don't know. Don't care. The other person helping with the game is dogson. He's the one responsible for the character design. He's also responsible for making the game available on 3D. I really don't give a fuck if he's a furry, but his photo says he is. He's a lion with some faggot's long hair on.

So What Is Yiffalicious?

According to the website, Yiffalicious is a virtual reality 3D app… let me stop you there, fuckers. Yiffalicious is a 3D fucking game built for the furry community. The game isn't an app; it's a game where fuckers get to live out their wildest fantasies. Although the game's name sounds like a princess, it's certainly not.

Yiffalicious comes from the word "yiff" or "yiffing." Yes, fuckers, the furry community is huge, large enough to create words for their own sick amusement. Yiffing actually means any sexual act by a furry. A yiff is also a sound that foxes make when they're fucking. Others might say that they have non-erotic fantasies about furries, but fuck them. They're either posers or lying straight from their fucking animal-like teeth.

In the game, you get to create a fully customized avatar, complete with almost every human feature available. When I played the actual game, I was glad to notice the graphics. You can choose virtually any kind of animal out there. Horses, rabbits, dogs, even fucking giraffes.

The characters are also well designed, and I was also surprised by how detailed the dicks were. You can actually see the veins and discolorations on those huge dongs. I also liked how shiny the bodies of the bitches are in this game.

Their tits also bounce, but the jiggle physics in the game isn't convincing me, though. If you want the best jiggle physics in games, you don't actually have to play an adult game. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball had the best jiggle physics, both tits, and ass.

Another game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, also has fantastic jiggle physics despite having only one major female character. Quiet's tits were out of this world. Anyway, Yiffalicious's customization is also excellent, with you being responsible for everything.

When I say everything, you're also the one who will be controlling your character. You'll be able to manage your character's thrusting motions, given that your character has a dick. The controls are basic and require both keyboard and mouse to play.

What I Like About the Game

As mentioned earlier, I like the looks of the game. The graphics aren't that polished to the levels of Death Stranding and other impressive graphics-heavy games, but Yiffalicious' graphics are enough to satisfy me. The toning of the muscles of each character is also well-defined. I also liked the wide variety of characters you can choose from.

There's also a feature in the game that allows your character to do poses. Posing is done through the points or nodes of the skeletal frame of the character. There's also a color scheme guide that will help you with moving these nodes.

Yellow means the current node you're selecting. The pink one is for the hip pivot, often used for leaning on objects. Dark Blue is the anchor node, responsible for "anchoring" your character to the floor. These nodes are not movable. Any node that's Blue can be moved. Light Blue nodes aren't movable nodes but can be modified for movement.

Before you do any fucking, though, you get to create a level full of props and interactions for your twisted mind to play with. You can also customize your character's expressions. I also liked how much you control the interactions within the game. You can create an orgy, a fucking dp on a poor rabbit girl, BDSM scenes, you fucking name it cocksucker. After you're satisfied with every setting and customization, you can take snapshots of your creations.

You can also save these creations or interactions and upload them online. What a way to show the world that you're a fucking sexual genius when it comes to fucking. Oh fuck, I fucking forgot that the game is totally compatible with any VR set. Damn, what better way to enjoy fucking a cat person in virtual reality.

What I Don't Like About the Game

Okay, I know it might sound that I fucking love the game, but really, I don't. There's a lot to like in the game, but the things I hate about it is staggering. Let's start with something huge, like say SOUND. SOUND is fucking crucial in an adult sex game. What the fuck.

The sound that the characters make is like pushing your finger in and out of a wet cucumber. It's full of slushes and some more inaudible sounds that you'd never hear when fucking a hot bitch, whether it's her mouth, ass, tits, or pussy. In Yiffalicious, I'd just turn off the audio and listen to Air Supply while I try to build up my imagination.

For fuck's sake, why is the sound awful in this game? I mean, come on. I watch porn all the time, dude. When I see Chanel Preston getting fucked by a huge black dick, she fucking screams, and moans in pleasure.

When I jack off to Lena Paul being gangbanged by five or more black dicks, she fucking begs for more. She says it in a fucking seductive way that's enough to send chills down your spine. In Yiffalicious, you only hear the sloshing sound a pussy makes when you fist it. And that's about it for the sound.

Sadly, the game also fails to capitalize on its finely designed characters. The fucking movements and thrusts are so static; it's like watching a rusty robot with Alzheimer's trying to fuck a can of beans. The actions are in no way realistic. Pair that with uninspired sound effects, and you get shit.

Oh, and I did mention you can move and pose your characters, right? Yep, you can do that, but it takes a fucking eternity to make everything right. Unless you're a fucking expert at moving pieces and shit, you're likely to end up getting a character that's twitching while fucking a cow.

I know that you can edit the expressions on your character, but god damn, even fucking Kristen Stewart has more facial expressions than the characters here. For a game that allows you to do almost anything, the character's faces make it fucking disappointing. Imagine your character sliding up and down on a huge horse dick while her face is giving a total of zero fucks. Come on; it's a freaking horse dick! Zero fucks? Thankfully, everything is free and VR compatible, which in my own fucking opinion, are the saving graces of this game.


At first, I really thought that this was just another fucking furry game. In the end, I guess this is just really another fucking furry game. It's not bad, but you could certainly get more fun from other adult games. Sure, you can make a dragon fuck a sheep, or a rhino fuck a cow, but the game could've complimented those features.

I fucking believe that a game should be able to captivate its audience through story, gameplay, graphics, sound, and even multiplayer options. Yiffalicious, however, aside from graphics, fails every factor I mentioned. I don't recommend getting the game, but hey, it's VR compatible, and best of all, it's fucking free. Why not faggots?

PornGames likes Yiffalicious

  • Lots of characters available
  • Well designed levels and characters
  • Fully customizable environment and interactions
  • VR compatible
  • Graphics are good
  • Jiggle physics are okay

PornGames hates Yiffalicious

  • is there even sound?
  • Static movements
  • Gets boring very quickly
  • Very fucking complicated
  • Expressions are shit
  • Where are the fucking moaning sounds??