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Waifu Sex Simulator

Greetings, demented people of the degenerate internet population! Boy, do I have the game to review and recommend to you. Each and every hentai lover will surely be thrilled when they find out about Waifu Sex Simulator. So this game is a top-notch, HD, adult VR game! Doesn’t that already sound cool as it is? Alright, look, your weaboo fantasies of fucking your one and only waifu will become a reality! In virtual reality!

The basic description of Waifu Sex Simulator is you get to plunge into the world of anime and hentai, where there’s a pool of over 1000 characters to choose from. All coming from famous anime, hentai, tv shows, and video games! With a choice of more than 300 animations, the power to fuck your waifu sensually or as rough as the world permits lies within your hands(and your conscience).

Now with the basic description out of the way, allow me to emphasize the main selling point of this VR game. You can fuck, interact, and watch them as they give you a virtual blowjob! That’s the perfect selling point of the mass degenerate weeaboo market because they’ll get to see their waifu, and they get to fuck them! Doesn’t that sound fucking amazing? If that doesn’t get your dick throttled and ready for action, then I don’t know what will.

Are you lonely?

Now we both know you are. That’s why you’re looking for a game that lets your fuck an animated character from your favorite series. Well now that you have Waifu Sex Simulator(and hopefully the gear to go with it), your sad and isolated days are no more! Because we already know that you’ll be beating your meat to a different waifu every night, which is what the creator of this game probably wants.

Don’t worry; if you’ve downloaded the game and actually want to explore it(ha! Fucking loser), then there is so much more each character can do. You can load up your favorite Vocaloid, put them into their stage, make em dance, and you can enjoy your very own Vocaloid concert! That’s just a basic example of what you can do with Waifu Sex Simulator; the sky is the limit with this game.

Actual Gameplay

Apart from having really complicated controls, there’s also the unbelievable number of characters that the game has to offer. I mean, there are over 1000 models within the game! It could be one character with different outfits, to ensure that many fantasies of many diehard weebs are satisfied. Not only are there a fuckton of models, but there is also a fuckton of animations! You’ll definitely have a hard time deciding.

You have to explore around to find your favorite animations, characters, models, poses, rooms, and settings. That way, you’ll find it more enjoyable to play, because the biggest hurdle in the Waifu Sex Simulator is finding what suits you best and what can fulfill your carnal desires. I’m not sure if your chickpea brain can even handle that yet.

Putting the complexity aside, once you’ve actually found your favorites, it’s all smooth sailing from there. Make your waifu dance for you(naked or not) just because you want her to. Make her go on her knees, suck your dick, and a nifty feature of the game is that you can give them a little cum shower. This game can fill out most of PornHub’s categories and tags, depending on what you make the models do.

Did I forget to mention that you can fucking interact the living shit out of your waifu? Lewd Fraggy implemented a lot of interactive scenes into the game so you can move and “physically” touch your waifu. They built all of the scenes on MocuMocuDance - a VR app that adds motion to all the models, paired with Leap Motion application that makes everything in the VR world interactable.

Different Platforms

You can load up and play Waifu Sex Simulator on different platforms; like your android or iPhone, your computer, and your gaming console. This means no lonely weeb is left out of the equation that is Waifu Sex Simulator. You can find instructions online on how to install, launch, and play the game. Everything is explained in detail but still simple enough so you plebians can still understand all of it.


Since many of Waifu Sex Simulator’s players are still relatively new to the VR scene, the team has generously put in tutorials and walkthroughs on the VRporn website. They show you how to operate the game, from basics like controls to how to troubleshoot some issues that some have already encountered. The team even out of their way to provide links of GIFs so that it is easier to understand.

There are a whole lot more instructions to explain, but I’m not as bothered and as generous as Lewd Fraggy, so I won’t get into all of the complex details. So if I were you, I would just head over to the vrporn website and just read everything there. You came here to read about the game and a review about it, not some boring-ass instructions that’d take ages to explain.

The Quality

What can you expect from an independently developed Virtual Reality game that has a unique selling point and a very strong target audience? A fucking lot. They strive to give you miserable otaku and weebs alike, an incredible VR game that can blow the fuck out of your minds. Considering that everything is rendered online, the animations are pretty great, who can complain when the best waifu is dropping that ass for you?

The quality of the models is pretty great too. The artists have tried their best to keep all of the characters to their dimensions. All of the character models are closely similar to that of their origins within games and series. If you can complain about how the character models aren’t good enough, then stop being a sissy bitch boy and go make your own models. No one likes a picky loser, such as yourself.

Apart from the animations, other aspects of the game, such as audio and fluidity of controls, are great too. They aren’t lacking with the quality of audio samples they choose. Even the moaning, panting, and gasping for air sounds really good, so it seems like they are giving you an amazing immersive experience. If the audio isn’t that good for you, then it may be because of your shitty set of thrift shop earphones.


Currently, the creators have decided that they are 92 percent complete with their game. Meaning it is still under development, you can fully support Lewd Fraggy and his team through his Patreon. For as low as 1 dollar, you’re already contributing a lot to this project. If you’re a big boy who can spend lots of money, then you can pay a lot more to gain access to more content and actually contribute to the development of the game.

Recommendations for Improvement

I mean, it might add a little more work for the team, but I guess it would be a big help for the many players that Waifu Sex Simulator has. I want them to implement a drop-down list function where the different models of each character can be put. Not only the models but the animations and rooms can be sorted too. It’d make looking for everything a little easier. Maybe add a favorites tab too, so we don’t have to keep looking far for what we want.


I mean, considering that everything is made by what can be considered as amateurs, everything about the game is quite good. From what I know, there aren’t any professionals within the team, so that makes the game even more amazing. You can definitely fall in love with the quality of the graphics and the audio samples - if you’re not a picky little bitch about the details. Literally, the only thing stopping your perfect gameplay is your own creativity.

PornGames likes Waifu Sex Simulator

  • A fuckton of waifus
  • Different outfits or models of the said waifus
  • A lot of different sex positions
  • Plenty of great animation sets
  • Anime titties
  • Different art styles for different waifus
  • Great audio quality
  • It can satisfy a lot of fetishes
  • A lot of fucking anime titties
  • If it wasn’t already obvious
  • it’s great fapping material

PornGames hates Waifu Sex Simulator

  • The complexity of controls
  • The poorly arranged options
  • The difficulty of installing
  • If you don’t have any VR equipment
  • you can’t play the game properly