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Welcome to VR-Play, it’s the tits. Before I touched it, I thought this was a VR game site, like one of those places that you navigate within your Oculus. Turns out, it’s a platform for VR games, as in, a place you go to find them all neatly stacked together with reviews and shit. You can download VR porn games here. It’s that simple. I didn’t realize how much I actually needed this website. I’ve played VR porn games before, of course, and I saw a few of my favorites on here, but I never thought to look for a dedicated VR porn game site, since you can find the damn things everywhere with a search engine. VR-Play simplifies the process. You’ve got all the VR games worth playing, all under one umbrella, organized, categorized, tagged and made available for download. Works for me. 

Naturally, the entire website is free and there’s no real way to pay them any money. This is a good sign. You can log in, if you’d like, but I’m not entirely sure what the point of that would be. I can leave comments under the games just fine without logging in, so I don’t see myself ever making an account. I generally like keeping my shit private unless I have some sort of explicit reason to make a fucking login for a site. VR-Play is about as uncomplicated as Connect Four. You come, you see, you download, and then you come. In that order. 

No 2D Bullshit Here

The downside of VR-Play is, well, that it’s useless to people who don’t have VR headsets. If you’re one of those people, you shouldn’t even be here. No offense, it’s just, there’s nothing here for you. These games are all made with VR headsets in mind and most of them very much require the VR controllers as well. I have seen a few titles that were made with handless play in mind. Mandy’s Room comes to mind. In that game you just sort of sit there while a hot chick does sexy shit around you. You play by occasionally nodding your head, but beyond that you’re just perving. It’s passive play at its finest and it means that if you can get that game to run on your phone, through Google Cardboard, it will work just fine. Getting anything to work on Google Cardboard, however, is a fucking nightmare.

As far as I can tell, most of these games were made in Unity. There’s also the occasional Unreal Engine game. Why does this matter? Well, porn games are kind of notorious for being very…cheap. I mean, they can look fantastic and run like a dream, but the average porn game developer is broke, especially at the start of their career. So, they stick to simple engines that let them put pictures of pussy on top of other pictures of pussy, in a slideshow, so you can fap and feel minimally immersed. With VR gaming, that’s not an option. These guys had to dive into proper high definition, high overhead 3D engines and that’s roughly where Unity comes in. Anyone can use it, few bother to actually master it.

VR Porn Games are Eccentric

Thankfully, most VR porn games are built around several models of naked babes, minimally animated within a generally plain environment. No cutting-edge graphics here, no crazy special effects and no ray tracing bullshit. It’s just 3D models moving around in front of you. Sometimes you get to finger them. Our promised future is here and it’s simple as shit. We like fingering babes and now we can do it in virtual reality.

Speaking of, the actual act of the fingering isn’t nearly as satisfying in VR as it is in real life. Surprise, surprise. No, but seriously, I have a point to make here – VR fucking is less satisfying than just watching porn. I know it doesn’t sound intuitive, but I’ve tried it. Fucking babes in VR doesn’t make me nearly as horny as just watching babes on a regular screen. 

A Very Strange Fapping Experience

There’s a certain detachment in the actual immersion that just makes me feel weird. The only time I ever got a proper high-quality boner during any kind of VR porn was when I had Emily Willis give me a kiss, in a VR porn vid. Keep in mind, in the same video she also rode my virtual cock. That wasn’t nearly as hot as having her in front of my face. It triggered my “human recognition response”, if that’s even a thing. For a moment, she felt real. Beyond that, VR porn has always been kind of a hassle for me.

As for the porn games, whether you get them on VR-Play or not, well, I feel they suffer the same fate. They’re not perfect faps. If anything, they’re great pre-faps. I remember playing a few of these bad boys a couple years ago when VR was all the rage. The only ones that really left an impression were ones that were slow paced and generally let me fuck around. There was this one called The Villain Simulator. It gave you a babe, bound in some sort of device, that you could play with and strip. Her body was very responsive. Her flesh jiggled, like it was real. Her tits flopped around when I touched them. That was fun. Having actual sex with a babe in VR was not fun at all. It just felt janky. Maybe I wasn’t doing it right, who knows?

Good Site, Fantastic Games, Shit Downloads

Back to VR-Play specifically, they’re doing a fantastic job. My personal opinions of VR porn games aside, this is a great place to fill your hard drive with modern smut. The download links are direct. They’re on external sites, but there’s no ad bouncing or whatever. You get to the download link immediately and you get your hands on the game. Now for my major complaint – they’re using a website called MoonDL for the downloads and it sucks dick. It’s one of those file hosting sites that keeps trying to gouge you for money. I tried downloading the first game I thought looked interesting and the estimate said it would take 33 hours for it to finish. It was only 5GB across. That’s 1999 speed. Are you kidding me? Oh sure, if you pay them $13 a month you can download a lot faster, but this is just bullshit, plain and simple. 

I don’t know how to rate a website that calls itself a free download site, but takes you straight to bullshit central when you try to download a single game. Is this a scam? Is it worth it? Your call, my man. I think that VR-Play remains useful regardless, on account of how it curates the titles. You can find good VR games here in a flash. That’s what VR-Play is for. That’s how I see it. You’re not here to get the VR smut, you’re just here to discover it. Then, just find a download link elsewhere. These games are all free as it is, so you might as well just get them from the developer, directly.

Fresh, Hot and Downloadable

A lot of the games I’ve played before seem to be trending right now, which I found a bit confusing. Why are old games listed as the most trending? Then it hit me – updates. They’ve got new content. They’re constantly being updated and sites like VR-Play link to and talk about the latest version. I checked out Dominatrix Simulator, which is a VR title I’ve enjoyed a lot before and sure enough, it was way more polished than when I played it first. It had a ton more content.

I loved that game, by the way. I warmly recommend it. It was fun for me, but even more fun for the babe I was dating at the time. I had her in doggy, with a whip in my hand, simulating the pain she was going through in the game, in real life. She loved it. She said it was the best sexual experience of her life. This is where VR porn games really shine – when you combine them with other shit to make your own perfect sexual experience. 

As for the more adventure themed porn games that try to give you a long form experience, well, I think they’re inferior to the regular PC gameplay stuff we’re used to seeing. You get more control with a mouse than you do in VR. It’s cleaner. VR gameplay is all about the visual immersion, but ultimately, you’re just a chubby dude in a gaming chair, waving your hands around in the air like a dumbass. If that sounds like your idea of a perfect Friday night, by all means my guy, download all of these.

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  • Terrible external downloads