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Hot off the presses, I’m bringing you yet another spectacular VR game that’s set to change the game and take over the industry. Like all good things porn game, this here masterpiece comes from a small team of independent creators who are breaking through to the mainstream by working really hard and giving the public what they want. Their game should be called VR Strip Club instead of VRParadise, but that’s the name they rolled with so I’ll just get over it. I say this because VRParadise is quite literally a strip joint simulator, but unlike real life strip clubs, you don’t have to sniff the cigarette smoke of several overweight truck drivers at all times while you struggle to get your hands on your favorite stripper. Plus, friction dances are expensive as fuck.

VRParadise is here to change all that and simplify your life significantly, albeit through the usage of fake, fictional women who are comprised of animated 3D models and some code. They’re not real women. They’re modelled to look like real women, sure, but they’re very clearly 3D models. This studio isn’t exactly trying to push you into the uncanny valley. They’re happy to settle on women who are hot enough and believable enough to satisfy the viewer. They’re not cutting any edges or pushing any envelopes. They’re just trying to give you a damn good fap for your money. That’s what VRParadise is all about.

<h3>Why No Sex?</h3>

You wanna know why VRParadise doesn’t actually let you fuck the girls? Because you can’t fucking do that in VR yet. We don’t have virtual reality controllers for our dicks. You’d end up jacking off one way or the other. Sure, you could probably strap an automated masturbator to your cock and try to make believe, but that’s far from a believable experience. It’s confusing if anything. If you want a similar game that actually lets you fuck the bitches then check out literally any other game on this list. Virt-A-Mate takes the cake for having the most realistic women, albeit at the cost of forcing you to set up your own scenes if you want to get anything done. Plus, the interaction with women in that game, while very realistic looking, requires you to swing your touch controllers around. So, what’s the fucking point?

VRParadise gives you a satisfying alternative. Put on your VR headset, sit back, relax and enjoy the show. There’s still a lot to be done. The game isn’t a demo or a VR video. There are interactions a plenty. You can check out different girls, customize all of their features, swap them around, order particular dance styles, ask them to take their clothes off and so on. You can customize your experience to hell and back and enjoy your naked bitches for all they’re worth. Plus, you don’t have to do anything by way of input once the dance has started, so you can jack off with both hands if you’re sporting a monster cock. It’s a great time to be alive, isn’t it?

<h3>The Graphics</h3>

Yes, the graphics in VRParadise are below triple A industry standard for the year that the game was released, but you shouldn’t compare apples to oranges. PC games are not VR games by default and making a VR game is significantly more difficult than sculpting some sexy 3D models for Witcher 3 and bathing them in shaders. You need performance and simplicity for VR to even work right, so developers are in a bit of a bind. They have to keep their assets simple and easy to process, while also giving you something to gawk at. In VRParadise this problem is solved with resolution and clarity. The bitches might not be bathing in modern shaders, but they were clearly modelled by someone who’s seen a real titty or two. They’re realistic, plump, touchable and all around fuckable. They’re also very crisp and clear.

This is super important when you put on your headset and you whisk yourself away into another world. High quality shaders do nothing for your immersion if there aren’t enough proper VR assets to make you feel like you’re really in another world. <strong>VRParadise comes with really sharp models that are really easy on the eyes and you can clearly see the same attention and care was put into the actual environments</strong>. The entire game feels soothing to look at. VR can be extremely jarring for some people, so it’s nice to see that the folks behind this game went the extra mile to make sure their game was well received and easy to consume.

<h3>Super Optimized</h3>

The minimum requirements for VRParadise are very meager. You only need to have a GTX 1060 and any decent i5 and you’re good to go. You could probably run it on a GTX 960, but they don’t officially recommend that. Either way, the game was made to run on damn near any computer you try it on, provided you can run VR applications in general. It’s no Half Life: Alyx, you know what I mean? It’s a light application in comparison to most VR software that’s been coming out as of late.

I’m linking to the game’s official site which lets you purchase VRParadise directly without having to involve a third-party platform, but they also managed to get the game on Steam so if you prefer building your game library there, you can. It’s up to you. There’s no difference between the two versions that I can see. One of the benefits of this game being built for Steam is that they used a versatile VR library within their game engine.

Translation: this game will run great on any VR device that’s PC compatible. Index, Oculus, Vive, whatever. It’ll run just the same. That’s the kind of futureproof compatibility I’m looking for out of my VR porn games. You can tell that the studio behind this game really cared about making this title a must have for VR aficionados. I also appreciate the price. It’s 20 bucks for the base game with some DLCs available for 6 bucks a pop. They’re pretty neat. They add babes and outfits.

<h3>Next Gen Experience</h3>

The graphics for VRParadise might not be hyper realistic, but damn near everything else is and that’s what matters. They decided to roll out with accessible graphics that make the game playable on just about any modern gaming computer, so that they can go all out on all the other facets of the game, like the physics. They boast that the motions for the strippers aren’t manually animated. They’re motion captured from actual strippers who are apparently damn good at their jobs. I watched quite a few dances while trying this game out and I can safely say that I felt like the girls were very much moving like real women.

The whole damn thing is so impressive and smooth. Dropping into VRParadise feels like jumping into an actual strip club. Granted, you can’t buy a drink or interact with other customers, but who the fuck cares about that part of strip clubs anyways? You’re there for the chicks, not the watered down scotch. Just drink something in real life, at home, while you enjoy this damn impressive VR title. I’m personally very impressed with the fine work that this studio has done with VRParadise and could only really see them improving it by perhaps adding some sort of solo masturbation option for the girls.

<h3>Try It. You Won’t Regret It</h3>

That would still keep the game in the same vein of not having guy on girl interaction, with no need for additional controls, but you could see some pussy and ass penetration in your face. Beyond that, I have no real complaints. I had a great time jacking off to these girls, both before they took their clothes off and after. I also managed to put some tattoos on a few of the girls just to see how that would look. Wasn’t too shabby, I have to say.

If you’re looking for a new VR game to add to your library and you want it to come jam packed with pussy, then you’ve found your next favorite go-to. <strong>VRParadise is a work of art and currently it’s very well received on Steam</strong>. People are responding very positively to the work that’s been put in to make VRParadise a staple of VR porn gaming. I wholeheartedly recommend that you try it out for yourself.

PornGames likes VR Paradise

  • Tons of babes
  • Perfect graphics
  • Low minimum requirements
  • Tons of replayability
  • Perfect for quick faps

PornGames hates VR Paradise

  • No sex