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Twists Of My Life

Twists of My Life is a Simple, 3D-Style, Eroge Visual Novel by Novel. Sometimes you just need a quality porn game with lots of fucking, a straightforward story, and no-frills. You don’t need a massive production and development team to make a game worth busting some nuts too. It’s really not that fucking hard. I know you sex-starved fucks are so desensitized that you need the planets to align just to get a half-chub. But let me give you a break from the weird shit. Why don’t we take a look at a plain old porn game with a straightforward plot and vanilla sex scenes?

Twists of My Life is that game. It’s a 3D visual novel style porn game made by Novel using the Ren’Py visual novel software. It’s been completely finished, so you don’t have to wait for any updates or anything like that. The game is ripe and ready for you to fap to. The completed version launched back in 2017, so this shit has been out there for a good while.

Download and Play the Completed Game for Free

You can download the game directly from the developer’s Patreon page It’s free! That’s right; you don’t need to dish out a single dollar to get this kinky game on whatever platform you want. If you do like the game, then consider donating a buck or two to their Patreon to get updated versions of whatever game they are currently working on.

As with all visual novels, this game is story and decision focused. You play as a fresh-faced 21-year-old who just got kicked out of his previous college for boning the wrong babe. You decide to move into a flat that some family owns. All you need to do is pay utilities, and you’ll be good to go. You find a new law school to attend and, well, the game just lets you go from there.

Meet Girls, Go to Class, Go on Dates, and Try Your Best to Get Laid

Each day ends up being the exact same order of events. You wake up, take a shower, eat some food, go to school, go home, and repeat. It’s this way for the first few days as you get to know your classmates. Of course, most of your classmates are hot babes who like to wear tight dresses and short skirts. It wouldn’t be a porn game without them, right? At least these chicks look realistic. Some games really go fucking overboard when it comes to tits and asses.

As you go forward, you’ll get to make decisions that influence how the entire game progresses. Even a simple decision like letting your eyes linger too long on a dimepiece’s ass may result in your playthrough going a completely different direction than if you had averted your gaze in the first place. But this makes for a very replayable game. There are dozens of different paths, endings, and events that can happen based on what you say or do.

Replayable Game With Dozens of Different Endings Based on Your Decisions

Certain days will give you some random events and such to deal with as well. You might run into a hot babe from class as you’re walking down the street. You might go to the gym for an evening and flirt with the cute fitness instructor there. Date, mingle, and fuck your way through this chill, sexy game. Some things will always happen, like having this one hot slut move in with you. Though I’m not complaining about that. She has a habit of fucking herself in the living room without shame. That’s my kind of slut.

Each character has a unique personality with their own desires and goals. Despite the clunky writing, the characters really do feel fleshed out in this game. And I can’t blame the writer that much. English isn’t their first language. But, still, you’d think they’d bring someone on who was a bit more fluent. The dialog, descriptions, and scenes can feel stilted at times. It’s not terrible, but having someone else come in and revamp the writing would be a good idea.

To circle back to the characters, you’ll have various babes that you can romance and fuck. But be careful! You got kicked out of your last college for fucking the wrong babe, so make sure that shit doesn’t happen to you again. Each girl will have certain needs, desires, and shit like that. So, it can be difficult to get certain sluts. Thankfully, there are plenty of walkthroughs out there for you impatient cucks who need to get it right the first time.

Art Style Felt a Little Flat and Stiff & the Writing Could Use Work

If you like 3D porn, then you’ll be a fan of the style of the game. It’s not really my speed. I can’t help but feel that the characters here look lifeless and stiff. I think some more effort could have gone into lighting and making the models look a bit more...lifelike. It’s like fucking a mannequin. And I know it’s possible to make this shit look better. I’ve seen games that nail it. Sadly, this isn’t one of them.

The sex scenes are pretty good. They aren’t fully animated or anything, but you get quite a few different angles as well as some nice dirty talk during most of them. The visuals here are fine, but I really wish there were any sounds at all. It’s silent. What the fuck?

That doesn’t help the whole stiff feeling of the game. Give me some hot moans, sound effects, or even some smooth jazz to pound this pussy to. It’s eerie when you’re sitting there in complete silence. I had to throw a playlist on myself to not feel creeped out. I could excuse this if it were still in development, but the game is completely finished. At least these sex scenes aren’t censored.

Play this Kinky Game on the Go With a Free Android Version of the Game

If you were worried about not being able to find time to sit down and jerk your dick to this hot game in the comfort of your home, then worry no more because there is a full Android version of the game available. Just download that shit and get fapping. The only thing you need to worry about is tapping on dialog choices, so it’s not like there are any complex mobile controls to get the hang of here. It’s easy to load up and play, no matter where you are.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

There’s a lot to do in this game. I really enjoyed just how important your decisions end up being in the greater scheme of the story. Each playthrough is bound to be different. And there aren’t any bad ending so much as just a lot of fucking endings in general. Though most end up with you getting some quality pussy, so that’s a bonus in my book.

I liked how simple, straightforward, and fun this game ended up being. It’s got a little something there for 3D porn fans as well as visual novel lovers. You don’t need a huge tutorial or manual to get through the game. It’s a simple decision-based game where you don’t need to worry about resources, combat, or any bullshit like that.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

There’s certainly some room for improvement. The art could use some work. It’s fine. Don’t get me wrong; it’s all incredibly fapworthy. But it could be more lifelike and fluid. I’d also like to see audio added. Any audio at all. It’s weird not having a single fucking sound in this game. And the writing could use some polishing by someone more familiar with English. Again, it’s not that bad at all, but it definitely isn’t great.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Twists of My Life has a lot of kinky fun to offer. It’s a simple game that I think the vast majority of you horny gamers will enjoy. It’s much more accessible to the masses than most porn games on the market. And it’s fucking free! I highly recommend you fucks check this sexy, 3D, visual novel experience out. You’ll be fapping to hot babes spreading their legs for you in no time at all!

PornGames likes Twists Of My Life

  • Hours of content to dive into
  • Replayable game with dozens of different endings
  • 3D-style
  • uncensored sex scenes
  • Fun
  • simple gameplay based on decisions you make

PornGames hates Twists Of My Life

  • No audio in the game whatsoever
  • Stiff looking models & lackluster writing