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Together VR

TogetherVR! Dreaming of having a fantasy-like relationship? Exhausted of living a life full of shits and a merry-go-round fate? Bored of facing little bitches out there that are plainly human, and can't even offer you the wildest fucking experience you really want to have since your dick reaches its maturity period? Eyes here, you all motherfuckers! Stop those disgusting dramas. I don't want to hear childlike complaints anymore.

The Gameplay: Meet Hoshihara Mei

Let me introduce you to Hoshihara Mei, the sexiest and the prettiest girl you will ever see in your entire life that will surely delight your little ass. In this addictive game named Together VR, the asshole players will have the fucking lucky experience to interact with Hoshihara Mei and be her mate. Imagine having her in your life and be your wildest wife who continuously asks you to play with her hard. Imagine letting her cook for you, and in return, you have to cook her back. You know what I mean.

You, as the main protagonist of the game, will not just stay as the maniac husband of Hoshihara. But, you will also have the fabulous opportunity to have a fun and exciting experience to be a digital warrior who must undergo challenging space battles. Hence, you will not just exercise your dick to maintain its health, but you will also exercise your fucking dumb little brain.

Dude, this is a fucking cool game because you will experience how to be a cool husband inside a house. This is a virtual reality game, and you exist inside the game with 3D effects. Fuck virtually, and love using 3D graphics. I'm sure you will fall for it. At the end part of the game, you will surely miss Hoshihara's jolly and sweet personality.

When you start playing it, Hoshihara will ask you to play something with her. What would it be? Oh, no! I know you are thinking of something sexual. Don't be too fast. We will get there. With her sweet voice and the cutest giggle, you will fall for her request to play darts with her. Will you let her win?

I played the game more than three times, and you know what I did? Because my fetish desires and my massive heart when it comes to cute girls won over my ego, I let her win in the entire game. I just couldn't stand the way she looked at me and the way she moved, which undeniably touched my dick...I mean, my heart. Oh, shit! Until now, I'm still craving for her very feminine appearance. I would prefer choosing her over those little sluts in the real world.

How about Hoshihara feeding you? Isn't it sweet? You have the most wonderful girlfriend. I remember when I went to a particular restaurant, and the surrounding seems like it's made only for those gross couples, feeding each other. Now, with Hoshihara, my virtual girlfriend, I don't have to get jealous of those fuckers and whores. I already have Hoshihara to feed me and make me feel special.

What You Can Get From This Fucking Cool Game?

Calling you all incels out there. A romantic relationship is not a problem anymore. The real world is only for those little fuckers with a cockroach-like brain. The virtual world is willing to accept a person like you. Are you looking for some vaginas and butts to suck? The virtual reality games will surely delight your ass. Sucking and moaning? You can have it all.

Have an elated time playing rock and scissors with your virtual girlfriend. Are you a fan of that? I know its a little boring, but when you get in touch with her, you will surely have fun making childish games. I played rock and scissors with Hoshihara, and you know what? Dude, she kissed me! Yes, she kissed me. Not a French kiss, though, but it still worth the game.

I have tried a billion times touching her earth-like boobs. She always wears a spaghetti strap, revealing her heart-like shape, and I still have the chance to touch her private parts gently. Oh, damn! She's charming yet hot. Shit, I'm moaning right now! Aren't you?

I guess, at the end of the play, your heart will melt because your virtual girlfriend will give you the warmest hug without any malice, just pure love. Those gleaming eyes and heart whelming voice captivate your heart. I didn't receive a hug for a long time, and this girl from the game made me feel that I am the most special person on Earth. Who cares for the sluts out there when I have Hoshihara, the sweetest girl I've known?

What I Like

Together VR allows me to experience a full virtual with dazzling special effects. I'm genuinely amazed at its 3D model level technology. Any game developers should continue producing this kind of game as it can relieve stress. If ever you are experiencing anxiety and depression, I highly recommend this kind of game. It is beneficial to release negative emotions. It also helps individuals in terms of focus and cognitive skills.

I like the fact that I can do whatever I fucking want to do with Hoshihara. Touch her breast, slap her butt, or even throw her a book. I have freedom inside the virtual world. No suck rules and regulations. Just a sexy girlfriend and you, creating unforgettable moments.

I also like the part when Hoshihara challenged me to virtual battles. It seems like I was in space during the entire battle. It's a little boring, though, to tell you honestly. But, Hoshihara's cuteness will keep you playing the game.

Her kisses and hug seem like the sweetest candy I've ever tasted. In my whole existence, I have never seen a girl who wears the most genuine smile and brilliant eyes that tells me that life is worth living for even though you just saw it through virtual.

What Makes Me Annoyed?

There are numerous fun games out there, but why the hell the developer picked rock and scissors? Honestly, it makes Together VR a little bit boring. Does the developer have a childish mindset? Or, he or she is really a child? Who knows! Or, maybe he really intended to make it that way to increase the cuteness effect of Hoshihara.

I would like to create more moments with my virtual girlfriend, but sadly, it was just a short couple-like experience. I just fucking don't know if it is still on making process, but it is really annoying when I don't have enough time with my girlfriend. Plus, I hate to say goodbye. For me, goodbye's the saddest part of everybody's life.

The totality of the game is much like a love story novel, and perhaps, it would be better if it has more content. Unfortunately, it only has few contents and a few lines between the two main characters. Maybe this is because the game only runs for not more than 30 minutes. I was expecting a more sensual conversation between Hoshihara and me, but I only read a few lines with a sad ending.


It would be best if the developer would choose other games that are more fun. Rock and scissors are not the best game to play with between the couple. It seems like they are fooling themselves. It's cute, though, but I was not contented with how the couple played. Wild sex game in the kitchen is much better.

Together VR runs for just a few minutes. Why the fuck is that? I hate it when I don't reach my full contentment. I was looking for more episodes of the game. I tried searching it on Google, but I couldn't find even one more chapter. It really bothered me. Honestly, I couldn't sleep after I finished the whole game as I was hoping for more moments with my Hoshihara.

I would like to write a letter to the developer to create more episodes of the game. I never had the chance to have sex with Hoshihara. I just touched her breast and vagina, but I didn't have the opportunity to fuck her. I want to hear her moan. For sure, it will be one of the most popular virtual reality games if it consists of few more fucking episodes.


Did I tell you, asshole, that you will never find the dream girl of your life if you are just roaming around your city? The real ideal girl exists only in a virtual world where you can just sit and use your hands to create some moments with her. Give your dick applause, Dude! I am talking about Together VR that can give you the best couple-like experience. Here, you have freedom. Here, you can be the real you with no set rules and boundaries.

PornGames likes Together VR

  • Full virtual reality experience
  • You can interact with Hoshihara in many ways as you like
  • Dazzling special effects
  • Challenging virtual battles
  • Heart-melting moments

PornGames hates Together VR

  • Boring rock and scissor game
  • Short game episode
  • You always lose in playing darts with her
  • Bad physics
  • Lacking contents