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The Gift Reloaded

I am fucking tired of the same scripted porn I see on the Internet. I mean, it is 2021 already. Who still watches those pre-recorded porn clips? Do people always enjoy having no balls and no control at all? It is like you are just sitting in front of your PC watching two people fuck and have no say about it.

Well, I have recently played a game which will change all of that—introducing The Gift Reloaded. The Gift Reloaded is an adult-oriented RPG game. The game is not just any other ordinary RPG game. It has fresh, new features that will surely make you turn your back from pre-recorded porn clips for good! The Gift Reloaded has all the 2021 must-haves for an adult-oriented RPG game. The game has fantastic rendering and graphics, so I never had to worry about coming through some low-quality bullshit.

I mean, it is 2021 after all, and I do not think anyone can still get hard over some low-quality 2D shit, right? Another aspect of The Gift Reloaded is that it has a sick storyline to go along with its game mechanic—another quality pairing of some crucial elements that all of us perverts are desperate to experience. To find out more about the storyline, finish the rest of this review to have an idea of the different things you may encounter while playing The Gift Reloaded.

First Impressions

Upon first glance of the game, The Gift Reloaded will come off as an impressive piece of game rendering. I mean, looking at all the scenes, graphics, and overall design of the game would make you impressed. But there's more to the catch. Along with the games fantastic renders, The Gift Reloaded pairs that element with an engaging storyline. The storyline is about a male (The main character) who can control the minds of women.

I found out that I was able to use women to whatever I desired. Pretty fucking neat for a superpower that a game has vested upon me. Also, The Gift Reloaded has this open-world dynamic, so that brings the game to a whole new level. I mean, pairing fantastic game renders with a neat storyline and then finishing it off with an open world concept? Can't fucking ask for more than that to be honest.

The Gift Reloaded also revolves around the corruption aspect. I mean, you don't expect to be kind and courteous to all the women that will fall under your mind control, right? After all, they are under my control for a reason, and it is not going to be a cliche one. That's for sure. As I continued playing, I fell in love with a fantastic mix of beauty and control. I found that I had all the control over the women and the world itself.

The game is based on an open-world concept after all, and limiting yourself would be a crime. The game gave me a realistic feel as the women surrounding my character and the corruption system gave me a whole new perspective. Not like I was easily forcing those girls into doing whatever I liked, the game required me to work my way through. I loved that the creators did not make it almost as if it was automatic. That would have lost the immersive experience that the game gives off, and that would be awful as a user.

Brief Summary Of The Plot

Like I have said, The Gift Reloaded's plot revolves around a guy who is still living with his mom and his sister. The main character soon finds a potion that enables him to control the minds of others. The mind control powers make every girl turn into a brainless bimbo. I was then able to use those girls into doing whatever the fuck I wanted. These girls followed every single fucking command that I had, and honestly, I do not think that I have had this much of control in my previous experiences.

The Gift Reloaded also has an antagonist in the plot of the game. The only thing is that this so-called "villain" is also doing whatever the fuck that I was doing. Honestly, the game did not feel like a good guy versus bad guy story. My main character was basically engaging in the same corruption system, so it felt more like a competition.

Of course, all of these twists and turns in the plot happens through a fantastic game renders. The Gift Reloaded would feel like a must-have game for the times that I wanted to fap. The renders were so beautiful and realistic that I had no problem of emptying my clip towards some scenes.

What I Liked About The Gift Reloaded

I really liked how The Gift Reloaded turned out to be one of my dream games. I mean, The Gift Reloaded was that enjoyable for me. I liked how the creators of The Gift Reloaded made sure that they were going to put out material with excellent rendering. I believe that putting out a game with excellent rendering is such a necessary and crucial thing to do since it is 2021. Great use of today's technology to appeal to the modern audience.

I also liked that The Gift Reloaded was an open world. I honestly do not know if I could want anything more. I love open-world ideas. They also paired the open-world idea with a decent storyline. I believe that the storyline and open-world concept enables it to be one of the best games out there easily. I just hope that the development team keeps working on The Gift Reloaded so that we will be able to see a finished product one day.

I just know that when The Gift Reloaded gets finished, the game will look nothing more than a masterpiece. Overall, excellent rendering, good storytelling, and crafty use of an open world idea.

What I Did Not Like About The Gift Reloaded

As I have said, The Gift Reloaded's storyline is good. However, I am not quite sure that the storyline would be appealing to a lot of gamers or users. The main character of The Gift Reloaded takes a weird turn as he turns out to be one big asshole. I am not sure if the colossal asshole persona would be appealing to the younger generation or to an audience as a whole. The main character claims to be a good person while being engaged in some weird and fucked up things.

The creators of The Gift Reloaded kind of took some odd turns on that part of the storyline. The main character engages in the kidnapping at some point in the game, and honestly, that gave me the impression of imbalance. I really cannot claim to be the good guy while controlling their minds and kidnapping women, can't I? While I was looking to satisfy my kinks and myself overall, A good balance in the storyline dynamic would feel great.

I am also going to stretch how the game may not be appealing to some audience. Some people may find the game not worth it because I believe that they would rather fap and not read a story itself. I think that the creators of The Gift Reloaded can easily find alternatives to these low-points. The Gift Reloaded is continuously being worked on, and at some point, we will see a finished product that will surely blow our minds.

Recommendations For Improving The Game

The creators of The Gift Reloaded can definitely fine-tune some of its game mechanics. First of all, I got pretty annoyed that I had to enter the hours that my character slept. I do not know the importance of my character's sleep in the game. I am playing the game not to sleep but to corrupt major pussy and see some fucking tits. The Clara BJ scene was also awful, and they need to re-do the entire scene. I was only able to see the back, and honestly, I do not know how to fucking work with that.

The Gift Reloaded can also use a bunch of constant updates to balance the game's dynamic. I think that staying true to corruption, harem, power usage, and other things can mean positive things for the game. They can also introduce a few tweaks that would complement the game's theme. For example, I found that the open-world dynamic was a nice touch to go with the mind control power. It left me exploring the land for some controllable pussy!


Overall, The Gift Reloaded is a fucking excellent game if you like that corruption shit. The corruption theme takes place in an open-world, so you got a lot of room to explore! You have absolutely 100% control over the game, and working on the different aspects and relationships in-game would surely yield neat rewards! If you are an awkward pervert who loves all that mind control, slavery bullshit over women, then The Gift Reloaded is the perfect game for you!

Fap and empty your cum-filled balls over fantastic game render and artworks. You'll find the realistic vibe of the game to be something that you have always wanted in a porn game. The game is easy to download and is available in PC, Android, iOs, and others.

It sounds like you'll be having a great fucking time controlling horny and naughty bitches and getting them to do whatever the fuck you want. Exercise your control and enslave these fucking nasty bitches and play The Gift Reloaded today!

PornGames likes The Gift Reloaded

  • Excellent rendering
  • Decent Storyline
  • Open World

PornGames hates The Gift Reloaded

  • Wordy Dialogues
  • Outrageous Ideologies