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Sim Girls

Now, what I got for you perverts is a game that absolutely would describe our Weebly and disappointing lives. Ever had trouble with dating back in the day? Back in the day wherein all of us were shy as fuck and could not even talk to a girl. Of course, that did not take away the fact that we wanted that girl's body and absolutely wanted to fuck her brains out. But I always wondered what the fuck would have happened if I played my cards right. Well, I got the second chance to play my cards right with a dating simulation called SimGirls. Simgirls is absolutely fucking incredible. I cannot stress enough how this game got me hooked! The game features a great storyline that you will eventually get hooked on. It is one thing to have a decent sub-par game mechanics, but to have a storyline that is well-made and engaging is a whole different level. SimGirls' storyline will keep you engaged together with different characters such as Tomoko, Sana, and Kotomi. You will learn more about these characters as you read my review and eventually experience the game itself. SimGirls is sure to give the best dating simulation experience. Gone are the days wherein you'd struggle to find that stimulation just because you are too shy to talk to a girl. Don't rush to play the game just yet! Make sure you finish the rest of my review to equip yourself with the right tools to make your SimGirls experience a great one!

First Impressions Of SimGirls

Like what I said earlier, Simgirls offers an exciting and engaging storyline. The game starts off like any typical classic manga. As a matter of fact, Simgirls' plot takes influence from DNA. I started off by choosing a name for the main character. Simgirls' main character is a teenage male who attends Fukoma High School. Now, that just brings a new fantasy game into the mix. A dating simulation in a high school setting? Really cannot go wrong with that combo! Of course, the main character lacks the skills to be able to relate or just talk to girls. Sounds familiar, right? It is probably you, my friend. But, no need to fucking worry as we are not here to talk about your sad high school experience. Simgirls starts off with a few female characters that you will be able to interact with. Like any other Manga game, it would be a crime not to add in an arch-rival to the mix. These characters are Kotomi, Sana, Ami, Tomoko, and a lesbian teacher named Akira. The arch-rival is Ryuji, and he believes that all girls in this town are meant for him. Ryuji will try to keep those girls away from you. Over the duration of my gaming experience, I've had a wonderful time interacting with those characters. Every character had an interesting dynamic. The story turned me into a "mega playboy." I bet that shit is not familiar to all of us, huh. The entire storyline unraveled in front of me as I added more hours to the game.

Storyline And Game Design

Simgirls works as a fandom of the DNA2 Angel. This gave me the impression that the creators of Simgirls prepared the same and basic plot for the game. I saw the protagonist take over for the main character. The creators had an exciting dynamic working here too, as the one who was taken over was still present in the game. Like I have said, I started out as the shy loser kid who cannot get a girlfriend. This would then signal the arrival of a futuristic girl or a girl from the future. This futuristic girl has the belief that you, the shy loser kid, would soon become the "Mega Playboy." Eventually, the main character would have somewhere near a hundred offsprings that I was the cause of overpopulation. The girl from the future eventually shot the main character (me) as a solution to the problem. This involves a DNA bullet that would rearrange the DNA into an average person. Overall, I think that Simgirls had one of the best storylines in a game. To make it even better, the game mixes this storyline with the dating simulation dynamic. A fresh and exciting experience to play out a top-tier storyline in an immersive game setting. Simgirls still applies the basic dating simulation dynamic. My character was able to add stats from different activities. Those stats were eventually used to explore relationships with the different characters in the game. Of course, the game involves that XXX game dynamic, I would not even review this game if there wasn't any. I was deeply engaged in the game's design. I found that I had the ability to take girls out on dates. This enabled a prompt that gave my character a lot of questions. Doing well with the answers eventually let my gauge to go up. The indicator can go up through gifts, and when it fills up, I was able to kiss the girl and make her my girlfriend.

What I Liked About SimGirls

I really like that Sim Girls added a great storyline to the dating simulation dynamic. They paired the perfect match for a dating simulation game. I enjoyed that SimGirls was such an immersive game. I was fucking able to come up with an ending that was unique in each time that I played. That only proves that being able to pick the right choices while in the game adds an immersive experience to whoever is playing. I was able to develop my relationships with the girls in the game. Something that I was not able to do in real life. While I was able to do that, the game gave me more to chew on. I found that I was able to do whatever I want in the game. I was also able to decide the manner in which I wanted to do it. This all boils down to the choices that would be crucial in making the relationship gauges go up. The measures were a nice touch as it gave me a sense of progress and how far I needed to go.

What I Did Not Like About SimGirls

Simgirls has been around for quite some time now. I do not understand that with all the time that has passed, the game is still in beta. Surely, with all that time, the creators would have found a steady and permanent dynamic as an anchor, right? I just think that leaving the game on beta just does more negative things to the trajectory of the game. Simgirls could have gone through improvements that would have made waves in the dating sim industry. However, I understand that the creators would have encountered a bunch of limitations. Given how enjoyable the game is despite still being in beta, I am not complaining. As I got deeper and deeper through Simgirls, I was disappointed in one aspect. Simgirls has this mini-game that involves a social networking app. I don't understand what its for, and definitely, there are pre-requisites to the game that I was not able to connect. The mini-game needs a password, and eventually, it gave me time to learn about Tomoko. I don't understand why its just Tomoko and not all the girls.

Recommendations For Improving SimGirls

It is a fact that Simgirls offers a great storyline for dating simulation. However, I was able to see some plotholes that did not seem to go anywhere. I do not know if this is because of the game still being in beta, or the creators intended it to be useless. The creators definitely need to make the plot a well-rounded one because a bunch of plot holes would not be an excellent thing for a user's experience. I really believe that they got a great thing going on with Simgirls. The creators of this game just have to go back to the fundamentals and work on the game or maybe even finish it. Finishing the game and providing updates to introduce new things can be a great thing for the game moving forward.


Overall, Simgirls is a fucking excellent game that outperforms its competition. The game offers a unique experience that no game in its level can replicate. Simgirls offers an excellent dating simulation dynamic, paired with an excellent and engaging storyline. Learning about other character's backstories were a delight, and interacting with them was also fun. The game offers an immersive experience for a dating sim dynamic. SimGirls made me work for every single XXX content, but it was worth the effort. I believe this effort and reward system was a great thing and aspect of the game. Gone are the days wherein you would struggle to talk to a girl! SimGirls could even be your platform to practice talking to one. The immersive experience that Simgirls has is great for fulfilling your fantasies and aspirations!

PornGames likes Sim Girls

  • Decent animation
  • Great storyline
  • Immersive experience

PornGames hates Sim Girls

  • Still in beta after infinity years
  • Story plot holes
  • Some features are useless