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Pocket Waifu

Nutaku has pretty much been setting the standard for online freemium games since their very first release. They might be nothing more than a platform for online porn games, but the work they do goes far beyond merely offering you a list of games to play. They have a sort of implied approach to porn game development, regardless of which studio actually develops the game. I don’t know if they actually force their developers to sign a document that states that a game has to have gacha gambling before it can be hosted on Nutaku, but if they don’t, I’m blown away by their consistency.

Anyways, today we’re having a look at one of the grander Nutaku titles, in terms of both the amount of content and the fact that it’s now officially a full-fledged PC game that you can pick up on Steam. Not a lot of online browser porn games can boast about that kind of success, and I’m not surprised Nutaku has had such a huge success on PC. Their games are pretty much optimized for any platform, and they look great on any screen. But, we’ll get into the details of all this later. For now, let’s see what makes Pocket Waifu a worthwhile PC release.

A Very RPG-Like Design

This game has all the bells and whistles of a Nutaku RPG. You’re very encouraged to play this game over and over again, for extended periods of time, and there’s a lot to justify you clocking in hundreds of hours enjoying yourself within Pocket Waifu. I mean, it’s in the name, right? They’re alluding to Pokemon. Surely, in a game called Pocket Waifu, you must collect tons of naughty babes that you can add to your harem? Yes, that is exactly what this game is all about. But, much like Pokemon, they take it several steps further.

It’s not enough to just pick up chicks and add them to your roster. You have to actually romance them to get to a point where they trust and appreciate you enough that you can fuck them any time you’d like. And, on top of that, you get the additional RPG goodness of being able to equip your girls with both useful tools and arguably useless outfits that make them look sluttier for your viewing pleasure.

Don’t Get Got by the Gacha

Unfortunately, every single item in this game is just more potential for you to spend real money. It’s a freemium title, so you can expect to feel very milked as you play it. Now, you don’t have to spend a single cent, and I’ll probably repeat that down the line. You can play through this entire game without cracking open your wallet, but you’ll feel blue balled in doing so. Imagine there’s a particularly sexy outfit you want to buy, and you’re out of coins. Combine your impatience with your horniness levels, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a late-night buyer’s remorse spree.

It gets even worse when you consider that you need energy to perform actions in the game. That means that you also have FarmVille elements to worry about where you straight up can’t play the game unless you wait or pay real money. But, if you ration out your time and play this game briefly, but frequently, instead of in hours-long binges, you’ll do just fine. Think of it as a pocket pet. You come back to it once in a while to make sure it’s not dead, and then you masturbate when it strips. Just make sure your pocket pet is a woman and not a Pikachu, and you’re all set.

Tons of Mini-Games

Usually, Nutaku has you using the girls that you pick up in their games to perform the actions that constitute the core gameplay. In other words, if it’s a fighting game, then your harem is also your party. Well, this is a casual puzzle game, so there’s not much fighting to be done. In fact, your girls are technically useless, unless you consider cum dumpster a valid profession.

Instead, the gameplay focuses on your exploits to get into their pants, so there’s no secondary gameplay. All of your time is spent on the actual girls. Now, to romance them, you have to gather points, and you do this throughout several mini-games, each more fun than the last.

If you’ve ever played Leisure Suit Larry, you’ll be familiar with this gameplay format. You see the girl on screen, and you see the points system. You also see a mini-game take up most of your screen. You play the mini-game, and with every point you score, your girl becomes that much hornier and in love with you. It’s a simple system and I can easily get behind it because these games are actually fun.

The mini-games pretty much solidify this game’s status as a casual puzzle title, rather than some sort of RPG adventure. Yes, I said there were RPG elements. There are tons of them. But that’s not where the action lies. The RPG elements are centered around customizing your girls to your liking and having an easier time during the mini-games. But, overall, you’re here to play casual games that are more of a pastime than an action-adventure. If you think of this game as a great way to kill time in between work sessions, you’re pretty much on the right track to some quality fun times.

Cross-Platform Goodness

This game’s design, like in most other Nutaku titles, is absolutely perfect on every single type of screen. If you’re on the PC, you won’t miss any marks. If you’re playing on a phone, similar experience. Everything’s towards the edge of the screen, so you don’t have to cover the action with your thumb while you’re jacking off with the other hand.

That’s probably why this game’s available on mobile as well as on PC and the browser version is also still available, in case you’re particularly bored of your new smart fridge, and you’d like to put it to good use. This game works great no matter where you play it, and I warmly recommend that you get it on all of your devices if you enjoy the casual pastime. It’s a great way to relax and unwind after some jack off gets under your skin with some work-related bullshit.

The Smut

Finally, the best part. This game’s made by absolute porn wizards who know exactly how to draw a quality titty or two, so you know you’re in for some quality smut. First of all, you get a good bit of porn to start you off towards the beginning of the game, so you know what you’re in for. The rewards become increasingly more difficult to unlock as you progress the game and get even hotter babes, but even the worst ones are still 10/10 sex goddesses, so I can’t complain.

The sex scenes themselves are 2D cutscenes with some basic animation. You don’t need to click anything for them to progress; there’s no gameplay there. It’s kind of like getting a scene out of a hentai that gets better and goes further the more you’ve romanced the specific girl. Some of you might think it’s better to just watch an entire hentai than have to unlock one progressively, and you’re not wrong. But, if you want to feel like you’ve really earned it and if you’re the kind of guy who likes being immersed into the idea of building a relationship with a hentai babe, then the gameplay just adds to the satisfaction.

I’d advise that you save the sex scenes for the end of the day, though, especially if you’ve got a lot of shit to do during the day. If you work a desk job or if you’re a freelancer, then this is the kind of game you play during the day and jack off to at night. Or, if you’re a one pump chump, by all means, pump away during every single unlocked scene. You can test yourself to see how many faps you can cram into a single day. I certainly won’t judge you.

If you’re going to play a Nutaku game, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best, and this game is certainly on top of everyone’s list. It’s the kind of casual experience that everyone can have on their phone or Steam library and regularly enjoy without dumping too many hours into it. On the other hand, if you like burning money, by all means, dump as many micro-transactions as you can into this game. You’ll be rewarded with smut every single time, either way.

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