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Nutaku VR

Nani? You know what’s up, you fappin’ dirty little weebs. Yeah, you heard me right, I called you all weeaboos. If you’ve got a clue of what’s in store for you, then you’re in for a ride. Oh anyway, this is your resident sexpert ThePornDude back again with another exciting review for you weebs. This time around, I’ve got a hentai VR game review for your little wankers from NUTAKU.

Still, blowing your load off to the same adult sites? Peek at this glimpse to turn you on and unleash your inner OTAKU! I’ll be giving you a review of a website full of dirty little VR hentai girls for you fuckers to fap to. That’s right, you fucking fapping baboon, your boy is going to review, so sit your ass down and calm your wankers.

Site Design

I typed on my browser then clicked enter. The page quickly loaded, and I got to an age verification page. Boy, I liked it immediately, though it wasn’t the main page yet, it got me hard already. Nothing like sexy hentai with big tits and a guy asking if I am over 18 to turn me on, right, you baboons?

As soon as you click that little, “I am over 18” button, I got to the site quickly, and I blew my load off! Oh, I mean, my mind got blown out. Your sexpert ThePornDude doesn't get that easily excited, but the page design is so good that it unleashed my inner OTAKU!

The structure of the page screams LEGIT. It is like an online manga journal except that it is made for you little horny ass weeaboos.

The site is very organized and clean. No crazy and nasty pop-ups that infect your PCs. No ads that would disturb your browsing. What it has, though on the side, is a game that they promote, and you wouldn’t mind ‘coz it is an image of 2 hot hentai girls that would put your ECCHI anime dreams to shame. It has useful site tabs that help your browsing experience. It's easy to poke around with, just like taking candy from a baby like you. Nutaku has everything. From downloadable games, to browser games, mobile games, heck it even has a downloadable client, and most of all the VR games.

The site would ask you to create an account if you want to play the game, though. Oh, but fear not my little weebs; once you’ve created your own account with an email, you can play and download all the games you want on the site, including this—no need to fill out the regular forms. Most of the games are free. There are some premium games, though, particularly the VR games that require you to spend some precious money of yours. HAHAHA bet that wouldn’t turn you off because you’re a horny weeb that would do anything to play those VR hentai games. Well, anyway, if you have doubts about payment, there are links in this site that would answer your FAQs about billing.

Do you like meidos? Sex? And rule an empire?

Custom Order Maid 3D 2 is for you then! Here’s one game for all you horny weebs out there. This VR game had some real anime-hentai vibe to it. What makes your little wankers' itch are the maids in this game. They are super-duper hot because the game’s story is really erotic. You will start out as the new owner/manager of the Empire Club. The club needs saving, but you have 3 hot maids to start with and help you with the club. This game is like a cute visual novel, dating sim, idol simulator, and meido simulator rolled into one awesome game. For you dirty weebs, this is the dream game, right? All the games you like to play rolled in one.

What I like about the game

I kid you not when I say this is the game to turn your dirty fantasies into reality. The 3 maids I mentioned are fully customizable, each with their own personality type. This is the most crucial feature of the game in all honestly you weebs. You can edit your character whichever way you like from head to toe!

What the hell! I mean, it's like the greatest thing you could ask for your dirty erotic fantasies. You can create your own fuck buddy weeb with all your dirty little fetishes. That right there is already enough to stop you from reading this and go to NUTAKU already, but you’ve got to continue reading weeb. Consider this foreplay you horny ass weeb.

Another load blowing fact about this game is the scene creator. It literally allows you to control everything. You create a scene and scenario on top of that you can create your own room that would feed your fantasy. Oh hot damn, it really feels like you are part of the story and interacting with a real maid waifu with this feature.

This game contains really outstanding idol music too. The music and the dances the maids do are extremely sensual. Oh, and if you are not that deep into the Otaku world, this game is also available in English. That’s why the sound and music is great for me.

You can do a lot in this game. You can create maids up to more than 30 of them actually if you’re that lonely. You weebs could also manage your club with a variety of properties to choose from, the cute cafe, luxury bar, and the pole dance. It sounds hot right that you can watch your meidos dance sexy. Oh, there’s also a story mode that would put you through your career and maid relationships as the game goes.

And for you poor weebs out there that are too slow and weak in playing this game, there are a lot of communities dedicated to this game. You can ask other otakus for walkthroughs and tips there if you want to. You can even MOD this game for the ultimate weeb move. And oh, here’s one tip from the community: Train your meidos by fucking them all! What a great ball emptying tip, right?

What I don’t like about this game

I don’t even think you’re still reading this part because you already went your way and bought the game you dirty weeb. Well anyway, the only downside about this game is that it is a little pricey to buy for some of you poor wankers out there. For a VR hentai game, I really think it is worth it though, so save up now and buy it you weebs and play with your maids and make them your waifus!

Another thing I found out is that sometimes the English translation is sketchy. I went and checked the communities, and pretty much it's a common problem in the game. It may come out weird at times, and some of the text descriptions are still in Japanese. Anyway, that’s just a small wrinkle to a pretty freaking awesome game.

My recommendations for improving the game

There isn’t much I can recommend to improve this game. I would just say that the developers should make more personality types for the maids and not limit it to 3. Or just make the personalities customizable too because what is the point of having more than 30 maids if they all have the same 3 personalities. And maybe update the game’s small bugs like the Japanese texts in the English version of the game.

Game developers should also listen to what the community asks to improve. For you weebs out there too, support the developers too by buying this game. This game is so awesome for what it brings to the dirty weeb gamers; it is already perfect because it provides such unique gameplay. The gameplay is pretty easy too.


Overall, Custom Order Maid 3D 2 is a fucking great game. This, I think, is the gold standard of the game of this genre, and I would say that as the undisputed king and sexpert. One game that would really make your cock rock hard and pulsating while fulfilling your weeb fantasy. If you’re a poor idiot in real life, then this is a game you can waste your lonely weeb time with your hand on your dick and the other on the VR controller.

This game sounds pretty fantastical and awesome, right? Go ahead weeb and buy this game and off you go blowing loads, and don’t forget to use lubricant you weeb.

PornGames likes Nutaku VR

  • Character edits
  • The game has a lot of communities
  • VR supported
  • Unlockable content
  • Easy gameplay

PornGames hates Nutaku VR

  • English version’s translation is weird sometimes
  • A bit expensive