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Melody is a 3D, Eroge Visual Novel With a Large Cast of Characters by MrDots. 2D porn games get all the love. But there are a fuck ton of you horny gamers out there who go wild for 3D porn games. I mean, I don’t personally get it. The dead eyes creep me out too fucking much. And the sex scenes usually look really fucking stiff. You cucks probably know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever gotten laid.

That bitch probably laid there stiff as a board thinking about how disappointed she was that she wasn’t getting fucked by an alpha like me. And don’t listen to what these sluts say—size matters. And, unfortunately, I’d bet that most of you got the short straw.

I’m not just here to talk shit, though that is a pretty good time. I’m here to tell you about a new 3D porn game that will make your sex-starved fucks rub yourselves raw. The game is called Melody. It is a free-to-play game that was made by MrDots. The project began back in September of 2016, and he has just recently released the official 1.0 version of the game to the masses. It still receives updates, but the majority of the content has been completed.

Dive into a Deep Story With Branching Paths and Dozens of Romance Options

Most 3D games just end up being short sex simulators that leave a lot to be desired. Melody is more on the lines of a visual novel. Huh, who knew you could actually make a visual novel without all of the loli anime girls. I thought that was a requirement. But Melody goes out of its way to bring you a solid narrative with fleshed-out characters, scenes, and much more.

Let’s back up a bit. I’m getting ahead of myself. You can find the game fucking everywhere. Most sites have an in-browser version of the game that you can load up pretty easily. You can also find downloadable versions of the game on quite a few websites. And, finally, you can find the official release over at Pledging 10 bucks or more to the Patreon gets you to access to a full lewd gallery of scenes. So, I can pay 10 dollars just to skip the narrative and get all the fuck scenes? That seems like a weird reward setup to me.

Play Melody In-Browser or Download the Game for Free

There’s also a version of the game floating around that has extra scenes and shit, but I’ll just be focusing on the regular version of the game. The game starts out simply enough. You play as a bit of washed-up guitarist who goes around playing simple gigs and shit. But you can’t keep doing the same old thing any longer. Your wife divorces you right from the start. Hell of a way to start a porn game, right? This isn’t some clean break up either. She yells at you and curses you out while she throws your stuff outside the door.

I still don’t even know what the fuck your character did. It doesn’t really say. Regardless, you’re left with your clothes, money, and a pink guitar that you got your wife. But she never played it, so she tosses that shit out with you. You end up at your dude-bro Tim’s house where you sell the guitar on eBay. You sell it to some hot babe named Amie, who buys it for her niece Melody.

Do You Have What it Takes to Help Melody Rise to the Top?

She offers you a gig to go teach Melody. Having no house, money, or a job makes the decision pretty easy. You move into a nice apartment where you teach her the ropes. Oh, and you bang the fuck out of Tim’s little sister before you leave. No, you degenerate fucks she’s not under 18. Get your head out of the fucking gutter.

From here, the game is all about you teaching Melody how to play and trying to get her to like you. She’s pretty cold to you at the start, but that gradually shifts as you teach her how to play the guitar. She gets better and better as the weeks go by. You meet other hot babes. And, hey, you may even get to bone Amie and Melody if you play your cards right. It depends how good you cucks are at getting between their legs.

Over this time, you can grow and deepen your relationship with Melody. It’s in the fucking title. The game is all about her, and it’s a pretty sweet romance. If you’re into lovey-dovey shit, then you’ll probably be hooked. But there’s also some good shit for those of you who just want to see some pussy. I won’t spoil too much of what happens, but there is a lot of kinky fucking involved. And that brings me to the sex scenes. They frustrate the hell out of me.

Sex Scenes Leave Out the Best Parts!

Don’t get me wrong; there are some sexy parts where you get to see some slut bending over and spread her pussy for you. You can fap to them. But they always fucking fade to black. You get lead up images to the fucking, and then the screen goes black, and you just get some janky text while you pound some slut’s brains out. What the fuck? Let me see that shit. It will fade back in after you nut or whatever. Talk about getting blue balled by a goddamn game.

You can expect a lot of dialog from this game. Every conversation is like reading a chapter out of a fucking book, but this is a visual novel. It’s supposed to be lengthy. The writing doesn’t quite hit it for me, but it’s also not awful. It sounds stilted and weird at places. It’s like if you turned a porno script into a full-length novel. Sure, it has its good moments. But most of it simply ends up being bland.

Enjoy Fappable, Uncensored 3D Art of Hot Sluts

The art is decent. It’s not as lifeless as some 3D games out there end up being. The lewd scenes you do get end up being pretty fucking hot if you’re into this kind of art style. I wish that you got some breathy moans or voice acting during these scenes. Sure, you get some jazzy fuck tunes, but that’s about it. If you’re going to fade the scene to black, then at least give me some quality audio to jerk my dick to.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

I liked that Melody had a solid story. Some 3D games try and shoot for decent stories with multiple options, but they usually fall far short of that goal. Your choices have consequences in Melody. Not huge ones, but the story will shift slightly depending on what you say or do. And I liked that the game wasn’t bogged down with a hundred unnecessary busywork mechanics. It’s just the characters, the story, and the sex scenes in this one. There aren’t any bullshit fetch quests or puzzles to solve.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Don’t fade the sex scenes to black! Fuck, that still makes me mad. That would be like splicing out the climax scenes from a porn video or ending a roller coaster ride at the top of a large drop. It’s blue balling at its worst. And I have a suspicion that you get all the juicy animations and full fuck scenes if you pay that $10 Patreon price. That’s some bullshit, man. At least the stuff leading up to the fucking is pretty fapworthy, but it still feels like the rug is getting pulled out from beneath you.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Melody is a solid 3D visual novel that will definitely have something for most of you fucks. The story is decent. The art is good. The writing is fine enough. The game doesn’t go above and beyond in any notable way, but it also doesn’t suck in many ways either. It’s a perfectly average visual novel that will have enough sexy content to provide you with a few quality fap seshes. I recommend you check this shit out if you’re a fan of 3D porn content or visual novels.

PornGames likes Melody

  • 3D
  • uncensored sex scenes
  • Dynamic characters with personal stories to explore
  • Your decisions matter and change the course of the game

PornGames hates Melody

  • The best parts of the sex scenes are cut out
  • Not a lot of voice acting