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Mandy's Room

This game is the very first voyeur VR game I’ve played so far. VR is all about being hands-on and part of the action, so it’s no wonder that most devs try to involve you in the action as much as possible. I get it, we’ve been waiting for VR for years, so it stands to reason that we milk the features as much as possible. But, the voyeur angle is a hot one, and it’s been a staple of pornography since the beginning, so I’m glad we’re getting a proper porn game in which most the fun comes from observing, rather than acting.

Inside a Girl’s Head

How many of you have thought to yourself that you’d give an arm and a leg just to be able to read the minds of women for at least a day, to try and understand what they’re really like? Hell, they even made a movie about this and cast Mel Gibson of all people to play the lead back in the good old year of 2000. This game kind of gives you that fantasy for an hour of quality gameplay, if you can call sitting still and listening intently gameplay.

Even though I’ve never been inside a girl’s head, unless shoving my cock down her throat counts, I can tell you that this game isn’t very realistic. I mean, in terms of what the girl actually thinks and does, this isn’t what real women are like. She’s more of an optimized male fantasy. She’s constantly horny and wonders about various sexual scenarios that she may or may not want to get into. She’s got sex on the mind 24/7. She also sleeps in the nude.

Literally, none of these things apply to actual women. Trust me. I’d know. But, if this game were realistic and her thoughts were actually proper female thoughts throughout, I’d have to hang myself. Can you imagine listening to a real woman’s thoughts for an hour straight, while being stuck in VR? It might make for a good horror title, I guess, but it ain’t exactly boner-friendly.

Living as a Teddy Bear

The first thing you’ll notice about this game is that you are a teddy bear by the name of Mr. Jenkins, and you are an inanimate object. This is the most unique thing about this game. I mean, it’s a VR title in which you, the main character, cannot move in any way. It’s basically a 360 VR movie, if you think about it, but it’s not pre-rendered. It could quite literally be a movie if they wanted it to be, but no, it’s properly rendered while you play.

If I had to guess, I’d say that they intentionally made you a static object so that you can’t move. It was a stylistic decision. They flat out wanted to make a video game in which you are forced to just sit there and take it all in. It’s worth noting that your bear character can move his head for yes or no nods. Other than that, you’re just this girl’s intelligent diary.

The premise is that you are a sort of expensive toy that is supposed to listen to her thoughts and document them. You’re a bear-shaped diary, and that’s that. You just happen to be very lucky that the girl who purchased you is an insane sexual deviant who cannot help but pleasure herself six ways to Sunday.

The Mind of a Naughty Girl

You get to know a lot about this girl’s preferences and general daydreams, since you can hear every single one of her thoughts, and she is the main focus on the game. You don’t hang around when she’s asleep or flat out not home, so you’re constantly taking in her smut thoughts. She tells you about the various ways she fantasizes about being penetrated and taken advantage of as well as the many things she wishes to do to herself.

And it doesn’t stop there. She feels encouraged by your ever-enthusiastic listening, so she explores her sexuality, right there on her bedroom floor, over and over again in increasingly wild ways. She’ll often do it while staring right at you, telling you exactly how she feels. You hear every pleasure moan, every random thought, every single thing she feels while she’s ramming shit up her snatch. It’s absolutely amazing.

Amazing Performance

This game would be a steaming pile of shit were it not for the voice acting. I say that, because it’s super easy for a random dude to write some lines that he would want a woman to say to him then dump them in a textual dialogue. Many porn games try to get away with this, and they usually leave me very limp-dicked because of it.

There’s just no pleasure in reading the would-be pleasure moans of a fictional woman off of my screen. Hell, I can just imagine what I’d like for a woman to say to me, or flat out go out and sleep with a woman and hear her actual real moans instead. But, the people behind Mandy’s room knew this, and so they sprung for the most professional voice acting I’ve ever heard in a porn game to date.

I don’t know who the voice actress is, but my God, she does an amazing job. She is literally carrying the entire value of the game throughout. Keep in mind that you can actually hear her voice, in your ears, in 3D, while the character is staring at you. That’s the kind of ultra-immersion that I had in mind when I bought my Oculus Rift.

It’s not just that her voice is sexy, because it is. It’s also that she’s such an amazing actress that you flat out believe everything she says. When she tells you she’s horny, she puts her heart and soul into the performance. You feel her horniness levels rising. You get hard while she peers into your soul, and you know she wants the dick.

Steam Dreams

I know I use that headline a lot, but it really is an absolute dream come true for porn developers when they manage to get their game into the Steam library. These games need to be greenlit before they’re even considered, and it’s no wonder that this game survived the grueling process. The reviews for this game sit at “Very Positive”, with a few negative reviews complaining about the lack of interactivity.

I don’t like this divide, because it’s the kind of game that flat out advertises that it’s non-interactive. I mean, it’s not like they’re trying to trick you into buying the next perfect sex simulator, before pulling a 180 gotcha. You know exactly what you’re getting with Mandy’s room, so it’s very surprising for a player even to expect anything interactive.

Plus, I’ve seen some reviews complaining about this being a $15 game, but the game only costs $10. I don’t know if the price was changed along the way or if someone hit their head before writing a review. Either way, the game has gone on sale before for around $8, so it’s hard to make an argument that it’s too expensive. I mean, it’s a well modeled, well decorated and above all well-optimized VR game. The fact that you can buy it for single-digit pocket change is impressive enough.

Extra Goodies

How do I know that the developers behind Mandy’s Room really care about your erection? They released a ton of DLC options for this game, for free. That’s the kind of devotion to smut that gets my attention. They’re some sort of jerk-off-instruction scenarios as well as an interactive scene in which Mandy instructs you on how to pleasure yourself. After playing the base game, this should be a great switch up.

They’ve also got a sequel to the game simply titled Mandy’s Room 2: Naughty by Nature. This one appears to be more of the same, but with extra content. They’re basically just pushing the envelope further with extra scenes, content, and goodies. Also, the second game features more than one girl that you get to dig your mind-reading powers into, as well as some hardcore lesbian action. What’s not to love?

This is the kind of would-run-on-a-toaster, entry-level VR game that you need to get your hands on asap. VR is still not developed enough for porn games to be properly immersive and let you get your dick involved. Dick controls are still a complicated matter. Get Mandy’s Room instead and dive into a small but simple world filled with a young and gorgeous girl’s undying need to pleasure herself and tell you her wettest and wildest secrets.

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