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Love & Sex: Second Base

Yo self-proclaimed incels of the world, gather round! This is Porn Dude speaking on behalf of you motherfuckers out there. We have a new game to be excited about! Yes, it’s Love and Sex: Second Base from developer Andrealphus Games. This sims-based dating game just got its major update, and boy oh boy, we are all in for a treat! So hold on to your cocks as I review this doozy for you.

Like in any review I do, I’m going to tell it to you straight here in this second paragraph what I think of the game. Every single one of you knows that I’m not much for sims game, but I’m going to say it right now: Love and Sex: Second Base is as good as it gets when it comes to this genre. The game is polished to the core, with top-notch animations, plenty of voiceovers, and the character branching out is off the charts. You’re gonna fap so much to this, meatheads.

Those roommate fantasies you’ve been harboring since you’ve learned college has co-ed rooms? In Love and Sex: Second Base, we’re exploring that and more! Oh, you’re gonna cream your pants with this game too much you won’t even know that you’re playing a dating game!

So, I’ve played a lot of erotic games, yeah? And I can tell you that this is motherfucking shit. So give yourself a favor and download the game now! Like, right now, meathead! And get to play one of the most exciting games in the business today!

Love and Sex: Second Base is a Patreon game, which means you need to be a member to get the good stuff. There’s a public version out of everyone as well, but come on, at $1/month? You better shell out that cash boy and support these independent game developers!

The full game is a meager 315MB download, not even half a high-def movie file, so you should have access to it in at least 30minutes or so depending on your Internet download speeds. If you want a game where you can sit down and relax, this may not be the game you’re looking for, because while it sure will relax you, hehe, you probably won’t chill because it will need your attention with regards to all of that decision-making.

So here’s the kicker: this game, in all of its glory, is a great sim-based dating game. It’s nicely done, graphics and animations and all of that are great, but what are we really here for, huh? Yep, sex scenes. What I can tell you is that they’re there and they’re mind-blowing. You’re gonna have double fapping sessions with this one! Read on to find out.

The Game

So in Love and Sex: Second Base, you are a geeky guy who will be rooming with two hot girls and will be seeing other hot people in your daily life. Just like how the real world works, right? Yeah, you get to choose who you are going to be rooming with, and depending on your choice, you get to be a girl or a boy.

Your roommates’ gender won’t be affected by the gender of your choice, so if you really want to make the freaky choice, go ahead. After all, no one’s judging you. I certainly won’t because let me tell you, I made some not so typical choices with this game, and they turned out great—wink wink.

The developer is clear with what’s the end game is for you with these bitches: Get them to bed. Or no bed, if that’s what you prefer, provided some sexual things will go down. They termed it “get lucky” on their Patreon because they’re wholesome like that, but this isn’t that site, so I say, you play this game with the endgame to have hot, nasty, dirty sex with anyone you fancy! Slut life, bruh. LOL

Feast your eyes motherfuckers because the bitches in this game are artfully rendered, and there are so many of them. Bree, Samantha, Sasha, Anna, Hannah… those are the names I remembered, but those names do not even comprise half of the girls I fucked. One of the best parts of the game is that you can get a bitch pregnant, marry her, and cheat and fuck around while still getting some from her. It’s a sex-for-all town on this side of Love and Sex: Second Base, and I’m here for it.

So to be able to play around and get to the H-scenes with bitches you want to get naked with, you’ll need to build your network with them, right? Much like every other dating game out there, building connections is key. And that means, some girls will be a slow burn on the sex and others will be laxer.

Oh, and did I mention, the girls and guys (ahem) in the game have numbers, and you can call them to build that precious network? But if you’re going to be two-timing, you’ll need to be crafty about it. And yeah, you can be a bisexual motherfucker for all you want and get some man-to-man action if you like. I know I did. LOL, just for the shits of it. You know here we don’t discriminate. And for those motherfuckers saying “Ew, no homo”, check your girl-to-girl action first before saying shit like that.

Okay, what I’m saying is that how the game works is that every single character has a schedule that they adhere to. You need to be really savvy about getting frisky with another character, or your network will be kaput in one mistake! One dirty text sent at a wrong time man, and you won’t be fucking someone you’ve wanted to fuck! The devs are strict like that, and I don’t know why that is. But fuck it, this actually makes the game more exciting, right?

What Did I Like About The Game

I think what endeared me to this game, and you know I’m not one for erotic dating games, is that while playing it, I can see and feel how the devs really put in the effort to make this game a really good one, you know what I mean? The animations are honest to goodness one of the best from an independent game developer.

Each character is fleshed out, yeah? They have their own storylines and whatnot, with voiced lines and branched out connections to the characters of the game. This game is legit, motherfuckers. And when I say, legit, I mean a great fucking game with a great storyline, premise and all that shit.

You have 18 characters to date and possibly have sex with. Eighteen. Take that in, meathead. And every single one of that character has a storyline so fleshed out you think you’re dating in real life. In fact, you may even learn how to go about dating in real-life from the characters of this game.

In all of these, the game is also well-written. That’s what gets me about it, you know? A great game is a great game because the premise is good, but when it’s really executed well, it takes on this life of its own. That’s why I’ll tell you motherfuckers reading this right now, if you’re like me that don’t fuck with erotic dating games, download this game and see how things go!

What Didn’t I Like About The Game

Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect game, and Love and Sex: Second Base lacks some things to take it over the edge. For one, I’d like to see better, smoother animations and transitions. Don’t get me wrong, animations are great, characters are well-made, but some aspects of it could be done better. Like for example, the scenes.

The dialogues could be sharper, and less… I don’t know, wordy? I mean the storyline is great and all, I just, some of it are blah, blah blah, you know? And I understand that it needs that to build your connection with that character but holy fuck balls, no one needs to know what Sasha was up to with her weekend in great detail!

Another thing that raised my eyebrows as well is that there are items that you need to buy on the game, right? Normal, I guess. But some of it really boggles the mind. I will spare you the details of those and let you discover for yourself. LOL, this is my review, and you’re just reading it, so if I experienced it, you’re gonna experience it as well.


I say this in the most wholesome way ever: As a fan of the game overall, I’d say edit things out. Review some basic dialogue interactions with characters, especially on their first introductions. Cut some unnecessary stuff, add some more voiced lines and Love and Sex: Second Date will be better!


Do I recommend this game? Well, duh. While this is perfect for our younger audiences out there, Love and Sex: Second Base can also be perfect for our incel brothers who need a brush up on how they should be conducting themselves in real life. You fap, you come, you play, you learn. What more could you ask for, huh?

PornGames likes Love & Sex: Second Base

  • Lots of characters
  • Bitches are muy bueno
  • Small and streamlined game file
  • Voiced lines (makes you harder on the H-scenes LOL)
  • Great game all in all

PornGames hates Love & Sex: Second Base

  • Too many dialogues
  • Too many locations to visit
  • This game is too social for me (HAHAHAHAHA)