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Ever since the beginning of the virtual reality era, all anyone thought about was seeing some 3D animated tits they can virtually motorboat on the spot. Sure, the FPS games are cool too, but nothing beats a nice round ass lap-dancing on your cock time after time. A lot of resources have been put into VR porn games such as Virt-a-Mate and 3DX Chat in order to bring a realistic virtual sex experience to the users. From customizing your bitch’s boobs to be just the right amount of milky, to choosing the venue of your virtual orgy, the user experience is getting more and more realistic.

There is only so much that can be achieved, however, since most of the high-profile games come from companies that start off with crowdfunding. That means that the games are community-driven, and the developers are going all out to polish the models and their animations. It takes a lot of blood-flow control to make the titty bounce, and the butt cheek claps smooth enough, so they don’t make you feel like you are about to jerk off to a pixelated robot. All of this was enough until one company decided to take the porn part of VR porn and leave it to the professionals.

Holodexxx went all out. They changed the game in a way no one could before. The company is bringing the world’s hottest adult entertainers into the virtual reality world. Our dicks can finally penetrate Mia Malkova’s sweet ass and pound that baby until sundown. What a time to be alive.

The Future is Now

Holodexxx VR is creating 3D avatars of adult entertainment industry’s hottest porn stars using 3D scans and motion capture technologies. Three and a half paragraphs in, and I already visited Holodexxx’s site 3 times and jacked off to the demos. This shit is fucking insane. The quality of the content is unreal. They actually got some of the industry’s giants to contribute to the cause. They even added voice-controlled AI systems. You can finally stop imagining that you are the plumber that went over to fix the pipes. The games, or the interactive VR scenes, allow you to be whoever the fuck you want to be. You’ve got a porn star ready to please you and all the freedom in the world. Don’t worry, the virtual versions of the actresses cannot file restraining orders just yet, so you are free to do whatever the fuck you want to do, considering you don’t hurt yourself.

The developers aim for a fully interactive, six degrees of freedom virtual experience. That in itself is a huge selling point. For example, the strippers in GTA V are hot as fuck, they’ve got nice tits, and all of them deserve at least a couple of faps each. The movements, however, although pretty well animated, are far from lifelike. There is nothing hotter than the approach of a horny girl just begging to feel your cock inside her. Well, Holodexxx developers are working day and night to deliver the most realistic experience possible.

I’ve seen some behind the scenes footage of the motion-capture sessions they did with the porn stars, and let me tell you; the reactions were priceless. Even the initial captures of the textures and animations caused a lot of smirks and lip bites among the audience. You can’t impress Riley Reid easily. That bitch is in everything. She loves getting her holes drilled with passion. If she got excited about the project, you could imagine the potential behind it.

A Compendium of Porn Stars

Holodexxx is on a self-proclaimed mission to change the way humans interact with one another in virtual space. The current library only consists of demos, but even the demos are enough to put the ambition of the project into perspective. There are currently nine girls that own the stage, all of which are widely known for their boner-inducing prowess. From the likes of Mia Malkova, all the way to the omnipresent Riley Reid, this project features quality smut providers throughout. The continuous development implies the addition of new girls in almost every release. In an interview with the co-founder of the company, Morgan Young, he stated that talks are ongoing for getting more stars to contribute to the cause, with many of them appreciating the opportunity to be a part of the next generation of porn.

So Hot Even Porn Stars Get Wet

There are a few key points that make the Holodexxx project as exciting as it is. The plan is to allow everyone using Holodexxx to interact with the models in almost any way they can imagine. Even though the likes of Virt-a-Mate and 3DX Chat are developed to be pretty realistic in terms of real-life accuracy, Holodexxx introduces a few original concepts that take the experience to the next level.

The first thing they did absolutely right was introducing the concept of perfect virtual humans. They made a VR porn experience with actual porn stars. The way they put it: “A virtual person that can move their entire body with total realism is the core of the Holodexxx experience.”. Basically, you get everything you ever imagined while watching porn, but in a 3D virtual experience. I imagine the Oculus touch controls being useless since you’d be using your hands handling your own remote.

Next up, you have realistic movement. And by realistic movement, I mean real life, Shakira-styled hip rotation, while she’s riding your cock movement. This plays a huge part, especially when you get up close and personal with the stars, which you will. Every slap on the ass counts, every titty grip looks smooth, and the facial expressions are just incredible. I’ve been dreaming of fucking Lisa Ann for a long time now; I wonder when they will add her ass to the line-up. Now that’s something I’d pay anything for.

Last but not least comes the voice acting part of the games. This, for me, is the biggest selling point of the project. Sure, the realistic movements are super important, but let’s be honest, you can jerk off to almost anything that has two boobs and a pussy. But If I see a hyper-realistic Tori Black model that not only wants to fuck me, but also tells me that using her own voice, I am losing my shit and there is nothing you can do about it. There is something about the sluttiness behind the voices that always made my dick rock-hard.

Next Steps

It takes a lot of support to keep the Holodexxx project going. The idea is currently being crowdfunded by Patreon pledges and sponsored by various contributors from the adult-industry. The Patreon page features all the news and updates that come out and all of the planned work for future releases. Holodexxx is planned to be the world's first fully interactive sex experience. You can imagine how turning that idea into reality will not be a walk in the park. However, this is by far the most ambitious VR project I have ever stumbled upon, and the reactions to it are so far almost perfect. All of the demos are top quality smut and can be acquired for as little as $5. If you want to support this idea, however, you can feel free to pledge your allegiance on Patreon and continue giving your share until the demos turn to complete products. All of the Patreon money is being reinvested in the project, so you can be sure you are investing in a noble cause. What the developers at Holodexxx are doing is admirable and deserves a lot of praise. It seems like these guys got tired of waiting for the future and decided to take things into their own hands. Holodexxx is something every porn enthusiast can look forward to with excitement.

There isn’t one thing about this project that isn’t exciting. If you own a VR headset and you’re not a cheap fuck, you can invest the $5 and get the sneak-peek into the very best content that the world of VR porn has to offer. It’s time to turn your wet dreams into reality. Grab that Oculus, put on some lube and go fuck a porn star. It’s your time to shine.

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  • The most ambitious project on the VR porn market
  • “Six degrees of freedom” motion capture engine
  • AI voice-controlled systems
  • Actual porn stars as video game characters

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