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The best porn games are the ones that let you live out your wildest sexual fantasies and don’t dick you around or waste your time. Hardcore Pink is one of those games. It’s short as shit, but stuffed full of quality, and it’s the kind of game you keep coming back to for 20-minute fap sessions. It doesn’t take you for an emotional journey. It doesn’t force you to think hard about your actions. You’re here to bang hot chicks and get the fuck out of Dodge. That’s exactly the kind of life I lead, and I like seeing the same experience in my porn games.

I was blown away by damn near every part of this game, because they really didn’t settle when it came to the important assets. There’s voice acting, and it’s good, there’s 3D graphics, and they’re next-gen. Everything is crisp, clear, and satisfying. None of this game feels like a compromise. Hell, there’s a character creator, for fuck’s sakes. Not for you, for the bitch you get to bang. That’s everything I could ever ask for stuffed into one simple tiny little porn game that happens to be entirely free to play. Oh, and did I mention that this game is entirely VR compatible? That’s right. This gem of a porn game can be experienced in virtual reality. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Character Creation

Normally, I’d leave this kind of feature for last, but I have to start with the character creation, because that’s roughly how the game itself introduces you to its features. You don’t dive right into the gameplay or the story. You make a bitch first. I don’t know if she’s a hooker or if she’s just really promiscuous, but you’ll be going to a motel to fuck this bitch in a dimly lit room. Before that happens, you have to decide whether her tits will be massive or humongous.

There are tons of customization options that let you create any kind of woman imaginable, including pushing the sliders to their fucking max and making an abomination instead. If you want to fuck Shrek in this game, you can, you just have to get the sliders in the right position. Feel free to experiment. Personally, I just crank the tits up to double Ds, make sure the ass is nice and round and give the bitch long hair. Bitches need long hair, for the pulling.

Simulation Mode

I don’t really understand some of the design decisions behind this game, but I approve. You can play the actual game, which has a tiny short story with voice acting and a nice vibe. Or, you could jump straight into sexy action right from the main menu. You can make a girl and just … straight up bang her right then and there in the menu. There’s no bedroom or really any environment. You literally fuck her in the character creator, as far as I can tell.

This is great for people who’ve played the game before and don’t want to replay the same shit over and over in order to get to the action. I mean, you only lose like 10 minutes or so, but it can still be annoying. Some people take 30 seconds to fap, and my heart goes out to them. You can’t wait 10 minutes for a 30-second rub. You’ve got shit to do. You’re a busy man. That’s what this mode was made for.

The Story

This game absolutely does not need a story at all, and yet they made one anyways. It’s simple, short, and very immersive. If you play this game in VR, the story really gets to you, because it starts off with a bit of night driving to a nearby motel where you are hoping to get your dick wet. Nighttime action in VR always gets me super immersed. Maybe it’s because I play VR games at night, most of the time, or the sense of being in a dimly lit car gives me familiar vibes. I don’t know.

Either way, the second the game’s story starts out; you really feel like you’re there. You can make the decision to go to the motel and you really should. You arrive there, look for the receptionist and ask for your room number. Then, you head up to the room where you find a drop-dead gorgeous blonde or Shrek, depending on what you did in the character creator.

Either way, the girl in question is ready and willing to take your dick into any of her holes, as much as you fucking want, and you can do some pretty fun shit if you’ve got VR motion controls. You can spank her, push her around, play with her tits. It’s a VR porn extravaganza. I love the gameplay to this game, and I especially love how the story sets it all up for you. It’s short enough to not be intrusive, but long enough to give you the vague feeling of having earned your lay. It’s not just a pump and dump; you had to actually drive all the way out to the motel to earn your evening.

The Gameplay

I wouldn’t give the gameplay too much praise for being original, because it really isn’t. I’ve seen this exact same type of gameplay in other games before. The sex scenes are scripted, and you can’t do much to alter them. But, you get to choose what you want to do by talking to the girl. She asks you what you want, you tell her, she bends over, life goes on. It’s fun enough, and it feels fairly immersive. This might be a VR game, but the gameplay is sort of a hybrid. It’s not like other VR-exclusive games in which you can literally pick the chick up and move her into a different position. This ain’t Virt-A-Mate.

The gameplay would get boring fast if it wasn’t for the character creator. These two features combine really well to give you a near-infinite playtime and replayability value. Once you get tired of fucking one chick, you move on to the next one, who is preferably nothing like the first. That’s exactly how I live my life. Here’s a secret. I actually get tired of sex really quickly. But, I get myself a fresh girl, one with firmer breasts and a thicker ass, and suddenly I’m down to bang again. It’s the simple life.

High-Class Graphics

The graphics to this game get special mention, because they’re really pushing the limits to what modern computers can do. It’s not as demanding as a triple-A video game title, but it’s damn close. I tried playing this thing on my laptop, and it turned out to be a terrible idea. It was a chop-fest, a real slideshow of a video game. But, my gaming PC handled it just fine and made it look like an absolute dream. I then jumped into my Oculus Rift, and that’s when the action got super-hot.

This game might not have been made for VR first, but it looks absolutely incredible and runs really well. Games like these remind me that we can actually have good things in this life, we just need developers to pony up the dough and invest some time into 3D models and modern engine coding. I swear, if I see another RPG Maker porn game, I will cringe my face into a stupor and leave it there for a year. I don’t hate RPG Maker; I just want more games like Hardcore Pink. I’m not asking for much. I mean, the game is free and yet I’d be more than glad to pay for it. And you should consider it too. The developer’s Patreon is a great place to get more content while supporting them in thanks for this game.

This right here is a modern porn game with all the bells and whistles we’ve been waiting for. Since the early 2000s, 3D porn gaming has been something of a mystery. The mystery being, why aren’t there more 3D porn games? Well, Hardcore Pink is remedying that problem firsthand by being awesome and hot as shit.

You can bang a potentially infinite number of women in this game to your heart’s content. What more could you possibly ask for, honestly? Grab a copy of it right away, and if you own an Oculus, strap that bad boy on. Hell, get an automatic masturbator and hook it up to your dick. You won’t regret it. It’ll be the most fun you’ve had in a very long time. And, if you enjoy the game, make sure to consider pledging to the developer’s Patreon. They’ve earned every penny.

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