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It’s time for one of those weird-ass porn games that was developed by one guy over a span of several years. He was just a boy with a dream, and that dream has now become a reality. Thanks to a ton of Patreon backers, Glassix went from being nothing more than an idea to being a gigantic porn game with a huge following. Currently, the creator, Gaweb Studio, is sitting pretty at over $1700 a month on his Patreon, and that number’s sure to rise.

He’s already finished a more cartoonish more fantastical porn game by the name of Vampire Revenge, and that one, like the rest of them, is available for download, entirely for free. As for the other two, you’re looking at Lust Complex and Glassix, the game we’re diving into today. I don’t have much to say about Lust Complex. It seems a bit rough around the edges, and it doesn’t really give me the right vibes. As for Glassix, well, it’s definitely the more polished of the two. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s the kind of video game I can wholeheartedly recommend, because it’s loaded with pussy.

I mean, right from the splash screen they got for the game on the Patreon, you can see that there are over three dozen chicks in this game. That’s a lot of pussy. You could open up a pussy store with that kind of supply. But a game is not built on pussy alone. You need gameplay and immersion and a healthy dose of polish. So, let’s dive right into this bad boy.

A Weird Story

The story to this game pulls the same shit you’ll see from other porn games. You start off normal and boring. You’re playing as some random ass kid, who happens to be 18 or older, of course. He’s recently been uprooted by his stepmother, on account of his dad being recently deceased. They up and move to a new location, and he has to figure out how to get his hands on primo pussy now that they’re there.

A few minutes into getting your bearings, however, your dad shows up out of nowhere. Surprise! He’s not dead, at least, not yet. Someone’s chasing him, and he’s all jittery and panicky. He needs your help. Don’t you just love it when dead parents come back from beyond the grave only to ask you for shit? I’ve had a lot of relatives crop up out of nowhere, asking me for that sweet porn reviewer money. Then I have to explain to them that I do what I do out of my sheer love for smut and not the cash. I mean, the money helps, but I’m a porn connoisseur. I breathe for this shit.

Anyways, your dad hands you a super-secret box that you are absolutely not supposed to open under any circumstance. He explains that he’s being chased over the contents of the box, and you should hold onto it for a little while for him. Then, he bolts again, disappearing without a trace. Naturally, you crack open that bad boy and peer into the box, because fuck your dad. He abandoned you without a trace. He shouldn’t be expecting loyalty.

X-Ray Vision

As it turns out, the box contains a pair of super-cool futuristic high tech glasses. They have a switch on the inside of them. Other than that, they appear to be completely normal glasses to everyone who isn’t wearing them. For you, however, they prop up a heads-up-display, complete with some instructions on what they do and how you can use them. The glasses give you some instructions on navigating the world and getting your way, but the two most interesting features by far are the x-ray vision and the inception option.

The X-Ray vision is kind of self-explanatory. It lets you look past chicks’ clothing and stare at their underwear to your heart’s content. But, that’s sort of a cherry atop the cake that is the amazing tech hiding within these glasses. As it turns out, they also have some sort of mind-bending capabilities. That’s that inception option that you can frequently use throughout the game.

The way it works is, you’re having a nice conversation with a chick, and things are going well, but you’re too chickenshit to try to say what’s really on your mind. Picking up chicks is not exactly your forte. So, the glasses give you an easy in and an easy out. You can say completely normal shit, but the glasses guarantee that your one-liners land well and that the chicks you talk to are hot and bothered over your dick. So, let’s say you’re talking to a fellow schoolgirl who goes to your class, and you ask her to hang out with you. The glasses sort of guarantee that she’s really into the idea.

A Sexy Crutch

I’m not gonna knock a pair of magic glasses that lets you get what you want, but bear with me for a second. If you meet up a girl for the first time and ask her to get naked, the glasses can’t and don’t force her to comply. She just ends up saying something snarky and fucking right off. You still only say sensible shit, like, would you like to go out with me? It looks to me like most of the shit you say while using the glasses is just normal pickup lines that I use on the daily. And I never needed a pair of glasses to get chicks to say yes to my one-liners. I mean, what kind of sensible human being says no to free coffee, am I right?

But, it would appear that our protagonist is such a backwards knob that he needs the power of high-tech eyewear in order to even speak to women without tripping over himself. Maybe the glasses are just a placebo, and the HUD doesn’t really do anything. Perhaps, the glasses give our boy so much confidence that he can just deliver regular-ass one-liners without vomiting his lunch onto himself in shame and nervousness. Either way, the lines get through, and the girls become appropriately horny. It doesn’t take our boy long to get them taking their clothes off and sucking his dick.

The Graphics

The graphics to this game started off a bit meager when the game first came out, but they’ve come a very long way. For the most part, it’s all 3D renders of hot pussy. It’s the kind of high-quality shit that I live for, to be honest. The chicks are all very bangable, let’s start with that. They’re a mix of the high quality western 3D style that’s become very popular these days with some Asian polish around the faces.

Normally, I knock hentai influences in western games when they’re taken too far, but it works really well here. It helps the girls not give you an uncanny valley vibe. They look cute up around the face and hot as shit below the neck. They all have ridiculously oversized tits that make you want to titfuck them the second you meet them. That’s the kind of quality world I’d like to live in – a world in which I’m surrounded by gigantic tits.

There’s also a lot of art that was done for the environments, and while that very much takes second stage to the hot ass chicks, I appreciate the extra effort. You move around a lot in this game, so it’s nice to get the sense like you’ve really entered a new room that you haven’t visited before. They’re littered with all kinds of objects that make you feel like you’re in an actual virtual world where real people live.

The Gameplay

Here comes the fun part. The glasses in Glassix don’t just teach you how to play the game; they’re your portal into this virtual world. You can more or less explore freely and talk to whomever you want. There are a lot of choices in this game, and I love that. It’s the kind of immersion that I look for in a porn game. It feels like I really earned my right to fuck all of these random ass bitches. I never felt like I was stuck on a rail while playing this game; it really let me do my own thing. I don’t know how many endings there are, because I’ve yet to replay it, but it’s definitely not a linear experience.

Plus, the game is constantly coming out with new updates, so I can safely conclude that there’s new tits being added to the game regularly, with new plot points for you to explore. The actual source of the glasses and your father’s predicament also makes it into the story here and there, but I personally could not give less of a shit about that. I was just glad to be let loose inside this world of an endless stream of hot nubile pussy.

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