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Girl Life Game

What's up, you crazy sons of bitches, you know who it is! Back at it again with them erotic shenanigans for you to love and jerk off to. Anyway, what I'm about to share with you is something that you'll never expect it to be made. I mean, just think about it, who the fuck are the ones making pornographic games? Duh! The majority of the men who had a gift of doing such things. Therefore, there's no way that you'll be able to guess what this fucking game is.

Anyway, regardless if you're a straight dude or a bitch stuck in a man's body, there's probably a time in your life where you imagine what it would be like to be a woman. However, not just a woman, but someone who is living in a city full of fucking perverts and rapists that would make the fucking jump on you when you least expect it. Anyhow, in this new game that I'm going to introduce to you, not only that it will let you have an immersive experience of being a girl, but you'll also be able to encounter all their sexual dilemmas in their everyday lives.

A Game To Experience Getting Fucked

You heard that right, motherfuckers! Girl Life is a game that lets you all the wonderful pleasures a woman receives. However, to be more descriptive, let me break it down to you in a way that a fucking fetus would understand. Girl Life is an open-world game that you get the opportunity to explore as you get thrown into your new life. You can start in the middle of a massive city, where you'll be able to find yourself a job to pay for your bills, or you get to visit High School and somehow make new friends there.

Anyhow, in this game, you'll be portraying the life of either a Transgender, School Girl, Cursed Schoolgirl, Cursed Schoolboy, or even start off by being someone new in a town. However, don't get the wrong idea as not everything is stars and rainbows. You'll also be experiencing all of the bullshit that you can possibly experience.

The Gameplay

Alright motherfuckers, let's start with the basic elements of the game, the gameplay itself. There are a couple of options when you initially launch Girl Life, which is the Start, Load, or Load a QuickSave game. However, we're not going to fucking discuss all of those as I'm only going to review the initial gameplay of Girl Life.

Anyway, when you initially play a new game, you're then redirected to a screen where you get to choose whichever gender to start with, and those options are the Transgender, School Girl, Cursed Schoolgirl, and the New In Town. You will go through various scenarios as you progress through the Girl Life with click-based gameplay.

First Impressions

Let me fucking start by saying this; there's a whole lot of rape in this fucking game that I can't even fucking comprehend how many it is. I mean, it's one of the top fetishes of every man to dominate a girl physically and, of course, sexually. But still, you get to walk around Central Park, and there's a high chance that you'll get raped there, not unless you beat the living shit out of the rapist, in which you actually have a chance to.

Anyway, the most established side of the game is portraying the schoolgirl, which means that you'll be playing as a high school student. All the models are over 18, so this is not child porn from what I understand, but if the character consents to sex with an adult, that is another instance of (statutory) rape. If they decided to prevent this, they could magically turn the school into a junior college and, from the beginning, increase the age of the character to 18, but I doubt they will. Oh yeah, and there's also incest between a stepfather and the siblings. Too bad the game doesn't force that on you (if that's one of your fetishes).

Moreover, There's a lot of other elements in this game that people may find... disturbing. Those things would be sexual slavery, in which there are beatings as you fuck them savagely. Forced impregnation, and this one comes with a dose of unintentional racism-the men are all well-equipped black men who sound like they're barely smart enough to be human, and many more to mention. That one at least gives you some opportunities to say, "oh, hell no, get me the fuck out of here" if you were not looking for that.

To conclude, Girl Life is kind of a pessimistic game, simply because a lot of bad stuff could happen to your character. For example, she might become addicted to drugs and get abused countless times. Because of her sexual lewdness, she may get called names; her employers will treat her like garbage, and so much more. Such attributes are not really an annoyance; it's just that I think you sometimes want your character to lead a good life. I do know that they might be fetishes, so don't seek to be ashamed here.

What I Like About Girl Life

This is actually quite sad because I can't say many things that I actually like about the game. However, I can only name two things that I love about Girl Life, and let's talk about the first one, the dialogue. When I started the game, I instantly knew what the center of the game would be; then, I was quite blown away despite having low expectations in the game. You would have also thought of the same thing as well if you're fucking reviewing a game you played for the first time.

Moreover, the seemingly decent dialogue is nothing without a good storyline, and they actually excelled in that department as well. Why? Let me ask you this, what would be the number one reason as to why you would progress through the game, aside from finishing it because you're told to do so. Well, the fucking storyline, of course. It was good that I might even see it as more than enough because it's the main reason why players are still engaged, even though it's a fucking shitty game.

My Recommendations To Improve The Game

Holy fucking shit, dude! Where do I fucking begin? Oh, I know. Let's start with the fucking worse thing to underdevelop in a pornographic game, the sounds. Who the actual fuck decided to underdevelop this element in the game? Nobody fucking wants a porn game that has seemingly non-existent sounds in all aspects of the gameplay. I mean, can you fucking imagine? Witnessing a wonderful fuck-fest and end up getting turned down by the fact that the sound doesn't match the whole scene? Because it fucking happened to me.

Moreover, what is up with the orgasm scenes in the game? It doesn't even see the whole fucking picture; it just fades into a white or black screen for some odd fucking reason. Whoever had that idea, if he's not willing to do anything about it, fucking get rid of him. However, the part that I hate the most about this game is that its fucking click-based! Not only that, the gameplay is only a bunch of dialogue and still images as you progress through the game by clicking your action to a certain scenario, in which you would later realize that IT DOESN'T EVEN FUCKING MATTER!

Moreover, I can't fucking stress this enough. PLEASE DOWN THE FUCKING RAPE, or at least have the decency to put an option to switch it off that type of gameplay. I know it's a fetish for other twisted-minded people, put into consideration that not everyone is going to like this particular feature. The odds of these things happening now are pretty big, and not everyone likes that sort of content.


To be honest, I would rate this game 3 stars out of 5, and that's me being humble already. I mean, you have no fucking idea how it fucking struck me in my pride by giving 3 stars to a shitty, good-for-nothing game. However, if you're wondering where the three stars came from, then listen to this. The first star is for the "effort" that the developers gave to accomplish something like this. The other is quite subjective, simply because I wouldn't begin to imagine a kind of scenario like the one this game exhibits.

Moreover, aside from a mediocre dialogue and a seemingly intriguing storyline, there's a lot of things that I hate about it. I can't even begin to express my hate towards it as the game has so many elements that are absolute shit. Not to mention that it's a click-based scenario game, it doesn't get any worse than that. And I absolutely fucking mean it, you little fuck.

PornGames likes Girl Life Game

  • The dialogue is good
  • The storyline is intriguing

PornGames hates Girl Life Game

  • Sound effects are quite limited and repetitive
  • Orgasms end in black or white screens (for some odd fucking reason)
  • It's click-based
  • There's nothing much to do here
  • Sex animations are seemingly non-existent