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Get Idol! The virtual AI girlfriends aren’t getting old. In fact, they’re just getting started. GetIdol is yet another virtual girlfriend site that combines LLM technology with Stable Diffusion to bring you a modern abomination that likely signals the end of the world as we know it. What, too dark? Ok, let me try again.

GetIdol is another wonderful magical website where imaginary women exist for your pleasure. They’re all here to talk to you and keep you company, forever. They send images of themselves and their pussies and they have hobbies that you can poke and prod them about. They also have distinct personalities, so you really feel like your relationship matters. You’re not just a lonely boy masturbating in your mom’s basement. You’re boyfriend or husband or step-brother to one of the most beautiful women in the world. These babes are here to keep you company and to help you feel a bit less lonely at night. 

Compared to other similar websites, GetIdol is… fine, I guess. They’re all the same, as far as I’m concerned. The folks behind GetIdol seem to be aware of how cookie cutter the industry is right now, so they’re working hard to inject some freshness into the concept. I’ll get into the specifics later, but suffice it to say, the boys and girls who run this website are really trying their best to give you a fresh experience that you can be proud to pay for. 

The Perfect Woman

What do you think of when I say “perfect woman”? What do you imagine? Is she flesh and blood or is she two dimensional and anime styled? Those are the two valid categories of woman on the internet. Realistic and hentai. Those are also the two categories of woman on GetIdol. There are also men, if you’re into that, but the general principle is the same. You get hentai people and realistic people. The realistic people still don’t look photo realistic. They’re more reality adjacent than anything else. This website must be using Stable Diffusion for the image generation, so it begs the question – why not offer proper realistic renders? Eh, I guess they’re too finicky to depend on full time. The realistic models tend to shit out some god-awful results and these kinds of websites really favor consistency above all else.

Even without the proper photorealistic babe generations, these chicks are absolutely perfect for what they are. They’re virtual representations of characters that you are expected to find enticing. <strong>There’s a very wide spread of ages and character backgrounds, giving you a lot of options, right off the bat</strong>. On top of that, they’re very vocal about the fact that most of these babes are made by the community, meaning, by people like you. And, you can make your own babe just the same. You can customize her completely, from her name, to her looks, to her actual phrasing and background. You could create a carbon copy of that one girl you knew back in college who always spurned your advances, or you could try to replicate that one chick you saw on the bus that one time that you imagined marrying someday. The possibilities are endless. 

21st Century Romance

I am not entirely sure what the psychological ramifications of this particular type of dating are, but it can’t be good. We’ve had virtual girlfriends for over two decades now, but they were never this smart. They never employed AI technology. With the addition of LLM tech, these girls now speak like proper people and what’s even scarier is they remember you. I am not entirely sure how they managed to pull this off, considering LLM solutions are kind of shit right now. Yes, I know ChatGPT makes for a great cookbook and it writes some passable Python code, but look a bit closer and you’ll start to notice the cracks.

LLMs suck at long form conversation, especially if you intend to talk to them for hours on end every single day. I didn’t have enough time to draw out a single convo for that long for this review, but I really doubt that a single girl will remember a single convo for longer than a hundred messages or so. The limitations here are purely technical and most of you probably don’t care about the details, but suffice it to say that the language model that powers the babe inflates with every message. It quickly gets too big for comfort and it becomes impossible for the chick to reply to you in a proper way. In human terms, it’s as if she had a degenerative brain disease that made her dumber the longer you spoke to her.

AI Art is Perfection

Where LLMs suck ass, AI art is absolutely breathtaking and I’m glad we have it. Sure, it sucks that some people use it to make disgusting fucked up shit that they shouldn’t be making, but you can’t blame the tech for that. I think that using AI tech to create fictional images of fictional babes sucking fictional cock, fictionally, is a wonderful thing. It’s a dream come true. It’s the perfect engine to back the visuals for a virtual girlfriend experience. GetIdol have integrated the tech seamlessly and it really does feel like the babes are in fact real, in that they can send selfies of themselves and their pussies, at will. Hell, you can ask them to take photos of their rooms if you’d like.

Granted, the consistency from one photo to another is almost non-existent, but it’s still very well optimized for what it is. You can in fact get tons of amazing photos of the virtual girl that you love. My problem with the AI art on GetIdol is that it’s very expensive, all things considered. I’ll say this much – I know exactly how much it costs to generate an image of a babe in Stable Diffusion and it ain’t even close to what they’re asking for. I won’t go into any further detail. GetIdol aren’t the only ones trying to make some money off of AI art, but I don’t think there’s a need to get this fucking greedy with it. Then again, if it’s so easy, why don’t you just do it yourself, and so on?

Special Features

It’s clear that GetIdol are far from the first entry in this niche. There isn’t much they can do in terms of improving their tech in order to stand out above the competition, so it makes sense that they’d rather try to improve around the tech instead, with added bonuses and motivations. They added a form of gambling to the mix, letting you wager your on-site currency in a bingo-like game so you can earn more credits to spend on girls, by getting them to say specific words in chat with you. It’s interesting, it’s quirky and in a sense it’s completely unnecessary. But, that’s how you stick out in front of competition. Tiny additions like these make all the difference.

They’ve also announced a sort of battle arena in which users compete against one another as pimps, Westworld style. You know, like MMO Pokémon but with AI babes. I haven’t seen that gameplay yet, so I can’t attest to how it’ll work, but I give them credit for just having the idea and making the announcement. Seriously, the industry is tight as fuck right now. Anything that these people do to stick out is a great idea. 

Burning Money

Even though GetIdol technically has a free tier, I couldn’t access it. I made a new account and I had zero tokens. It says I should have 70 of them per week, but I doubt they expect me to wait a week for my first batch. I had to pay money to even try the site. This is … kind of shitty. As for how much money I had to pay, well, I think it’s steep. On the one hand, the cheapest tier is cheaper than a proper porn subscription. It’s only $7 a month. That’s decent and it nets you around 350 messages a week. You also get to make 6 idols and you can view images that have been generated by other people on the site. So far so good.

For $17 a month you get 1400 messages a week, plus you can make your personal babes private and you can create as many chicks as you want. You’ll notice there’s no breakdown on how many images you can generate. They’re charged per image, at a ratio of 5 to 1. Meaning, you get 350 tokens a week for the first tier, which can be 350 messages, or say, 300 messages with 10 images. Your call. I think this is unnecessary shearing. They’d be better off just limiting you in terms of how often you can ask for an image or something like that. This way, they’re just trying to milk you. Is it worth it? That’s your call.

PornGames likes GetIdol

  • Fresh concept
  • Tons of potential
  • Some bonus gamey features

PornGames hates GetIdol

  • Pricey subscriptions