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I know that I'm a pretty reliable guy when it comes to reviewing porn materials. Now, I found this fantastic virtual world that is in full 3D, which is Not only does it function as a 3D virtual world, but it also can be a social media network. Who does not like to be with other sexy and horny adults in one social network? Pretty fucking cool, right?

Before you head off to try the site for yourself, read my review to brace yourself on all the different pleasurable experiences that has in store for you. Take some time to get a fucking idea of how fucking great this platform can be and how I got fucking addicted to having tons of virtual sex. may be the most advanced and next-level adult virtual reality world. It offers virtual nightclubs, bars, hotels, movie theaters, and a whole ton of sex. is perfect for horny fuckers like you and me, which are looking for tons of sex. You can also be in for a friendly environment, but that my friend is not what I came for.

I came for all the fun I can have with sexy characters and their sexy outfits. That's what it's all about, isn't it?

My Site Experience

Before I tell you my experience, it is essential that you know about's freemium service. It typically held me back from all the fucking good stuff until I got a VIP membership. They charged me for all the premium services I availed, which cannot be found in the standard free membership. I know that spending money isn't my thing, but when it comes to excellent porn content like this one, I knew I had to pay the price.

First off, you cannot experience the site fully until you are registered. I was required to choose a username for my 3D avatar, along with its gender. You will also need a valid email address for this one to confirm your membership. After, I downloaded, installed a 3D software where it took me to the Welcome area. It basically is a menu for all the 3D virtual worlds they have in this platform. You can choose different worlds like Red Light Center, Virtual Vancouver, and Rude Virtual.

Red Light Center was a great fucking experience for me. It was like a world that was based on the Red Light District in Amsterdam. It featured a lot of virtual nightclubs, bars, hotels, and stores. The sex content came in with the VIP membership, and almost all of the worlds and features I mentioned had all the good sex stuff. The store allows you to buy in-game purchases through earning in-game money or purchasing the credits with your cash itself.

Having a partner is easy in this game, that is if you don't become an asshole and a dumbfuck. Put yourself in the right places, and you'll be able to have virtual sex with almost anybody. Have virtual sex with a sex worker for $10. That's cheaper than any other whore there is, huh? You can also visit other places for natural sex if you just can't wait or do not want to do the work.

I was able to unlock the full potential of the game through a VIP membership. Yes, that's full fucking power in my possession. I was able to purchase in-game customizations for my avatar. VIP membership also allowed me to have virtual sex with other users. That's a whole new level of social media platform if you ask me. A VIP membership meant a ton of great things and freebies for me, and I do not mind paying for this great stuff at all.

Paying For Top-Tier Graphics & Animation

Well, I did mention that it is a 3D virtual world with sexual content. But you may be asking how do they incorporate the sex content in this virtual world? For starters, they have movie theaters wherein you can watch and stream porn. There's a Fuck Me Theater that allows you to interact with other virtual users and characters. That's just an exciting twist to their 3D virtual world in a social media setting. Talk about fucking porn innovation! features a top-tier quality in terms of graphics. The 3D avatars make it feel like a sexier version of The Sims, with the added interactive option too. You'll be able to experience everything has to offer in magnificent 3D renditions. Although you'll have to pay up for a VIP membership to see all the sexy premium content, take my word for it and pay up for the damn membership, my friend.

I really liked that I was able to find a fuck partner in such a top-tier 3D setting. It felt like a simulation of the real thing for me. All I did was to meet, chat, get naked with a few virtual characters, and I had the virtual sex I was looking for.

Might I add, the entire fucking experience was great because of the graphics! I don't think my experience would be even close if the graphics were complete shit. Great graphics paired with premium content? That's a fucking must-have if you ask me.

The Power Of A VIP-Membership

If you enjoy all the premium content, then a VIP-membership is your best option. I know it was an excellent decision for me. Not only was I able to unlock a lot of features, like custom options for my avatar, but it allowed me to interact and have virtual sex with other users. VIP memberships go for around $20-$30 per month.

VIP membership allows you to unlock all the sex animations and sex features. It also allows you to experience all the areas in the game that is for VIP only. Not only can you send private messages and engage in private conversations, but you will also have the "get naked with friends" option, which is a fucking delight if you ask me.

What I Like About

I liked that had a lot of sexual content and virtual sex to be experienced. There are just a million ways to have sex and fuck sex workers. This just makes sex fucking accessible in I also liked that it is a social media platform in a way. It was easy to interact with other users and characters which I had virtual sex with. The whole experience was just fucking delightful.

Utherverse also has a great community that is accommodating and friendly. I've had a lot of help when I was a newbie in, which allowed me to familiarize the virtual setting. That's a pretty reliable site with a solid support group to help you with your in-game experience. Shout out to the creators of for this one.

What I Did Not Like About

There aren't a lot of negative experiences towards for me. Well, maybe there are some small little details which threw me off. First is the sound volume. No option allowed me to adjust the volume of the background music. Like seriously, I want to play this game at the office when I'm fucking bored! I guess that makes its versatility limited. The only realistic place I can play this is at my home and nowhere else.

Second, I noticed that there is some kind of learning curve in playing The platform required some time of familiarity to get used to. All I'm saying is if it is your first time playing, you'll be doing a lot of figuring out in the controls and set-up department.

My Recommendation/s

I hope the creators of Utherverse can find a way to make the game easier. I believe that making the game easier to learn can play a significant factor in my experience of I can only imagine all the fun I had if I did not have a hard time familiarizing myself with the game at the start. It seemed that I had to work for all the fun I had in the game, and I can only imagine all the in-game fun I could have.

Conclusion is a magnificent adult virtual world with a lot of sexual experiences to look forward to. Explore your sexual fantasies in a great, safe setting along with the cool features to give you a whole different idea towards interactive sexual fun! has a lot of great perks when you go for a VIP membership, which is the first of its kind. I don't see how you can resist this offer and be a part of a wonderful virtual community. Be a part of this magnificent adult virtual world!

PornGames likes Utherverse

  • A lot of sexual content
  • Virtual sex with other people
  • Friendly community

PornGames hates Utherverse

  • Background sound cannot be adjusted
  • Hard to familiarize game controls
  • Learning the game takes time