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What do you get when you cross cookie cutter mainstream porn and interactive button prompts? SexSelector. I’ve been reviewing sites like this for a while now and while SexSelector is a bit old at this point, I’m just now getting around to reviewing it for this site. Chronology is pointless. I am a porn loving fap God. Let’s get to the point. This is not a video game, neither is it a mainstream porn site. In a way it’s both, but I fear it’ll be a bit hit or miss. It’s very niche. This shit isn’t gamey enough for nerds and it isn’t pornographic enough for people who like having both hands on their cock. If you have a dick so large that it requires two hands for a fap, you’re going to struggle on SexSelector. This place is built like a video game, but it functions as a porn site. It’s unnecessarily complicated, but, surprise surprise – I kind of like it. 

I like original smut. I’ve always said this. Quality porn is always on the table, but for you to impress me you need to show me something I haven’t seen before. Now, I’ve known about SexSelector for a while, but within the context of porn gaming, it’s a lateral niche. It’s unique. It stands on its own. First of all, there’s no art. It’s all prerecorded video. Proper smut. You’re looking at long form porn movies with plot and mildly fleshed out characters, spread out across many different scenes and separated by choices that you, the fapper, get to make. It’s minimal interactivity, but it’s more than enough to make you feel engaged, especially if you’re not a serious gamer. That’s probably the best way to sum up what SexSelector brings to the table. It’s gaming for people who don’t game. It’s porn for people who can’t fap without interactivity.

Tell Her What You Want

You pick a chick; you start to chat and after a few seconds you get to make a decision. The decisions appear on screen with a simple interface that works just the same on mobile as it does on PC. It’s fine. It’s serviceable. It’s fast. I really appreciate the fact that the site preloads the necessary videos so you don’t actually have to wait for buffering every time you pick a choice. It flows smoothly.

So, you have a babe, you have a choice and you have a payout. From what I saw, most of the choices went two ways. You choose one of two options. I wish this wasn’t the standard. The whole point of interactivity is being given varied choices. In most of the “games” on SexSelector you get to choose between anal and a blowjob. Shit like that. You don’t get unique and experimental choices. You can’t push the envelope. It’s pussy or pussy. I even went out of my way to dump one of the babes in one of these games, to see what would happen and the game rubber banded me back to pussy. 

Too Much Pussy?

I’m about to sound like a proper idiot for a second, but hear me out, please – the content on SexSelector is a bit too hot. The satisfaction of fucking a hot babe in a video game is about the same as in real life. That is, you’re happy that you got to that point. You played your cards right. Sex doesn’t just fall from the sky. You earn it. You feel like a hero. You got the babe to like you enough to show you her underwear. It’s a fantastic feeling like no other. It’s the thrill you get when a pick-up line lands just right.  

You get none of that with SexSelector and it’s disappointing. The conversations start believable enough, but they quickly devolve. You realize fast that it doesn’t matter what you say next. You always get the pussy. Hell, if there was a freeform speech option here you could put in baby noises and demonic ritual chants and the babe would still respond with a smile and a pussy gape. It’s absurd. It ruins the experience. I’m not asking for a failed fap experience. I just want to feel like there are stakes. Any stakes. If there’s no actual point to my inputs, then why give them to me?

Girls that Always Say Yes

If you’re an uncultured pleb or just a guy who hates having his time wasted, you might actually enjoy the fact that these girls never say no. Hell, they’re always down to fuck no matter what happens. This is … disappointing for gaming purposes, but satisfying if you view this experience as nothing more than a branching porn movie. Realistically, that’s all it is. It’s a porn movie with various scenes that you navigate between. There are no win conditions. There is no challenge. There’s no reason to think about what you’re going to do next. Click around wildly and you’ll get to see smut. Simple.

This cheapens the whole experience for me and it does send the wrong message – that women will always agree to sleep with you. Sure, in my experience, babes have always agreed to fuck me, but I’m an irresistible sexual dynamo. The average dude is not going to have the same experience. We are in the mainstream porn bubble with SexSelector, though, so the babes are very much hot and horny from the get go. It takes them less than 10 seconds to start showing some breast. It takes them less than a minute to spread their legs. It’s all very fast tracked and simplified. It’s smooth sailing and it makes fapping easy, but it could not be more detached from actual porn gaming. It’s kind of bittersweet in that way.

Pricing is Fair

Good news, everyone! SexSelector does not have that shitty token based system that you may have seen on other sites that let you unlock branching scenes in porn movies. I hate that shit with a passion. Don’t make me buy fake currency to use on your site, please. Just charge me the money you want and move on. That’s the deal that SexSelector is offering. They want $25 a month to let you use this site as much as you could possibly want. Infinite fun for $25 is a decent deal. 

Naturally, you get discounts if you pay in advance and the discounts are pretty damn neat. $16.65 a month if you pay three months in advance and $7.65 a month if you get a whole year. There’s some number crunching to be done here on whether or not a longer subscription is worth the investment. It all depends on how much you intend to fap to this content and how much you value it yourself. Luckily, there’s a $1 a day tier that you can use to test the site. I wholeheartedly recommend it. I checked and I couldn’t find a fine print on auto renewal after the 24 hours are up, but don’t chance it. Get the daily sub, test the site for 12 hours then end that daily sub. Afterwards, you can sign up for a longer, discounted subscription if you like what you saw.

It's Original Enough

I’m clearly lukewarm at best on the matter of SexSelector being considered a gaming experience. I think it’s more of a porn movie site with extra steps. Still, it’s innovative enough to warrant actually existing. It’s not a chore to use. It’s seamless. Plus, it costs as much as any other premium porn site while offering one additional feature that other sites simply don’t have. Simply put, the interactivity is a free bonus that you may or may not care about. SexSelector is a great site even if you completely disregard the branching storylines.

As for the branches themselves, well, like I said – they all feature fucking. It’s not like you’re going to want to replay them and try different choices to figure out different outcomes. The girls straight up ask you if you’d like to stick it in their ass or their pussy. It’s not exactly a big mystery. You know exactly what will happen when you press either button. There’s no mystique or intrigue. I’d have preferred it if the choices came with uncertainty, like in a dating game, but alas, it’s all straightforward here. I can tell that this site was made with a generic audience in mind. It’s about as close as you can get to porn gaming without actually making a porn game. It’s porn gaming for people who don’t like games. Hell, you could literally, not figuratively, play this thing on a smart fridge if it has a browser installed. Good luck fapping that way, though.

PornGames likes SexSelector

  • Original(ish) concept
  • Awesome babes
  • Tons of smut
  • Decent subscription tiers

PornGames hates SexSelector

  • Not gamey enough