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Hey-o, dickwads! It’s your boy Porn Dude here, coming at you, pun intended haha, with another review. This time around, we are covering one of the hottest 3D games from a series of potential games by developer oxopotion.

At a glance, Poke Abby is one of those interactive games that will interest dweebs and horny teenage geeks out there. For good reason, of course, cum face - it lets the player have total control on the bitch herself, Abby!

So yeah. Poke Abby. It’s a mindless game that lets the player go ham on one of the characters. If you’re a Potterhead or just plain horny - because let’s face it, we all are here; this is the perfect game for you. It’s straightforward enough if you want a quick rub and dub, and it’s fun enough to take your mind off things.

The game is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Neat, huh? Developer oxopotion will ask you for a small donation upon downloading, but the game’s generally free. If you’re a self-respecting gamer, support your independent artist and drop some dollars in there. In this house, we respect independent developers - you can choose how much you want to pay, and I, for one, did. So come on now, it’s a free game, and it’s a good one at that, so don’t be a dick and donate already!

Once you’ve done that, dickhead, the downloads are fairly small at less than 100MB. That will give you an idea of how the graphics in the game should be, but trust me dude and dudettes, whoever this guy or girl is, oxopotion, did a great job of making things as good -looking and customizable as they are! I can’t believe I’m saying this on a game file this small, but there you go.

The Game

So the game. If we’re going, to be honest about it, it’s a dress-up sex simulator. You play as a ghost who takes care of witch girls in the Autumn Heart College for Magically Gifted Beings. That’s a mouthful, huh? And nerdy to a fault. Oxopotion really tried on that one for effect. But yeah, so basically, you notice one of the girls sneaking out to the potions room (hello, Snape!), while everyone is in the great hall. What could she be doing?

So as the Casper on this stead, you follow this girl to the room. Before you do that, though, you can customize how Abby should look (wink, wink). Do you want a busty blonde? Well, hello cockdestroyer Abby. Do you like your girl to have a little color? Go ahead and make her wide in the hips. The options for customization are broad and wide-ranging. You can decide what her hair should look like, her skin color, what she’s wearing, and many more.

You know, dickwads what I like, so my version of Abby is this Hermione-like creation that I put together myself. Oh yeah, incels, we are going there. I figured since this is a potions classroom, and it’s a school for people with magical abilities, why not live the fantasy? We all know we all wanted Hermione on her knees the moment she was able to do so. So I’m living it all here. Haha, lust on, fuckers. Oh, did I mention, the models have really big butts? Now, that’s something you can munch on!

Once you have her alone in the potions room, you get to do whatever you want with her. The controls are pretty simple - the two options for manhandling your bitch Abby is poking and rubbing. Of course, the first thing I did was undress her. It’s a striptease at most, and at this point in time, I tell you motherfuckers - I am sporting a chub. Nothing like a Hermione fantasy gets me going!

There are options too how you can undress her. Bless the developer’s heart; it’s got top, bottom, panties, and socks. No bras because this bitch isn’t wearing any. You can see her nipples through the shirt you picked for her - up and about teasing you of what to come. Or cum, if you want to be childish.

My bitch Abby is a busty babe, with curves for days and a butt that doesn’t know how to quit. So trust and believe that I am hard once she’s fully naked. The bronze of her skin, the jutting of her bum, and the full-perky breast - holy fucking shitballs, she’s a dream come true, motherfuckers! This is what I am talking about!

And so the poking, prodding, teasing, and playing begins! I start with playing on those breasts. This bitch Abby is so pliant, right, she goes on to say that she’s so warm and what I’m doing feels so good. Of course, no self-respecting gamer won’t have his hands on this crotch by now, and you bet your pimply ass, I’m rubbing one out!

There are some spots Abby likes to be poked and prodded on. Oh, the joys! She’s responsive to the point of me stopping myself from busting because there are quite a few things that I want to do to her. So I prop her up the table, potions on cabinets in the background, legs open and ready. I finger her until her legs are shaking, and this bitch is lying there in ecstasy, my little Lolita!

Once she’s satisfied with that, we go on to the main event, and I let her spread her legs wide while she looks deliriously yummy waiting for ghost Daddy’s dick. And she gets it. At this point, she’s creaming herself, and it’s so easy to slide in and out. Her moans and grunts are as sexy as fuck, and you best believe I’m giving her the time of her life! She squirts - yes, motherfuckers, squirts, and convulses and gives me that just fucked face.

I creamed my pants as well. Lol, don’t cringe, you know it’s cumming. LOL. If you’re reading this review, then you know I’m gonna go there. I’m a straight shooter, and I’m gonna give it to you as you want it. Best believe I’m gonna make you read what I did. You know you like it.

What Did I Like About The Game

One of the many things that I really like about this game is how simple the presentation is. Abby is not your regular chick, right? She’s not tall or a model-type or anything boring like that - the animations are interesting and tight, plus the sounds are really great for the game’s package size.

The voice acting will make you “Woah, I was not expecting that,” and soon you’ll find yourself liking it. I know I did. Very much so. Ask the tissue I wiped myself off how much, dickwad. For a game that looks so unassuming, Poke Abby is a delight to play. Will I play it again? Sure. One of these nights before going to bed, I’ll probably check Abby out again. That’s how much I adore this game.

What Didn’t I Like About The Game

Ok, I’ll preface this by saying - the game’s alright. I had a good wank, didn’t I? In my book, when I cum, that’s a good day. What I would like to see though is more play options - you know, toys, whips, weird stuff - you know what I mean. It’s a magical school, and a potions room, for crying out loud, there should be things or ingredients or whatever in there that can be used to please Abby more. Give us guys the demented options - cucumbers, some type of phallic insect, a blade! Trust me; the game will be much better!


While I really liked the voice acting on this type of presentation, I would say that most people may find it jarring. I’m not saying that the dev needs to change the acting completely - what I’m getting at is that smooth it out so that undiscriminating players will like it more. Dare I say? Make it more commercial. Less throaty action, more feminine sounding moans. Let the geeks have what they want!

Look, the setting of the game can be improved as well. The idea is there - I mean, who doesn’t want to fuck a witch girl, huh? It’s the perfect Harry Potter fantasy realization, and I think the dev needs to capitalize more on that. Give Abby a witch’s hat, or a robe for that matter. Set the tone better, so that players can really go ham with it. And by that, I mean, they’ll jerk off harder.


For you horny incels out there or the thirteen-year-olds who want a great inspiration to wank to, Poke Abby is the game you need to be checking out. It’s fun, non-sensical, and just a great all-around erotic game. Trust me when I say, give it a try! You’re missing out on so much action if you don’t give it a chance!

Prepare wet tissue as well. You know, for cleaning out purposes. You’ll be kidding yourself if you don’t have one on standby. Have fun, idiot!

PornGames likes Poke Abby

  • Abby herself (I made that bitch my slave
  • fuckers!)
  • Straightforward
  • Developed independently (Woohoo!)
  • Great animations
  • Interesting choices in customization

PornGames hates Poke Abby

  • Setting can be improved
  • Narrative’s too short
  • Limited toys and other fun stuff
  • Limited options to pleasure her
  • Some of her moans are really guttural