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Girlvania Summer Lust

Aloha, you piece of shit. You must be bored right now that you stumble upon my review. Anyways since you're already here, you should read this awesome review about a lesbian sex simulator game that's all about fucking and nothing else. Yes, you read it right. Girlvania is an adult themed game that lets you screw different girls without spending your money. All you need is a PC, an internet connection, and a determination for you to achieve your goal.

I know that it's hard looking for a game that can satisfy your sexual needs. Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore because Girlvania is the answer to those kinds of problems. Some sex games require payment before you can download them. That's why some people prefer watching porn rather than looking for a porn game because of such issues. The good thing about this game is that it's free to download, meaning no need to spend anything at all.

You're probably interested right now, that's why you should read the rest of the article for you to know what you're getting into before you download this game. There are a lot of things Girlvania has to offer, that's why a lot of people are downloading it. You won't know how fun this game is until you try it. You can also do some beating at home if you know what I mean while playing this game.

Reviewing This Game In General

I won't be surprised if Girlvania will become the top sex game on the internet because of the gameplay and graphics it has. The navigation itself is so easy that you won't be having any problems playing it. You can adjust the camera settings depending on your taste. You can also dress your models if you want to do some striptease. This game even has its dresser, which stores different outfits of the characters.

The realistic actions and facial expressions are the best things about this game because you will feel like you're fucking them. Your gaming experience will surely become better once you start playing this game. If you like to do some photography, you can also take pictures of the models you have.

The compatibility of this game is only limited to PC. So if you want to know how great this game is, then you should consider downloading it to your PC. You also don't need to connect to the internet all the time since this game can be played in offline mode. The only time you'll be needing an internet connection is when you decided to download the game.

What I Like About This Game

The first thing that caught my attention is the gameplay of the game. I love the way they created a sex game that focuses on girls only and nothing else. Not everyone wants to see enormous cock all the time when they're playing their favorite sex game. That's why this is the perfect game for horny perverts like me because I get to fuck other girls using another girl as my main character.

The gameplay is very smooth, and the interaction between the characters is impressive as well. The girls in this game respond accordingly to the actions you're doing to them, so if you want to hear them scream out loud, then you should do your best to hear their battle cry. I know you're already curious about what are the other things this game can offer to your sad and horny ass, so my advice to you is to stop what you're doing right now and start downloading it.

If your primary concern is the graphics, then sit down bitch and read the following sentences. The artwork and graphics used to create this game are so realistic that you'll be addicted to it the moment you started messing with it. The people behind this game intended to make the game very realistic to the point that you'll see the vagina of the characters open slowly, depending on the pressure that you're giving to it.

If you're bored of fucking the girls in this game using the traditional sex positions, you can also use a sex toy to please them. The cool thing about this game is that you can use different types of toys to please the girls. You can also play some virtual sex for more intense gaming experience. If you're unable to concentrate masturbating because you keep on using your mouse, you can put the game in a hands-free mode to avoid the hassle.

Now we are done with the graphics and the gameplay, let's talk about the sound effects. You'll be aroused right away once you hear the moans of the girls in this game because it was based on real-life sound effects. Just thinking of their scream right now already made my cock very hard. Another fun thing about this game is that the characters in this game portray different facial expressions depending on the sexual act you're performing with them.

What I don't Like About This Game

From what I've observed, there are few things that this game needs do for it to become the best girl-on-girl sex simulator on the internet. First of all, the layout of their website is a bit dull, that's why I don't find it inviting at all. The only reason why I downloaded it is that I was curious about how the game works and how realistic the actions and sound effects of the game are.

Also, I'm not too fond of the way they created some of the characters because of their body appearance. Yes, it looks realistic but not natural enough to look like the real ones. The other models of this game are not that pretty enough to capture my attention. The people behind this game should make more characters, and they should make the essential parts such as the breasts and ass look more natural for it to become more attractive and inviting.

Aside from the appearance and website layout, they should add more dialogues to make the game more interesting. I know that the primary goal of this game is to fuck all the time, but it would be much better if there's more scenarios or stories so that the player will feel like it's the real deal. It shouldn't be all tits and asses. There should be an exciting storyline to arouse the curiosity of every person playing this game.

Lastly, this game needs more upgrades, especially when it comes to sex toys and places. The game developers should come up with more fun and extreme ways to fuck the characters in this game so that other sadistic fucktards can satisfy their weird fetishes. They should also consider adding guys in some scenarios so that guys like me will know what it's like to have a threesome because it's not going to happen to us sooner or later in real life.

My Recommendations for This Game

Just like what I mentioned above, the people behind this game should make more effort to make the game more fun and exciting. Adding more characters and dialogues will surely make any sex-crazed guy playing this happy. I would also recommend doing some upgrades on their website, especially when it comes to the layout and the designs. By doing this kind of change, they will surely have more chances of convincing other people to download their games.

It would also help the people behind this game have more players if they put up storylines on each of the characters in this game. No one wants to play a game that has no exciting dialogues. For example, they should add a scene where you get to fuck a mother after a few casual dates. This kind of scenario will make the players become more attentive and focused because of the goal they have in mind.

If I can make some alterations, I will make the body appearances of the characters look more natural so that I can feel like I'm fucking a real girl. I would also add more sex toys and more costumes since this game allows the player to dress up the model they selected. It would be much fun also if there are multiple races and nationalities of girls so that I can fuck all the kinds of bitches in the world.


Overall, Girlvania is a fun and exciting game. This game gives me the freedom to sleep with random girls without thinking of consequences when I wake up in the morning. This is one of the best adult-themed games I've played so far. Compared to other adult-themed games, Girlvania is the closest to the real thing because of the graphics and interactions it has. I enjoy playing this game because the models in this game react to sexual acts I do to them.

There are games where you are unable to focus on ejaculating because you have to do specific steps before you can see some actions. But with this game, masturbating is much more comfortable and fun because of the hands-free mode it has. I love this game because it makes me horny within seconds, and it makes my cock stiff without doing a lot of action. I can say that this is one of the best lesbian sex simulators you will ever see on the internet.

PornGames likes Girlvania Summer Lust

  • The Graphics
  • The Gameplay
  • Facial Expressions
  • Virtual sex
  • Hands-Free Mode

PornGames hates Girlvania Summer Lust

  • Games Website Layout
  • Unnatural Body Appearance
  • Limited Scenes and Models