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I love it when game developers think of new ways to entertain the masses using pussy and the concept of interactivity. The whole point of enjoying pussy lies in getting your hands on it. You want to finger it, spread it and naturally, you want to pound it. Alas, we can’t all be as awesome as me. Some people need virtual women. I encourage that type of behavior. That’s why I made this website. I think everyone should try out some interactive virtual pussy. Interactive-POV in particular is a bit of a strange website, though. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to review it here as well as on my main site, because it’s not a video game, per-se, even though it has all the expected bells and whistles. 

Back in the 90s we had this innovative video game genre called FMV, short for full motion video. Game devs wanted to have a crack at making video games using movie cameras then stitching the recordings together, spaced apart by interactive choices. It cost a ridiculous amount of money to shoot video back then, so the genre died along with any companies foolish enough to try making FMV games. Plus, that shit was released in like 240p. It was the most we could handle on our ancient computers. 

Nowadays, every monkey with an iPhone can make professional grade video on the fly, so it’s no surprise that porn studios are hopping on this ancient trend, giving it a second wind. This time around, it’s working fantastically. It’s cheap to produce, it comes with very little programming and it’s all around fantastic stuff. At its core it’s just simple video pornography, but it’s structured in a way that gives you every reason to keep coming back.

At First Glance – It’s Shit

Interactive-POV is fantastic. Sorry, I’m being contradictory. Look, the site is amazing and the content is worth every penny, but it would appear they spent every last cent they had on the actual content. Meaning, they had two pennies and some pocket lint left over for the actual web design. So, they threw the pennies in a wishing well, put the lint back in their pockets and voila, they came up with this crapfest of a website. Seriously, this place looks grotesque. I know it’s optimized for phones and all, but even on my phone I felt like I was diving into some sort of retro 90s video-on-demand site. 

I changed my tune once I actually dove into one of these interactive stories. They’re fantastic. They’re high definition. They’re not what you’d expect from a site that looks like it’s being held together by string and duct tape. Then again, I’d rather have a shit looking site that has great content than a decorated site that serves me second rate pussy.

The Babes are Top Notch

Speaking of pussy, Interactive-POV features a lot of pussy. There’s not a lot of variety in terms of races and ethnic backgrounds. I get the feeling that most if not all of these babes are Slavic. I recognized the first chick I checked out. She’s Ukrainian. I’ve seen her shit on Hegre. She’s a great sport. She loves getting naked. Anyways, this site is loaded with quality Eastern European pussy, and not the kind you find on the street. These are the quality babes that charge top dollar to strip on camera. They know how valuable they are.

I was also surprised by the level of dedication that these babes put into the acting they’ve done for Interactive-POV. It’s still shit-tier acting, of course – this is porn, but I’ve seen a lot worse. They make efforts to smile, emote and talk as if they actually mean what they’re saying. The mere fact that they make any effort pushes them in the 1% of acting talent in the porn industry. It’s a shitshow out there.

Jumping Into a Story

I’ll talk more about the structure of the site later. Let’s get to the meat of Interactive-POV and what they’re offering. You come to the site. You log in. You subscribe. You see girls. You choose a girl. From that point on, you’re actively conversing with this chick as if you were calling her through your phone. Some of the action simulates an actual encounter, as if you’re there in person, but the main shtick seems to be that these girls are simulating online girlfriend interactions. It’s the kind of shit you’d get if they were actually in a long-distance relationship with you. 

You get to video call with them and ask them all kinds of questions about their lives, interests and masturbatory preferences. And boy, are they willing to open up. I’m used to babes in porn games offering a bit of resistance at the start of the game. They usually want to get to know you before they offer up the goods. Interactive-POV uses video footage of actual expensive babes, so they couldn’t get a ton of B-roll to pad the length. On the one hand, this means that you’re going to jump into immersion breaking sex really quickly, on the other, it means you’ll get to see pussy within the first 90 seconds of your time on the site. I see this as an absolute win for the Chads and an absolute problem for the nerds.

Interactive … ish

I’d like to think of Interactive-POV as a porn game for people who don’t like games or video porn for nerds who’d rather be playing a video game than masturbating. It’s somewhere down the middle and exists in a sort of limbo state. I personally love it, but because it’s such a wild overlap, I can’t see it being anyone’s top choice of either game or smut. I would, however, recommend it to everyone who asks me for a bit of a different fapping experience. This site is really easy to recommend to people. The core action is very vanilla. You watch babes masturbate or take cock. It’s simple stuff. It’s the interactivity that sells the site.

And boy, are these “games” interactive. You’re looking at countless babes here, each with her own detailed story. The stories always start off kind of soft and innocent and they ramp up to full blown penetration. Throughout the story, you’re given a lot of opportunity to do sexual or romantic things with the girl, ranging from asking her about her hobbies to asking her to insert something into her asshole. It’s a well-rounded experience and it does indeed make you feel like you’re in control of the situation. 

The only real downside is that you’re painfully aware of the fact that you’re just watching disjointed clips that have been strung together. They could have made the site work a lot better if they mixed the videos with some fading and special effects to make the transitions smoother, but as it currently stands, all the videos are just tacked onto one another. This is immersion breaking as fuck.

Instagram Inspired Layout

First of all, no, they didn’t rip off Instagram, they were just drawing inspiration to make reference to a layout you’re already familiar with. They’ve got the Instagram story bubbles on top of a vertical layout to signify that this is a selection of babes that you are personally in touch with, online. You press one of them and you dive into a conversation. Naturally, this is not how social media actually works, but for the purposes of interactive smut gaming it’s perfect.

I personally hate the fact that the vertical phone layout social media thing is the only part of the website. Seriously, there’s no about us section, no terms of service, nothing. Nada. Zilch. You’ve got the vertical phone layout with the option to subscribe and you’ve got babes. The whole damn site is condensed into that simple functionality. I find it … odd, to say the least. I’d love it if these guys had an app instead. As an app, this layout would function amazingly well. As a website, it’s a bit of a slog. I still think the site passes with flying colors, though, on account of how hot the girls are and how well they perform. They took this job very seriously and the end result is spectacular because of it.

Shit Subscription System

Here comes the downer. You can’t sign up for a subscription. They want you to buy credits instead. $10 for 200 credits up to $100 for 5000 credits. What does this mean? I have no fucking clue. Every video has options that cost credits to unlock. Once you’ve unlocked them, you can reuse them, meaning you can rewatch that clip. It’s… a bit shitty. I wish they just slapped a $30 monthly cost on this whole site, but no such luck. I don’t like the pricing, I don’t like the layout, but the concept is damn good and the babes are worth it. I leave the final decision to you.

PornGames likes Interactive POV

  • Amazing babes
  • Decent acting
  • Interesting concept

PornGames hates Interactive POV

  • Site layout
  • Credit based pricing