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Red Light Center

RedLightCenter! Looking to mingle with real horny girls online? Aren’t we all. No, I’m not talking about cam sluts. You have to pay to see those babes give you the goods. I think you cucks need a more social experience. Something that will teach you how to talk to a girl without nutting in your jorts.

There are plenty of visual novels or dating sims that will show you the ropes with fake chicks. But that’s not enough. You need real bitches to talk to. Or at least people pretending to be real bitches. After all, how will you ever know if XxRachel_WetpussyxX is actually a kinky babe or some fat dude like yourself dressed in lingerie?

If that sort of experience sounds like it is right up your alley, then you might want to check out This site houses the downloadable social fuck game called Red Light Center. This game is all about meeting with and fucking real-life babes. You can make a chad-like avatar and hop right into this kinky game. And this is a long-running site that has been kicking since way back in 2004. This shit better be good if it has been around for so long. They do bring in about 290 thousand of your horny fucks every month. That’s not crazy good, but those numbers certainly aren’t bad.

Go Out and Mingle With Hot Babes!

It’s easy enough to make your avatar and get started. You have a variety of generic-looking 2000s style chicks and dudes to choose from. You can unlock outfits and shit as you progress. Other than that, you’re pretty much stuck with the 8 or so basic options you have in the beginning. But what you can do is update your site profile with all of your real information (or fake if you actually want a chance at scoring a hot slut) so that people will see that stuff when they click over to your profile.

Before you get to the game, you will have to make a profile on the website. Here you can put in as much or as little personal information as you want. You can even put a photo of yourself, or your dick if you’re like most of the other users. This page lets you alter your password and gives you the download link for the full game. Once it’s downloaded, you can log in again and get started.

This game takes place in the “Utherverse” for some reason. I don’t know exactly what that means. It’s not like the game ever really explains it. Navigating the game and going to different locations is like using a web browser. Neat, I guess. But it definitely makes the game feel incredibly dated. I thought that gimmick had died before the turn of 2005. When you first load into the game, you’ll be in a crowded starting point where most of the other users will be.

Lots of Glitches and Audio Ads that Cannot Be Turned Off

There is something wrong going on with the game as a whole. Textures glitch in and out. Whole swaths of areas are pitch black. Polygons will shift and flash. It’s very disorientating. It gave me a headache after a solid bit of playing. I don’t know how this game has been around for over 16 years and still has basic issues like this. It’s pretty fucking embarrassing. And these issues will persist everywhere that you go. Some places are worse than others, but the glitches are almost always present. That’s not the first impression you want new players to have.

Along the lines of first impressions, the first thing you hear in the game will likely be an ad. They just play constantly in popular locations. Holy fuck, that is a new level of annoying. And, of course, you cannot toggle the audio in this game. You have to suffer through the ads unless you mute your entire damn computer. You wanted to listen to music or watch YouTube while you play? Too fucking bad, you have to listen to radio-style ads about dumb shit you’ll never buy.

Massive World Full of Places to Explore...But Most of it is Empty of Players

From there, you can walk around this world. Though 99 percent of the users will be right in the first two starting areas. Most other places will be a ghost town absent of anyone. It’s a shame. There are a lot of cool locations where you can go watch movies, buy shit, and mingle. But most things you click on end up being ads. There’s a cam girl studio that links you out to a cam site, as well as a porn video room that does the same thing.

But that’s fine, right? This game is about socializing and you can do some of that. Kind of. If you count staring at someone or viewing their profile socializing. There’s also an option for “Invite to sex” that is grayed out. Oh, you have to be a VIP member. You have to pay 20 fucking dollars a month just to be able to invite a shitty avatar character to have poorly animated sex with you. Not only that, but you can’t chat with anyone privately unless you pay for VIP.

Expensive VIP Account Required to Chat or Have Sex With Other Characters

You can talk in the general chat, but who is ever going to respond to that shit? Damn, they really are trying to milk you out of every last cent on this site. If the game actually looked good, then that might not be a terrible deal. At this rate, I could go play Leisure Suit Larry on the PS2 and fap to that to get a similar, if not better, experience.

It’s obvious that a fair bit of work into making this game. There are dozens of cool locations, and you can build and design your own bachelor pad. You can view full-length classic films in the movie theater. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different outfit combinations. The city is huge and has a lot of stuff to explore. But the paywall, glitches, and dated design make for a game that only a very niche few will be able to fap to.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

I liked what this game was aiming for. There is a lot of potential here, and it really wouldn’t take that much to get this game polished. But the social aspect was cool. It’s sort of like a forum, but with avatars and more personal interactions. The game was pretty ambitious with all of the different locations and things that you could do. There’s a lot to dive into here in terms of roleplaying and shit. But, unfortunately, they fell a bit short. I hope to see them improve this game and make some changes. But it’s already been over 15 years since launch. I don’t have high hopes.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

The game needs a lot of work. It feels like it is still in Alpha development. The graphics are very dated. The game glitches out constantly. The ads are very obnoxious and ruin any immersion that you might have had. And the VIP membership is pretty ridiculous. Paying 20 bucks a month for the base VIP package (this isn’t even considering the Super VIP account) for some shitty sex options and the ability to PM users is way too much. PMing should be free, at least. I don’t want to harp on all of the issues too much, but this game needs a complete revamp.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, has the potential to be a great social game with kinky scenes, chats, and fucking. Unfortunately, they fall short of that goal. The game is full of bugs, ads that cannot be muted, and a shitty VIP paywall. If you’re willing to put in the cash, then you might have a great time, especially if you’re really into cyber chatting with other horny “babes” online. So, while this game doesn’t get my glowing recommendation, you still might manage to have a good fap or two on here. Give a visit and see if it is the right game for you!

PornGames likes Red Light Center

  • Unique social porn game with real-life players
  • Customize your character’s outfit
  • appearance
  • and apartment
  • Loads of places to explore
  • Free to download and get started

PornGames hates Red Light Center

  • Can’t chat with other users without a VIP membership
  • Glitchy
  • broken game textures
  • Audio ads that can not be turned off