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Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto basically revolves around some kind of sexual fetish. I noticed that every orc in this game is all homosexually intertwined with each other. You can find Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto on their Patreon page, and for starters, the game is not free to play. You are going to have to take out a few bucks from the old wallet and bank account to be able to experience Bonfire itself.

If you are doubtful or unwilling or just simply unsure whether it is a great idea to spend a couple of your hard-earned money on porn games, then take my word for it and pay up because it is worth it. I have come to the conclusion that any game or game developer based on a platform like Patreon is going to good. Independent game developers that lean on platforms like Patreon are much more free in terms of input, and you'll expect fresh new ideas!

So, expect some good old gay porn with a twist of orcs. The orcs have well-designed models, so I never played with any 2D orcs or anything of that 2D bullshit.

The Essence Of Bonfire

I never really thought that a game like Bonfire by Hogswilde Prasetto existed. I never actually seen games that feature homosexual orcs that do all gay stuff. Might I say, the game features big muscular orcs with huge cocks and expect that everything about them is going to be about homosexual, erotic, and full of sexual fetishism?

Of course, Bonfire by Hogswilde Prasetto is not suitable to be played by minors because of the content. I frankly think that they are not ready for this type of material, yet, it is that intense. Bonfire is an interactive, erotic, and adult-themed adventure. The game focuses on the different relationships that can develop from the various bonds and interactions between the character you control and the other characters you will come across within the story.

I fucking had a great and fun time as I found the mechanics of Bonfire engaging. It felt like all the sexual content, and the magic was all interlocked and could not exist without each other. Expect all of the sexual intercourse to be gay. All the gay, homosexual sex happens between orcs. So, if you are into some orcs with big and muscular bodies fucking each other, then Bonfire is highly recommended for you, my friend.

Decent, If Not Great, 3D Graphics

I have heard other users refer to the game as somewhat of a gay, naked, orc simulator. Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto features a decent game engine for its kind. I saw a bunch of orcs placed in somewhat of a gay Skyrim world, and I was actually engaged in its novelty. Bonfire has all of the great things and is filled with potential. The game features along with a decent engine, a bunch of programmers that add a new and exciting flavor in each update and patch they bring out.

I really thought that downloading and playing this game would be another waste of time. I had the belief that Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto was going to be another hopeless and low-tier adult-themed video game. Boy, was I wrong? I found great potential in the game because essentially, if someone provides a much-advanced tool for the creators, you'd get a really good 3D adventure game with sexual content.

Well, I think I have clearly talked about the game being of homosexual nature. The game mechanics are all about that shit, so there's no running away from it. Magic and homosexual fucking are intertwined in this game that you'd have to mess around with other orcs to get something of value and which can catapult your character deeper in the story.

If you like an adult-themed adventure game that features good 3D graphics, then take your time to download Bonfire. It has orcs, muscle, and big, hard orc cocks in full 3D. This fucking game felt like a gay Skyrim or some other shit like it. I promise you; It is fucking worth your money!

What I Liked About This Game

I loved a lot of things while playing Bonfire as, quite frankly, I had fun with its mechanics too. I commend the creators of Bonfire for taking a gamble with their idea. I loved the orc theme and all the naked, erotic, gay stuff they do in this game. As I have said, Bonfire generally should be defined by the phrase "Naked Orc Simulator." I loved how Hogswild Prasetto stayed true to their theme while incorporating a good and decent storyline to go with it.

I also liked that Bonfire is a well-designed game put out by an indie developer. Previous experience from indie content has led me to the belief that games of indie Calibur tend to lean towards novelty. Basically, I never found potential with the other ones. Bonfire, on the other hand, has full of potential. You can clearly see that Hogswild Prasetto has incorporated a decent game engine that caters to the mechanics of the game well.

Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto also has excellent 3D graphics. Safe to say, I think it would be a crime, not to mention how good the graphics were. Like I have said, if the boys at Hogswild Prasetto receive more attention and are given more tools and resources? Phew, those boys would really be able to put a GAME out!

What I Do Not Like About This Game

I guess the term "not like about" would be misleading as it would take the game's potential away. But, there are some aspects of the game that I felt were entirely 'one-sided.' I do not find it amusing that the game only caters to the homosexual community. If you haven't learned by now, Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto is a game full of homosexual orcs with big muscular bodies.

I just think that they can do so much more with what they have. I understand that it is a game developed independently, so there's really not much I can do about that but to support it. I also do not like the speed of the game's development. I mean, I have been playing Bonfire for quite some time now, and game progression in terms of growth has been slow by my standards. I ought to think that by now, they would have found a partner or anything to improve the game and the brand itself further.

My Recommendations For Improving Bonfire

I recommend that the boys at Hogswild Prasetto take into consideration the potential of this game. If I have a vision as an avid user of this game is that Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto can expand into different paths. All of which are positive paths I might add. They could use a much modern game engine as the one that they are using will soon to be fucking prehistorical. Don't get me wrong, but the game engine caters to the game mechanics well now. I just think they ought to think about the long-term and sustaining the game itself.

I also recommend that they cater to a whole variety of genders. The game could basically be for every gender because of its 3D adventure theme. I don't see why other straight people won't enjoy some great 3D erotic, naked adventure fun.

Finally, I firmly believe that the boys at Hogswild Prasetto keep doing their thing of putting the word out. Advertising can only mean good things for the creators and for the game itself. I am really looking forward to the growth and progress of Bonfire, and I hope the boys at Hogswild Prasetto take advantage of that potential. Long live and kudos to the creators of the Naked Orc Simulator!


Overall, Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto is a fucking great game if you like 3D adventure games. Expect the game to have some erotic, homosexual fetish to go with its 3D adventure theme. You have 100% control of your character's progression. Magic and sexual intercourse are intertwined together in this game, so if you like sexual intercourse in exchange for some in-game rewards, then Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto is the perfect game for you.

The game is around 1GB with fast download speed/s. Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto is the perfect game to play if you like orcs, orc butts, orc guts, and all that big muscular gay orc on orc fucking! If this fantastic naked orc simulator sounds excellent to you, then go ahead and download Bonfire now! The game is available at Hogswild Prasetto's Patreon page, and there is a free demo to sell you on buying this awesome game!

PornGames likes Bonfire

  • Fast download
  • Great graphics
  • Great animation
  • Great in-game models
  • Decent game engine
  • Big Orc butts and I cannot lie

PornGames hates Bonfire

  • Only features 1 orc gender
  • Lack of game growth