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Life Selector! I know lots of you cucks wish you could step into the shoes of a true alpha male like me for just a day. It’s something that’s always been out of your reach. Imagine it. You’d be swimming in hot babes who are all vying for your cock. You’d be rich, handsome, and, most importantly, hung like a fucking horse. No longer would you have to waste time hot gluing your dream anime waifu figures. You’d have dimepieces at your disposal whenever and however you want. If only that was possible...but I may have the next best thing.

That’s right; I’m not saying this shit just to taunt you, though that is my favorite part of this whole thing. What if I told you that you could step into the shoes of a dude who gets to fuck as many hot bitches as he can get his hands on? Well, let me tell you about This game enables you to take control of the porn. You are put into the shoes of an alpha male who gets to make decisions that change the course of the video. It’s like a choose your own adventure book, but with infinitely more sex.

Quality Site Design With a Premium Feel

The site launched all of the way back in late 2011 and has been a massive hit since. Nearly 1.4 million of you horny cucks visit this site every month. And this site is set up a bit differently than other game sites. It’s all one “game,” but there are dozens of different scenarios you can jump in to. Some are paid. Lots of them are free up to a certain point. I’ll be diving into some of these games to give you the low down on the overall experience. But know that there are so many more with different types of fetish content and porn stars.

The site has a quality design and dark theme. You get a full page that you can endlessly scroll through for previews of the games. Each one has a rating out of 5 stars, a large image preview that lists off the sluts who star in it, and a title. If you hover your cursor over the preview, you’ll get a whole fuck ton of tags, a complete list of stars, and synopsis for the scene. You can even view a trailer for the scene if you’re still not sure it is for you. Additionally, you can sort the main page by new, popular, top-rated, and trending scenes.

Solid Sorting Options for Finding the Perfect Show

The header for the site has options that let you sort by model, check out photos from the scenes, pre-order upcoming scenes, and view a live cam site. You can make an account here for free. If you do, then you’ll get some free credits that basically equal out to a free premium scene. Not too bad. All you need to do is give them an email, password, and all of the usual shit. You can also buy credits if you find yourself loving this kinky shit and absolutely need to fap to more of it.

You can sort by popular categories using the left-hand sidebar. There you’ll find fetish tags for good stuff like “Anal, Lesbian, MILF, Threesome, Facial, and more.” You can also find a quick list of popular models there as well. They have all of the big-name sluts here like Mia Malkova, August Ames, Alison Tyler, and Dillion Harper. So, you know that you are getting that good shit. And the cam site isn’t half bad. You can’t control the cam girl or anything. Well, unless you count being able to tip to make those sluts do shit. In that case, I guess this site is a lot like an interactive cam show. Just with fewer horny dudes spamming the chat.

Live Out Your Wildest Fantasies With Your Dream Girl

Alright, I wanted to throw those quick site notes at you so I could focus on these shows. They are fucking awesome. You get to hop right into the kinky action and spend days with your dream babes. It’s like someone strapped a GoPro to my head and started documenting my day-to-day life with this site. There are plenty of kinky show options for you fetish freaks out there too. Incest, feet, femdom, and everything in between.

Once you start a show, you’ll be in control of the action. You usually play as some dude who finds a hot babe at his doorstep or has a bunch of hot sluts as friends or whatever. It doesn’t really matter. You get to make choices. Sometimes this is for shit like going out to dinner or staying in. Other times it’s whether or not you want to get a handjob, blowjob, or get right to fucking. You even get to decide where and how you nut in most of these.

Immersive & Fun Concept With an Arcade-Style Premium System

And for what this site is, these shows are pretty immersive. It’s not a traditional game by any means, so there’s no real “gameplay”, but it is a fucking good time. What a damn good idea. And the whole system works like one of those shooter games at an Arcade. I know that sounds fucking idiotic, but hear me out. You can go for a while for free, but when you get to the good shit, you need to start paying up. You insert credits to keep the action rolling, just like those games. And the prices here are pretty reasonable. For a couple of bucks, you can get the full video experience.

Definitely Worth the Try on Mobile or Desktop!

Now, of course, this is expensive when compared with free porn. But man, this experience is worth it even if you just want to try it out once. It’s a gimmick, sure. But it is a fun one. The climax scenes make you think. Poor fuck must have been drinking liters of water over the course of a couple of filming days to shoot all of those ropes. As a side note, this site actually does work on mobile. You can hop right into these immersive videos while on the go. Plug that phone into a VR set, and you’ll truly be living in the future.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

What a fucking unique site. You don’t see shit like this every day. Yeah, it may seem simple. You just get to control a porn video, but it really is more than that. This site worked hard to bring you fucks the best POV porn with 1080p HD quality.

And it’s not a simple feat to have so many different scenes in a 30+ minute immersive experience. This site is badass, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t check it out and at least give it a single fap. And the entire site is great. No ads. Lots of filter options. You get plenty of different fetish-filled shows to pick and choose from. And you can even play this shit on mobile!

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

The one thing I thought this site was missing was some sort of unlimited pass. Sure, you buy a fuck ton of credits. But what if I want lifetime access to all of their shit? I hate keeping track of site currency. Give out a deal like that, and I bet you’d have fucks throwing money at this site. And it would be nice to be able to download these shows in all of their glory. Especially if you’re paying upwards of 300 bucks for the highest tier of site currency.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is a fantastic site with a unique premise that sits somewhere between porn video and porn video game. It may not fit in either category, but damn, is it worth a visit. I highly recommend porn lovers and gamers alike go and check out this site. You can take a peek at the concept for free. There’s no reason not to give this site a fap. Go check this shit out. I highly recommend for a good-ass time. You get to live out your wildest fantasies and feel like you’re fucking babes way out of your league.

PornGames likes LifeSelector

  • A unique game concept with loads of different scenarios
  • Excellent 1080p HD POV porn
  • Free and premium show options
  • Content from the best pornstars in the industry

PornGames hates LifeSelector

  • No lifetime membership option
  • Can’t download videos