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I recently played this game, which has used the femdom and female domination theme well. If you do not know what femdom is, then what have you been doing with your life all along? Femdom is a fantastic experience wherein the female is in charge. A lot of female domination and playing the sub to the woman. Now, I got a great game to share with you that features femdom.

The game is called "Femdomination." By that title alone, you would get a clear meaning of what the game is about. Femdomination is about female domination, and I'll tell you all about it here. Femdomination comes from the beautiful people over at Citor3. That is, Erotic spelled backward, and boy do they have a 5-star erotic material on their hands. Femdomination is a 2D fantasy experience that is on a VR platform. Think about this, my friend, all that female domination kink on a VR platform? That's fucking madness, I tell you.

Femdomination targets all of us who are regular users of Oculus Rift and Vive. The game will feature a lot of cool modes that I was able to immerse myself in. Femdomination will surely be one hell of an experience for all of us perverts who are in dire need of female discipline. If your kink is to let a woman dominate all over you, then this game will surely make you want to cum again and again!

First Impressions

Of course, a game that has the title "Femdomination" would sure sound intriguing. Femdomination is not only fascinating but is also on a VR platform. All your curiosity toward the game will soon fill you with a bunch of immersive female domination experience. First off, the game came off like something from the late 2000s. The graphics surely gave the impression that it came from that time. But to talk about the graphics alone is a crime. Femdomination is more than decent graphics.

Femdomination is a game that provided me with a 5-star immersive experience that had my boner rock hard throughout the game. Femdomination, as I have mentioned, came from the developers from Citor3. The developers did a great job providing three modes to play in. Of course, before I was able to access the modes, I was able to peek at the different experiences that a mode may bring during a quick introduction.

All I had to do was to explore and pick out which mode I liked after the introduction. These three game modes are namely: Arousal, Experience, and Developer. After picking a game mode, I had to select which one of the four scenes I wanted. These four scenes are - Orientation, The Slave, The Chair, A Dungeon. All of these scenes sound kinky, I know. The act of choosing which I wanted was a great touch because I believe it added more to the immersive aspect of the game.

The Gameplay

Let us discuss the essential things first. To experience the game entirely, I had to buy all the modes for around $39. I know it is a price tag, but there is more to it. The scenes also required me to spend another $15 each. Multiply that to four because there are four scenes, and I had a complete pricey game on my hand. I know, I could have played other XXX games for less money. In my defense, Femdomination was still worth the purchase. I was able to have a top tier immersive gaming experience.

An immersive experience is crucial for an XXX game, right? A fresh, additional spice to mix with a femdom theme. I know for a fact that Femdomination's price comes with a lot of perks. These perks come in the different high production values that come in the form of audio presence. Do not forget that I had to use my Oculus the whole time. The entire VR experience bombarded me with different binaural beats.

My head was fucking throbbing, and the game's script delivered a smooth and relaxing experience that increased the immersive level of the game. The scenes are short, but the idea of the game that was not a problem for me. All I had to do was to go back and choose another one and pair it with another model. The Dungeon scene is an excellent example as it had different endings and left a lot more to discover in other instances.

What I Liked About Femdomination

I liked that Femdomination had decent models to set as the foundation of the game. The models were able to portray the emotions and the experiences I had to feel while playing the game. If it had horrible models and graphics, the developers would not have been able to convey the female domination kink. The game models and femdom theme meshed hand in hand with the dynamic of the game.

I also need to stress that it felt amusing being able to immerse in a VR platform game that had this femdom theme. The people at Citor3 needs a lot of commendation on coming up with that dynamic. I also liked that Femdomination was able to create a pleasant atmosphere for the user. I appreciated the female body and femdom kink that the 3D models had portrayed. The developers also had this engaging audio experience that increased the immersive aspect of the game.

What I Did Not Like About Femdomination

I found some things that I did not like about Femdomination. Maybe it is a bit one-sided, but I am sure that it is worth the mention. I think that Femdomination, although it was immersive, had seemed to limit the user experience. My experience had this sort of limit through the heavy reliance on the femdom aspect. There was no movement from my character as all control was with the female models. The sex part was limited, too, because I believe that there are only a handful of sex positions wherein the female is dominant.

I am not sure how a doggy style position would mix well in the game. That removes the domination theme on the part of the female. The game is an exciting experience, but I am sure that they would have been able to come up with different flavors. That is a big challenge for them. They should come up with a way to mix things up while staying true to their immersive, femdom kink.

Recommendations On Improving Femdomination

I recommend that the developers do something about the hefty price tag. I had to spend a lot of money on this game. Although I found it to be worth it, the developers sure need to improve and add more to the dynamic. Adding more to the game's dynamic will surely make paying for the game even more worth it. The developers at Citor3 can surely find ways to improve the customization option of the game.

The creators and developers of the game could have added a bunch of hairstyles, outfits, and more. These things alone could have made the difference in giving me a slightly different vibe while playing the game. The facial reactions were even dull on the game models, and I suggest that they work on that. Maybe add some tech that could make them not look and act like robots having sex and dominating me.

I just do not think that the game offers a different experience with every game mode that is available. Even in customizing the game models are quite limited. I believe that putting a hefty price tag on the game should give the user full and sound gaming experience - Not just some game that feels like a school project.


Overall, Femdomination is a fucking excellent game if you are looking for an immersive fuck experience. The game features a female domination theme to go with the VR platform. If there's one thing that can make VR more immersive, it is a feminine domination theme. Experience female domination with different modes that will give you different beautiful experiences.

You will be able to control which way you want a female to control you. If there is one thing I'd permit a girl to dominate me on, that sure is being able to make my cock cum so hard that I'd blow all my load while on my Oculus.

Developers continuously improve the game, so you will not have to worry about running out of things to do here. Besides, all you are going to have to do is sit and watch. You won't have to do much to stimulate your brain so hard that you'll empty your cum-filled balls. If this game sounds fantastic for you, then go ahead and play Femdomination now. Start playing and have the immersive fuck experience you deserve!

PornGames likes Femdomination

  • Decent Models
  • Immersive audio quality
  • Immersive experience while playing

PornGames hates Femdomination

  • Lack of customization options
  • Hefty price tag
  • Scenes sold separately