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Fake Lay

FakeLay! We’ve all fapped to those hot porn scenes where ditsy sluts get fucked in the back of a fake taxi. Hell, there’s an entire fucking studio dedicated to that kind of porn. You cucks seem to love the idea of picking up some unsuspecting girl and boning her in the back of a 1996 Chevrolet Caprice.

I don’t get it. Fucking in a car isn’t all it is cracked up to be. You’ve got no leverage; the bitch is bound to get hand and footprints all over your windows. And you’re guaranteed to break something in the car. Imagine doing that shit in the grungy back seat of a taxi. People have probably fucking died back there.

But it’s a fantasy, right? The idea of being able to drive around and pick up hot sluts who will suck your dick in the back of your car is an unattainable dream for most of you. It sounds like a normal Saturday night to me. I’ve got a game that lets you live out this kinky fantasy. Fake Lay is a western-style free-to-play porn game by the legends over at You know about these fucks. They are porn game giants that bring droves of you horny gamers to their site.

You can find this game by going over to and searching “Fake Lay” in the search bar, or you can go to to get redirected right on over to the game page. Like all Nutaku games, you’ll need to make a free account on the site. It’s pretty easy and doesn’t require a credit card or any of that bullshit. The game is completely free. Well, unless you count all of the optional microtransactions.

Drive Around, Fuck Bitches, & Get Money

The premise for the game is as straightforward as it gets. You are some dude who bought a car. You run over some stripper bimbo who crashes through your windshield and immediately starts deepthroating your cock. Fuck, alright. My last car accident went a little differently than that, but sure. This turn of events inspires your character to turn this car into a taxi that goes around filming babes doing kinky shit in the back of it.

It’s best not to think about your reasons for doing this too much. Your goal is to go around picking up babes so that you can get them to film hot porn scenes. I sure hope you like resource management, because that is 95 percent of what this damn game is. You need to spend energy doing jobs, selling your films, and going on fake dates with these chicks so that you can increase their affection meter. But you also need to make money and be skilled in different things.

Upgrade Skills, Buy Gifts, and Go on Dates to Get These Sluts Ready to Fuck

These prudes won’t go spreading their pussy lips for just any broke fuck with a taxi and a big dick. You need to be funny, good at sex, and so much more. You have to spend time upgrading skills that let you progress in the filming processes. You’ll need new studios, different shooting locations, date spots, and better cameras as the game progresses. There are ten or more steps to each girl’s porn scene. Each scene, you’ll get to see your hot passenger get undressed and do different sexy poses for you, with the final shoot unlocking a full-on fuck scene.

But let me go over the basic gameplay loop so you get an idea for exactly what you’ll be doing. You pick a girl up. To start filming, you need to match whatever 4 criteria she wants for the shoot. You need a certain number of hearts. You get these by playing short mini-games.

There’s one where you “Sweet Talk” her and swipe away the bad words floating in the air before they get to her while you avoid slashing the hearts that give you points. The second game is literally just clicking on her as fast as you fucking can. I wish there were more mini-games. Those are basically it. It’d be cool if they had a fuck ton more that you could choose from. As is, the process can get very repetitive after playing for a bit.

Full Sex Scenes Take Quite a While to Unlock

You’ll also need to buy her shit, take her to certain locations, and have certain skills. But all of this requires waiting. Skills take minutes to upgrade. Dating takes time. Earning money takes energy, which you’ll have to get more of by waiting for it to recharge. And, of course, you can bypass all of this by using diamonds. Diamonds are the premium currency for this game. Like all of these resource management games, diamonds let you skip all of the “gameplay” and get right to the sex scenes, or at least get to them a lot quicker.

I was pretty disappointed when I finally did unlock a sex scene. I was expecting a fully animated fuck fest with multiple positions, toys, and all of that good shit. Nope. You get a single position in the same style of animation like the rest of the game. You can unlock multiple positions by leveling up the slut even more. God damn. I’m just not the kind of dude who is going to pour hours upon hours into a game just for some simple animation.

But I will say that the audio is amazing. All of the sluts have a unique voice, personality, and dialog. And the sex scenes have these nut-bustingly sexy moans and sound effects that almost make up for the janky animations. Plus, there are plenty of different babes with different fetishes in this game. Sure, it takes fucking forever to unlock them. If you stick with it, you’ll find yourself with nearly two dozen hotties who you can fuck in all sorts of kinky positions.

I do recommend playing this game on mobile. It is so much easier to tap and swipe the screen than having to fuck around with your mouse. The game feels so much better on mobile. To get the app, you simply need to go to the game page on a mobile device and download it. You can play this game on pretty much any Android device.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

It’s an addicting game. I’ll give them that. It’s easy to get sucked into all of the resource management, jobs, skills, and all of that shit. And I liked the audio. Holy fuck, hearing these sluts moan and beg for more was amazing. It’s not some shitty voice acting either. You get crisp audio that will have you fapping in no time at all. I also liked that it was fairly easy to play the game without having to buy premium currency. I never hit a wall where it was impossible to progress without it. You simply need to throw the game on and go walk away for a bit while your skills level up or whatever.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I get that the point of this game is to manage resources and get you obsessive cucks to spend that dosh on microtransactions. All of that shit is fine. I won’t go complaining about it since it’s kind of the entire point. But I wish the sex scenes were better animated. You work up for hours just to get a scene that feels lackluster and thrown together.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Fake Lay is a fun enough game that is good at killing some time. I wouldn’t hop into this game, expecting super engaging gameplay or a narrative. It’s kind of like a cookie clicker game in that you play it for the satisfaction of playing. You’ll get some kinky sex scenes, but they will take a good while to get. I recommend it for you fucks who might want to have some simple, sexy game to take with you on the go. Especially since the mobile app is a bit easier to play than sitting down at a computer on the desktop site. Go give Fake Lay a shot and start fucking bitches in the back of your taxi.

PornGames likes Fake Lay

  • Easy game with lots of fapworthy content
  • Western art style
  • Amazing
  • sexy audio
  • You can play in a browser or download a free app
  • Completely free-to-play game

PornGames hates Fake Lay

  • Lots of waiting required to progress
  • Lackluster sex scenes