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I have mixed feelings about this game, but overall, I still think it’s one of those diamonds in the indie rough that you’ll want to keep an eye on for the next year or two. It’s already a perfectly enjoyable playable porn game experience as it is, but there’s a lot to be done down the line. The developer has made it perfectly clear that ComeCloser is a very early alpha or beta or whatever the fuck it’s called when a game is a long way from release. Either way, it’s perfectly playable and loaded with enough content to last you several hours at least. If you’d prefer that in a fap count, I’d say you can comfortably fap at least ten times to this content before it becomes stale. That’s pretty decent for a beta version.

Let’s talk about what you can expect to find within ComeCloser. I consider it to be a lighter version of Virt-A-Mate. That game is a simulator. It’s popular because of the quality of the 3D bitches. It lets you play around with any bitches you want, custom or preloaded, in any environment you’d like. The game is more of a sandbox than anything else. ComeCloser comes with a hint of that kind of gameplay and 3D optimization but significantly less freedom. This is good because that loss of freedom is the price you pay for getting an actual playable experience instead of having to fiddle with custom character configuration menus and whatnot. You fire up ComeCloser; you dive into the pussy. It’s that simple.

<h3>Three Bitches, One Game</h3>

Currently, there are three different scenarios in three environments, with one babe for each. They’re decently different from one another. The variety is on point. They’re also extremely hot, and I can’t decide which one I like most. That much was clear to me when I got to the main menu and saw the babes with their clothes on. Once the clothes came flying off, well, I was blown away. The graphics in this game are a notch below Virt-A-Mate, and that was a great decision. That game goes way too far trying to impress the average consumer. This one hits the mark.

So, we’ve got three playable levels, and they have different spots across the environment where you can initiate sex with the bitches, but first, you have to get through their stories. Here, you can see what the developer intends to do with ComeCloser in the future. They don’t want this to be yet another sandbox. They want to streamline the experience so that everyone coming into the game can feel like they’ve just dived into a decent game. They want this shit to be memorable and a bit more linear than similar titles. I think this is genius. If they keep developing this game in this particular direction, it will be an undeniable smash hit.

<h3>Performance Issues</h3>

Let’s start complaining! Are you ready to complain? I sure am ready to complain. The official page for the game says that the minimum required graphics card for this bad boy is the RTX 2070, which is absolutely insane when you think about it. There isn’t a single triple-A game that’s come out, even after ComeCloser, that has that steep of a GPU requirement. Even in the world of VR, the RTX 2070 is a huge overkill. Hell, the game refuses to launch if you’ve got a GTX 980. Straight up, it doesn’t work. This is fucked up. I know that it’s supposed to be a powerful next-gen experience with a ton of believable graphics and whatnot, but what I’m seeing in this game doesn’t exactly justify the power they’re asking for.

I played the game on my GTX 1070, which I refuse to accept that it is an insufficiently powerful card for any VR game at the moment. And it ran... pretty great, actually. There was, however, the occasional stutter that had nothing to do with general performance. My overall frame rate was super high. My computer was also quite happy and chilled during the whole thing. Unfortunately, the game had other shit going on below the hood. It would occasionally chop or stutter with no pattern, seemingly for no reason. It was truly strange stuff, and I don’t know what to make of it. As it currently stands, ComeCloser needs serious optimization because even in its current beta state, it’s already far too bulky for the consumer market. It requires serious attention from a games optimization expert.

<h3>The Gameplay</h3>

As I mentioned earlier, the gameplay is a mix of Virt-A-Mate’s freedom combined with some practical game design that simplifies the entire approach and lets you dive into the action immediately instead of forcing you to do editing work. You pick a babe; you dive into her story. It’s that simple. The loading times aren’t half bad either. As it is, the babes have minor stories that they have you follow through, and they’re pretty damn good. In my opinion, the first babe, the blonde in the airplane hangar, has the best storyline. She’s a standard dominatrix, and she has you do all kinds of kinky shit to prove your loyalty to her. You might have to bend down a couple of more times than you might have expected, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Once the story portion is over, you get free reign to do whatever you want with the babes across many different locations in their environments. You also get a bunch of sex toys that you’re free to use any way you see fit. I like the dildos and anal plugs, but the spanking paddle really disappointed me because there’s no spanking coded into the game. You get a spanking paddle, but there’s no way to spank. That’s just rubbing it in, I think. They should add spanking to this game.

<h3>Responsive Bodies</h3>

This is the part that you came to this review for. The bodies on these bitches are the perfect amount of responsive, and future updates are sure to polish their physics even further. In my opinion, the babes are already adequately ready for the dicking, especially because they respond to damn near everything you do in just the right way. If you eyeball them, they stare back at you. If you move their limbs, they bend just the right amount, the same as they would in real life. And, of course, if you move your cock, fingers, or sex toys in front of their mouths, they open wide and take a deep breath. They’re ready for the penetration.

It’s the same down below. Both of their holes are perfectly ready for insertion at all times, and they’re very responsive. The penetration looks believable, albeit with a few compromises here and there. If you shove a dildo too far into the girl, or if you’re not precise, you’ll be stabbing it straight through her. It is what it is. There’s also a fascinating mechanic surrounding the clothing that the babes wear. Like in real life, you can displace the clothes, exposing the girls’ naughty bits with very little effort. It’s damn entertaining stuff.

<h3>Some Awesome Innovation</h3>

All of the supported VR sets for this game come with two controllers. You should already know this if you own one. You only need one to handle the in-game world, so the developers had the genius idea to let you put the other one in your pocket or just hang it by your waist and use it as a crotch controller. You can straight up sprout a penis and use it on the girls by swinging your hips. It’s a great way to get immersed in the action and feel like you’re really there.

There’s also the possibility of introducing a placeholder for a real-life sex toy like a fleshlight if you can fix the damn thing to a wall or something similar. That way, you can feel the babe while you fuck her. It’s a fantastic system, and while I didn’t personally have the gear to test out this particular way of playing, I’m sure it’s going to be amazing.

<strong>I think that this game is lined up to be on everyone’s top 10 list of favorite VR porn games, and it’s currently available for $12 a month on Patreon</strong>. You can sign up once and get the current version or wait a bit for them to polish the game more and then subscribe. Whatever you think is best. I personally wouldn’t mind supporting this amazing game development team in advance. They seem to be putting the money in all the right places.

PornGames likes ComeCloser

  • Top-notch gameplay and physics
  • Three great babes
  • Pretty cheap
  • Cock controller mechanic

PornGames hates ComeCloser

  • Early in development