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Being A Dik

To all college students who are in the lower parts of the hierarchy. Put your hands up! To all poor motherfuckers who are barely living and just have a fair amount of money or sometimes none to buy stuff they want. Well, that kind of situation may have been the inspiration of the game developer to make Being A Dik. Settle down, you all degenerate of the nations should really raise your fucking flag on this one. Wait, first things first. Pause your rejoicing, and shut the fuck up because there is some storytelling that I’m about to slap in your face.

This game may have not been completed, but it is far more superior than other xxx games that exist. I do not need you fucking losers to agree with me because I know that I am right no matter what. The writing is far more superior to half of the completed lewd games in the game scene. Being a Dik is a romantic game fueled with fucking sex, lust, crying, laughing, desire, drugs, and alcohol. Well, a typical experience of a college student if, of course, you are a normal one.

But for a fucking retard like you, who spends most of his time hugging a nude female body pillow will far ore different than the alpha male who drinks and fuck whores in their college days. Well, if you are still in the realm of being a college student, why don’t you stop being so weird, play this motherfucking game and learn a thing or two on how to be fucking cool and likable. After all, women existed for men to use. So, man the fuck up and stop being a psycho lunatic.

What The Game Is All About and Some Gameplay

You will be playing as a young man coming from an underprivileged, deprived, and penniless family. I might be exaggerating the descriptions, but well, his family has a low income. The man attends Burgermeister & Royce College. As he is thrown into the life of being a freshman in a new environment and gets easily influenced by joining the up and coming fraternity called Delta Iota Kappa.

The man will wind up with things that the new organization has to offer. This new world that he entered offered alcohol, drugs, conflicts, and sex. I know you fuckers are just waiting for me to mention the word sex. Yes, to those who have an intellectual disability and cannot fully understand what I said a couple of times, I would repeat it. This game has sex. It is where a man and woman got to do the did.

Good thing for you virgins you may get to have a practice of what to do in real life if blessed by the grace god you could get to have a blind woman who will have sex with you out of pity or what but probably that involves you coercing her. So, what the hell just do what you fucking need to do. It has fucking big ass, big tits, anal sex, voyeur, exhibitionism, groping, handjob, masturbation, milf, oral sex, prostitution, stripping, teasing, titfuck, and even creampie. If all those things do not interest you in giving this fucking game a try, I suggest you better erase your existence in this world.

The game Being A Dik is an adult visual novel. Thus, it is obviously a game driven with choices. So whatever the fuck you do, it has an impact on the totality of the game. As a male attending college, your decisions will affect the development of the character and its shape, also the environment, and the adventure. Raise your glass and rejoice the fuck out because you will be a big asshole in this game. You heard that right. You will be the real shit, the big deal, the fucking boss in this motherfucking game. Get your head straight and do not fuck this up.

You could be a fucking good guy who is romantic, caring, charming, which is the most boring type of guy, or you could be an assertive alpha type of guy. A daring, straightforward guy who will not take ‘no’ for an answer. So what are you going to be? Do not be a fucking pussy shit with the gentle approach to bitches be a fucking man and snatch them, then use them and fuck them and throw them when they have no use to you anymore. Trollops, whores are just fucking objects. Just a thing for men to play with and satisfy their perversion.

There are fucking bitches in the who mayor probably not be attractive to you, but that is based solely on your choices. So, do not be a fucking cunt and choose wisely and get them all whores. Before you get your saliva dripping, I would say that you have your fucking dream girl and before you can have her, there will be a lot of temptation of whores all around you. Will you get to resist all those hoes, or your masculinity will prevail and taste all the delicacy laid in front of you?

But, well, this is fucking college after all. You will get to experiment with the things life has to offer. Whether good or bad, as long as you learned your lesson. Or not since the lesson learned is not required in your development. Trust me. I know a boatload of things that you can only imagine. Though the game is highly visual, it also presents an interactive mini-games that you can immerse yourself with.

There will also be a free-roam event in which you can fucking explore some of the current environments. If in case you encountered problems with the game or let’s put it this way. Your fucking ability and capability to win the game are not enough. Well, the good thing is that there are boosters, skills, and cheats that you can fucking purchase in order to find some hidden items that could unlock unique and essential lewd and crude artworks and stuff.

Furthermore, walkthroughs are available all over the internet. You just have to have a fucking internet connection and brain to access it. Fuck them all, be cool, be awesome, be relevant, choose to be alpha, and be a di[c]k.

What I Like In The Fucking Game

Like any fucking great xxx game in the world with further additional chapters and content, this game will go down to history. DrPinkCake, who is also the creator of the Acting Lesson, is giving you quality content, and this game is not an exception. The storyline is fucking it, and the characters are well developed. What can you ask for except for new chapters? Nothing this will give you anything you want from a visual novel.

So, if you have a fetish in the art and aesthetic of games well, this one will give you the satisfaction that you are craving for. Also, the writing in this game is top tier. I will iterate it and say that the writing in this fucking game is god-tier. If you really are looking for a substantial story well, then what the fuck are you waiting for? Dig in in this game and satisfy all your needs and wants.

What Things That Did Not Impress Me

Everything in this game seems to impress me from its writing to the storyline, but all I want from this game is more fucking chapters. MORE FUCKING CHAPTERS. I cannot emphasize this enough. NEW FUCKING CHAPTERS. I do not want to be left in a fucking cliffhanger. If this I came back, and there is no additional chapter of content in this game, DrPinkCake should get an excellent fucking lawyer because I will be suing.


Being a Dik is really a top-tier game, and do not try to fucking argue with me, or you end up in a rat-infested alleyway. With its top-shelf writing and lit animation all. I can fucking say that you fucking motherfuckers should just get a fucking good internet connection, install the motherfucking game, and then start playing this fucking game if you do not want to miss half of your fucking life.

You will not be disappointed with this game. That one fucking thing that I can assure you. Its quality, content, music, animation, and the story will blow your brains out and keep you entertained throughout the game. Thus, the game also offers excellent Triple-A titties that will make you bust a nut.

PornGames likes Being A Dik

  • The top-tier writing
  • well-crafted story
  • and the stunning characters
  • Creatively animation and the aesthetically pleasing world building
  • The attention to detail and the extraordinary fucking music

PornGames hates Being A Dik

  • All I fucking want is an additional chapter and content