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Adventure High

May your dick stand a chance in this game or your brain. I cannot really tell the difference between the two, especially for fuckers like you all. This game, Adventure HIgh, makes Harry Potter looks like a fucking dreary novel and a fucking drab film. Do not fucking argue with me because facts are facts. With enough budget, I know this game could go big, skyrocket into the sky, pierce the clouds, and fly above the whole scene. This is what the Inheritance Cycle wanted to be but wasn't.

Your school may have been a tremendous fucking institution, but that would not even be half to what the Adventure High has to offer. Yes, of course. Your school has all these kinds of weird people, nerds, geeks, and other types of people that could be just like a wallflower in the corner to some up, boring. This is a type of school where Harry Potter and other dudes would like to attend but can't. Do not fucking come for me because you will only realize that I am fucking right. Nerds cannot argue with alphas, and that is in a motherfucking period.

Before you go further, I would like to fucking inform you that this fucking article will deal with the mature version of Adventure High. So, if by chance, you are thinking of reading further, hoping that I will discuss and dig deep into the clean version of the game. Well, you better get the fuck out of here because this fucking site only features fucking and gaming and nothing else. I guess I got rid of all of the pussy shits lingering around here. To those who stayed, check your engine and have enough gas because it is gonna be a long motherfucking ride.

What The Game Is All About

A motherfucker like you possessed a gift, and that gift comes in as a form of magic, specifically Control Magic. So, what are you gonna do now? Will you be an uneventful, tedious, and colorless heroine or be a badass villain fucking and controlling some degenerate slut. It is your choice. Thus, it prompts you that you have to choose wisely because you might end up regretting everything you did.

As a first-year student, who is enrolled in a school that nurtures hopeful adventurers on how to use their fucking special gifts of magic in order to survive outside the city. Where everything seems in shit and chaos, this incorporation of the RPG genre and Visual Novel have you exploring dungeons, develop a relationship with the students you will meet in the school, and you get to fight with some monsters. Keep in mind that in this game, your choices will have a crucial impact on the story.

There are several main storylines present in the game. Thus, your actions and choice will probably conjure a good or bad result as well as the uncovering of the numerous side plot that is connected and is relevant to the other characters in the game. The developer of the Adventure High mentioned that one of his goals in this game is to offer side plots, secrets, and plotlines characterized with a radically distinct experience from the playthrough on the next.

The game developer, Changer, was bothered by the simplification of the morality in the games and how players can bend, shake, break, and, at some point, exploit it. That in that way, the players can somehow keep the alignment yet behaving against it or keeping it in favor of them. He found it totally strange that is why, Adventure High does not present a morality meter. Because what the fuck is morality in terms of a game like this. Who wants morality when you can have all the fucking whores in the world and use them for your own benefits

The chosen choices and the actions made in the game will lead you to logical conclusions. The involvement of music in this game is some kind of okay. It is not mind-blowing or anything at all. The music somehow helps the game to be more interactive and engaging. Even though the game is still ongoing, there are available Hentai Scenes in the game, and the avatars have the updated version so far. Furthermore, there is enough story that has been written in order to convey a pretty decent idea into how the game Adventure High will play out.

The Gameplay

The game Adventure High deals with the themes of temptation, power, and corruption, so this game is not for faint-hearted. This game has two versions, which are the clean version, where there is no fucking excitement, and it is monotonous as watching your grandma sitting in her rocking chair for the whole day, just rocking the chair, staring outside, and doing nothing at all. Then the real shit, the mature version of the game that includes bestiality, BDSM, harem, incest, oral sex, and vaginal sex.

You will be playing as a 1st-year student in a magical college. It seems like it is far more interesting than your regular fucking university. WIth your possession of Control Magic, you could bend the will of the other characters, or you could help them if that is what you want. As a side note, the characters in the game are all in the right age, which is 18 years old and above. It was established in the beginning that students must be 18 years old or older in order to enroll in the school.

The exploration of the dungeon will, in turn, into combat, which is based in RPG. At this point, you will discover that you have a knack for Control magic. Due to this, two teachers who have two different philosophies in life will be attracted to you. First is Mr. Drape, who is the teacher who has more seniority, and at the time, he has earned his motherfucking tenure. Thus, the teacher made a plan to make all the students follow his boring ass moral code well. He will do this with the use of his power to subvert people.

Then there's Jane. She is a laid-back type of person, which in turn to be suspicious since she specializes in destructive magic. If you abuse your power, Mr. Drape would be alarmed by this and tweak his plans to end your threat to his aspiration. But for Jane, she seems to encourage it. As Mr. Drape plans start, your friend will be affected, and this will make you spend more time with Jane to know how to protect your friends.

One of the main conflicts of the story is that. Jane is interested in your magic, thus tempting you to use it. It presents that you wanted to help your friends and then resisting the temptation to abuse your power. Actually, that is only the main story. In addition to this, whether in town or school premises, you can fucking use the spells you ave learned along the way and the spells that you earned in the conversations with other characters.

You can also be indep-fucking-dent as you can take motherfucking action on your own without needing to bide to the game to prompt you to do the fucking deed every damn time. One great thing about Adventure High is that its characters have this plausible persona that will help you deepen the bond with them. Each character has their backstory that reflects their wants, goals, desires in life, and what they want to achieve in school, making them as much shaped like the main characters in the game.

You can also help these characters achieve their goals and aspiration by interacting with them. You can actually befriend them, and if their desire aligns with yours can date them. And here's the thing you can use your motherfucking magic to manipulate your tiny manatee brains towards your own goals. You can cast the spell during a one on one conversation. So, If that all sorts of things do not give you a sense of satisfaction, then I do not know what else can. Well, you are fucking needy, so fuck yourself them.


Adventure High holds a lot of promise. For a developing game to exhibit such attention to details, you will find yourself in awe just by reading its first sequence. The rich backstory of the characters is what attracts me and gives me a sense of okay-let' s-give-this-game-a-try vibe. One tragic thing about this game is that this could have been a lot better if it had more content that you can indulge yourself in.

PornGames likes Adventure High

  • Wise and efficient utilization of music
  • Excellent fucking writing and the lush backstory of each character
  • Being important and powerful
  • Just the fucking idea that you can manipulate them for your good

PornGames hates Adventure High

  • This game could have been more fucking great and stunning if it has more chapters and content. Tons of subplots have dead ends
  • and the damn artworks need to be updated
  • especially its backgrounds.