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Time to review another up and coming impressive porn game straight from the depths of indie hell. The developers behind AdultVRGameRoom are essentially building this title from scratch, doing their best to accommodate as best as possible for future updates and all-around enjoyment. The game is a simulator, through and through and it is very reminiscent of Virt-A-Mate. I often use that game as a sort of yardstick for these kinds of sex simulators, I know, but it's inevitable. I have to compare this game to that one on account of how Virt-A-Mate essentially set the default for sex simulators in VR. There are pros and cons to be explored here.

On the one hand, AdultVRGameRoom is the kind of game that has everything you could possibly ask for out of a VR sex simulator. On the other, it's a bit limited in scope. Open-ended VR sex simulators usually suffer from being too undefined. They're sandboxes that allow you to create your own fun. That's all well and good, but the average gamer wants to put on a game and dive into the action. The more work the gamer has to do, the less fun the game is, usually. This is especially true with games that are made for faps. If you're horny, then the last thing you want is to fiddle with technicalities. You want to fap, damn it, and fap you shall. Down the vein of simplicity of access, AdultVRGameRoom is a very plain and simple game that requires somewhere between 5 and 15 seconds of setup before you can properly consider the experience fapworthy. That's a relatively short amount of time compared to the hours you could waste setting up a Virt-A-Mate scene.

<h3>Setting Up Your Scene</h3>

Enough comparisons, let's get into the specifics of AdultVRGameRoom. Let's pretend you've never played any other game like it. Well, it's a virtual reality title, if that wasn't already abundantly clear. It comes with complete 3D freedom of movement and interaction. It's not an observation game or some shit like that. This also means that you'll need controllers to play the game in any functional capacity. Simply having a Samsung phone isn't going to cut it. You need the full experience. I personally love my Oculus Rift S, but you're free to use another device you've got lying around as long as it's compliant. VR headsets are pretty much interchangeable these days when it comes to compatibility.

The game currently features several environments that you can swap between and dive into and there's an interesting game mechanic put into place to make you feel more in charge of the scenario. This approach also negates the need for any loading screens and I love that. Basically, you're inside a room, floating above the scene like a giant and you can set up assets and environments by pressing some buttons on the walls. Once that's done, you're free to jump into the environments, Gulliver style, by shrinking into the action. You can always go back to giant mode if you want to do further edits or change the scene all-together. This is a great way of immersing you into the concept of being both a player and a set editor.

<h3>Sufficient Environments</h3>

The environments might not be numerous but they are varied. There's a pirate ship that bobs sideways. That in itself is enough to claim that there's variety. You're also free to bang inside normal spaces like furnished rooms. There will be new environments down the line and they've already been announced, in a way, but that'll come in the future with new updates. For now, there are sufficient environments for you to enjoy yourself with the babes in this game.

Speaking of babes, there are so many babes in this game it's crazy. Crazy I say! There's a ton of variety both in body types and in species. Seeing as how this is a video game, it's only natural to find that half of the babes aren't even human. Don't worry, they're not dogs. That would be fucked up. They're elf chicks and orc babes and whatever the fuck else these people think of before they get to release. Personally, I'm hoping they introduce Eldritch abominations with multiple pussies. Let's go! 

<h3>Simple Enough</h3>

The appeal of AdultVRGameRoom is that it falls somewhere between the unnecessary complexity of sandbox simulators and the narrow and confining gameplay of adventure titles. In essence, you can do whatever the fuck you want with as many bitches as you want in whatever combination you prefer. However, you don't have to rig them or set anything up, you just have to place them where you'd like them to be. The game also features a ton of toys and random insertable items that you can use in sexual scenarios with the babes. Their holes are properly responsive and will bend to accommodate even the thirstiest of insertions. 

This is great because it allows you to get really creative. You could also pull some originality here and use one of your controllers on your pelvis so that you can simulate the thrusting of a dildo or penis within the game. You can make believe like you're fucking the girls for real. I say girls, plural, because you can insert just about as many as you'd like within a scene and organize them in any way you see fit. You can make yourself a harem if you'd like and bang all the bitches. Who's going to stop you? I guess you could also form your very own minutemen militia of busty babes. That would be outrageously pointless, but nobody's gonna stop you. 

<h3>Straightforward Gameplay</h3>

This game really unlocks your potential without making you do any of the work. The engine is damn impressive, as far as I'm concerned, although it's clearly not in-house. Doesn't matter. It works great. The VR implementation is also seamless. I didn't hit a single snag while playing the game. That being said, I'm not too excited about the actual movement and rigging of the models. They look gorgeous, but they don't move like they should. I mean, the minor joint responses are great, but when I actually tried to bang them, I often found them spazzing out all-over the place. I'm pretty sure that this is the kind of functionality that gets patched out the soonest, because it's the core gameplay, but for the time being I'm cautious.

All that being said, this is fantastic game that is quite frankly extremely affordable considering the fuckton of hours of fun that you can have while playing it. There's also future potential to think of and they're also promising public and private multiplayer with built in voice chat. So, this game is also going to double as a sex simulator for multiple people, together, over the internet. That's a thing. Personally, I'd love to try having actual sex with a woman while also being in the game with her. That would be fucking surreal. 

<h3>Crowdfunded For Now</h3>

The game is announced on Steam so it'll be hitting the popular shelves soon enough, but you can already give the thing a whirl by pledging $6 on Patreon. This gives you access to the latest build of the game at that time, for 30 days. Then, you'd have to pledge again and so on. You understand how Patreon works, I'm hoping. This pledge only entitles you to the single player version of the game. If you'd like to test out the multiplayer, then you'll have to up that pledge to $13 a month, which is again quite an affordable price tag for a game of this caliber.

I'm kind of upset at the fact that you can't stop pledging and keep getting updates, but that's the price you pay, I suppose, for enjoying indie games that are crowdfunded. I know they're not doing this for greed. They need the money in order to continue development. They only have a couple hundred backers right now, so it's not like they're taking the money and running. What I see so far I very much enjoy and I loved playing AdultVRGameRoom. I hope they keep perfecting the game, because even in its current state it's definitely worth playing. With a bit more polish, it would be a must-have by my standards.

PornGames likes Adult VR Game Room

  • High quality models
  • Great VR optimization
  • Single player and multiplayer
  • Crowdfunded

PornGames hates Adult VR Game Room

  • Physics are a bit clunky