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Hi asshole, you must be bored right now, because if not, then why the fuck are you reading this article. But since you're already here, you might as well finish the entire review for you to know what the fuck I'm talking about. This review is about a game called Uprising, where perverts like you are given a chance to fight bad guys alongside a female superhero, which is soon to be your fuck buddy.

You must be confused right now as to why someone would create an adventure game that has tons of sexual content. Well, first of all, this is a porn game, so you should know what to expect before you start playing it. Anyways, this game can surely give you the satisfaction you're looking for in a sex game. You are free to beat your meat while playing this game just not right now because you're still reading my goddamn review.

Reviewing This Game In General

Of all the novel-action porn games I've tried, I can say the Uprising is by far the best of them all. It only took me 4 hours all in all for me to finish the whole game. This game is so addictive that I forgot to finish my work because I prioritize this game over my work. There are a lot of reasons why you should try this one. The first thing you need to know is that you will see a lot of naked girls in this game.

I love the way the characters of this game interact with each other. They even show facial expressions depending on the situation they're in. Since this game is only limited to PC's and laptops, for now, the best thing you can do is secure a computer and stable internet connection for you to know how awesome this fucking game is.

What I Like About The Game

The first thing that my perverted ass noticed in this porn game is its gameplay. I love how the game developers came up with this game because of the exciting storyline and gameplay it has. Most porn game only focuses on sex, but this game is different because you'll have to face a lot of bad guys before you can accomplish your goal which is to finish the game and fuck a lot of bitches.

Uprising's storyline is so interesting because you are accompanied by a girl superhero who has extraordinary powers, which makes her powerful and amazing. Besides the fact that she is fucking strong, she also has the ability to make your dick hard because of her gorgeous body. You'll have the chance to fuck her as soon as you progress in the game, but you will have to pour a lot of time and patience to this one before you can reach your objectives.

Now the best part about this game is that the sex scenes that are in it are not blurred out or censored. It is one of the reasons why I'm so addicted to this game other than the fantastic storyline it has. You will see a lot of boobs and pussies in this game, and you can perform different sexual acts on the characters of this game. I can say that this is the perfect adventure porn game for fucktards like me who loves seeing naked animated people having intense sex.

If you're wondering how good the animation and artwork used in creating this game, well man, you're in for a big treat. Since you already know that this game has no censorship, then you must prepare yourself, for you will see a lot of vaginas and boobies on your computer screen. I love masturbating to this game because of the way the bodies of the characters of this game were designed and also because of the facial expressions they make.

I had no trouble with the navigation of this game because it's fucking easy, even a first grader can memorize the controls to this fucking game in just a matter of seconds. You won't have to press dozens of buttons for you to be able to play this game. The movements are basic and easy, which makes it fun to play with. You can also use your mouse to skip certain dialogues if you're not a big fan of reading game dialogues.

What I Don't Like About This Game

Uprising might be fun to play with, but it still needs a lot of improvement for it to become the best adventure novel porn game on the internet. The first issue I have with this one is its dialogues, yes they are interesting and exciting, but it's fucking time-consuming. I have to go through a lot of bullshit before I see some real action. That's why sometimes I prefer watching porn clips rather than playing it because I don't want to waste my precious time reading it all.

Also, I'm not too fond of the way they created the bodies of the characters of this game because they seem so unnatural and unrealistic. If I'm given a chance to do some upgrades in this motherfucking game, I will make sure that the details in the body appearance of the characters are realistic enough to make the gamers horny as fuck so that he/she can have better gaming experience.

If you're looking for a game that has tons of fucking, then you should probably think twice before playing this game. I have mentioned above that it has some intense sex scenes, but the problem is it’s only limited. This game hasn't been updated yet, that's why it only has a few scenes where you will see the characters fucking each other. The bright side to this is that you can perform anal, blowjobs, and gangbangs to the said characters.

The most annoying thing about this game is its compatibility. You won't be able to play it using your mobile phone. You will have to bring your laptop with you all, which can be a tiring thing to do. Some sex games have mobile versions making it easy for gamers who are always going out. There are times that I wish this game were never made at all because of the problems it has.

My Recommendations for This Game

If the game developers want to attract more people to play this game, the first thing they need to do is to lessen the dialogues of the characters of this game. No one wants to read a lot of dialogues to get the place they need to be. Not everyone wants to spend a lot of time reading random words to understand the game. It would be better if they shorten it and make it brief and concise as possible.

Asides from the dialogues, they should also consider upgrading the artwork for this game. They should try making this game a VR game so that the gamers will feel like they are inside the game. Upgrades such as this one can surely give them more audience. The graphics used to this game are not that bad, but if you want to attract more people to try your game, it might as well add or change some things for you to accomplish it.

Horny fuckers like me prefer seeing naked women with natural-looking bodies. I understand that the animation used in this game is the main reason why the boobs and pussies in this game don't look realistic and natural. Still, if the people behind this game want to provide satisfaction to the people playing it, they should at least add more details to it and make the body parts look more real. Adding more sex scenes can also help improve this game.

Last but not least, the game developers for Uprising should create a mobile version of it so that gamers like me can play it anywhere and anytime we want to without bringing our computers with us all the time. Most games nowadays have mobile applications making it easy and handy for people who want to have fun during their free time. The game developers of Uprising should consider making one as well for the better gaming experience.


Overall I can still say that Uprising is still an enjoyable porn game despite the minor flaws it has. Games like this one can surely satisfy the fetishes of horny guys who want to fuck different bitches in a video game while slaying dozens of enemies. This game entertained me, and it also taught me that patience is essential if you want to achieve your goals, which is mostly seeing naked women doing some fucking and screaming.

This game does not only focus on sex, and you will need to do some careful planning before going into battles so that your character won't be killed. Even though some of the dialogues are time-consuming, I'd still prefer playing this one rather than doing productive things at home. It entertains me a lot, and it's the best novel adventure porn game I've ever played in my entire life.

PornGames likes Uprising

  • Interesting Storyline
  • No censorship
  • Easy Navigation
  • Sexy Bitches

PornGames hates Uprising

  • Lengthy Dialogues
  • Unrealistic Body Appearance
  • Limited Sex scenes
  • No Mobile Version