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Kamihime Project R

Kamihime Project R is one of Nutaku’s most popular games ever. You might remember me having talked about these guys before, since they're pretty legendary in the porn game scene. Their shtick isn’t so much about pushing into new technologies or anything. They like perfecting the formula that made them popular in the first place. I’m not sure what their first game was, it was a while ago, but since then they’ve racked up a massive library of hot and smutty hentai inspired games, and they’re pretty much all freemium titles.

The Gacha Gods

Nutaku’s games have been called RPGachas in the past by people who are being equal parts judgmental and cheeky. On the one hand, it’s kind of easy to complain about freemium games because they’re not completely free. On the other hand, when you get hundreds of freemium games under one roof, and you don’t have to spend a single cent, you should probably be grateful. I don’t judge, to be honest. Nutaku isn’t my favorite porn portal out there, but they’re pretty high up the chain. What I like the most is that they stay the course on quality. Most specifically, the pussies are always peak perfection.

What? Am I objectifying women too much? Well, when Nutaku draws more dicks, I’ll complement those also. The point is, their artists are incredible at drawing human bodies in a hentai style, and not a single game on their list is an exception. Plus, they do this thing with the noses that really turns me on.

Sorry, I know that sounded confusing. Most of the artists that work on Nutaku games mix and match some western influences in their art, and the noses are always drawn in a western style. That makes all the hentai babes in their games extra hot for me, because they feel a lot more original and unique. I must have seen a million hentai babes throughout my career, but the chicks in Nutaku games look original as shit.

All right, let’s dive back into Kamihime and what makes this particular Nutaku title special.

The Best of the Best

Kamihime Project R is probably one of Nutaku’s flagship titles, although they seem to love and appreciate all their games equally. As far as I’m concerned, though, this game takes the cake. I’ve seen what the sex scenes look like strung together. It’s hours of proper hardcore hentai. That’s the kind of payoff that I can look forward to.

The artwork is to die for, the sex scenes are hot, and there’s no weird shit. No tentacle rapes, no forced penetrations. It’s all just straight-up guy on girl action that you feel like you’ve earned. You really get to know these girls. You feel like you’re growing a relationship with them, and you very much grow to like them. They’re very likable characters. Plus, they’re your combat party, so you respect their contributions too. They’re not just decoration.

Still, I’m here to review the whole game and not just the hentai scenes, so I have to take into account the hard work that goes into earning these hentai scenes, so let’s do just that.

Quality Gameplay

I’ll admit that I don’t like the Nutaku games that are more puzzle than RPG. I don’t like minigames combined with porn scenes because it plays with my heart rate. I don’t like going from excited to focused and back to excited again. It feels like I’m being dicked around. Now, going from combat to sex and back to combat, that’s a different story altogether. It’s all exciting.

This is the kind of RPG game where the combat actually matters, and I love it. The girls are all really contributing to it, too. You have to think about the fight before it starts and set up your team composition so you can handle anything the game throws your way. It really tugs on your heartstrings if you’re a Final Fantasy fan. Plus, they have two different art styles for the combat and the sex scenes, and that serves the game really well, but we’ll dig into that later.

The combat ramps up very nicely. From the start, you’re going to feel like everything’s a breeze, but the difficulty ramps up, and you get to a point where all the girls are equal parts gift and liability. They have a lot of different abilities, and you have to think about which girl you’re going to level up, when and why. You can’t just lump them all in and hope for the best. Your number of party members is limited. Plus, the game rewards you for using all the girls, so you have to mix and match them frequently. There’s a mild pet game vibe to the whole thing, kind of like Pokemon. I mean, you are collecting and leveling up various creatures. They just so happen to be large breasted hentai babes.

The Art Styles

Nutaku is law when it comes to drawing hentai titties. I’ve never seen a more consistent collection of high quality drawn smut in my life. Every babe across every game is absolutely fuckable, even the ones that are a bit chubby. The artists behind these games know how to hand out quality boners. They use a lot of the standard hentai styles and tricks, but they always put some personal spin on it. In this game, they went all out on the titties to the fucking sky and clouds in the background.

Now, when you’re in combat, you pretty much only see cute characters on a flat 2D background with a ton of detail. They do some sort of art trick on the sprites to make them pop out, so you know what’s in play and what’s far in the background. Plus, all the art is crisp and high res. I played this game on a 32-inch screen, and it looked awesome. It was a little weird, because the game is square-shaped, but other than that it looked fantastic and very sharp. I’m pretty sure the game’s assets scale depending on the size of your screen, but I’m not sure. Either way, the game’s a delight to look at.

The girls are cute as hell, and the backdrops are gorgeous. This is one of those Nutaku titles where you can tell that hours of work went into every part of the art. But you came here to read about the sexy parts, so let’s fucking get to it.

The Glorious Smut

This game comes with literal hours of sex scenes. They’re sprinkled throughout the game very evenly, but you have to earn most of them. The game starts with a pretty awesome triple gangbang right in the tutorial. After that, you pretty much have to get friendly with the girls until you can earn their love or whatever, and they agree to fuck you pretty much any time you want.

You do this by using them in combat, leveling them up and choosing what kind of abilities you want them to use. This is where the whole mixing and matching comes in handy. You need to make sure you rotate all of your girls in and out of combat so that you eventually get to fuck them all. Or, you could stick to a dream team of girls that you’re desperate to bang and get to their best scenes as fast as possible. They get progressively hotter, so you have every reason to just keep farming.

The rewards start with simple favors, a strip here, a blowjob there, and eventually, you get to the full-on naked penetration. The game really likes teasing you with these sex scenes, so that you have every reason to keep coming back.

The Freemium Part

I guess that’s the only real downside to this game and really any other Nutaku game. You have to invest time in it. You can play it casually once in a while, but if you want to dash madly to the finish line, you’re shit out of luck. My advice is to play this game during your downtime and make sure to make the most out of daily rewards. They’re really worth it, and they pretty much make the paid rewards useless.

On the other hand, if you have a thick wallet and thin patience, then you can pretty much dump as much money as you’d like into the game and skip all the bullshit, going straight to the good stuff. I don’t know which approach is better, honestly, but if you happen to like free games, RPG stories, and smut all at the same time, the game strikes a nice balance. Personally, I haven’t mastered it, but then again, the game can be played endlessly, so I don’t even know how you would go about doing that. I guess it’s up to you to find out.

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