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First, let me get this out of my chest, all of the people born after the Millenials are fucking stupid cocksucking bitches. I’m only saying that because there’s really no other game that I can compare Urban Demons to, except for Pokemon, which is a top-rated role-playing game series that mesmerized the childhood of everyone who was born in the 90s. There are also other games that gave birth to dedicated gamers, but that’s not what we’re here for.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about Urban Demons. Pull your dicks out of your pants and experience a nostalgic game based on erotic stories with pornographic materials. The character that you’re going to portray would experience some sort of divine miracle after having a near-death experience. Now the fun part begins, you’ll be having the one thing that every kid ever dreams about, and that is to have powers. But enough of that, review time!

A Pervert Having Powers? What Could Go Wrong?

Urban Demons is a tale about two souls who got lost on a dark path. After they both have a near-death experience; however, they were saved by some mystical being or some shit like that. But here’s where it gets fucking interesting, that mystical being that saved them from dying gave them supernatural powers. Yes, you heard that right motherfucker, the one thing that every man’s inner child always hoped to have, fucking POWERS!

However, their powers aren’t what it seems; it’s not all that sunshine and rainbows as it’s much more malevolent than that. Now with their newly acquired powers (lucky sons of bitches), they are now set on an intriguing goal of dominating, and as for the male, his goal is to fuck every big-titted woman that he encounters. As for the female, her goal is to rule over everything that surrounds her, while also taking revenge on the bitch who made her that way.

The Gameplay

Now, let’s start a new game this erotic masterpiece called Urban Demons. As you initially open the game, you’re then directed to the main menu as it shows the choices of playing a new game or continuing from your last saved game. After that, you’ll be told by the tragic backstory of the characters as you acquire your supernatural powers, then you’ll be forced to make choices, either to auto-select purity, corruption, or make your own choices.

The female voice in the background would then tell you that there are two modes to the game; the quick progression and the long progression. Both of the choices already speak for itself, but if you’re one retarded son of a bitch, then I’ll explain it to you in simpler terms. Long progression allows the game to let you interact with other characters in the game as it’s required to build a relationship with them to unlock certain “actions.”

However, the quick progression only allows you to unlock the scenes more quickly; this feature is quite helpful if you’re playing this game only to have a reason to fuck your dick with your dirty little hands, you perverted fuck. Anyway, after that, you’ll be redirected to the character name creation, then you’re now set to fuck the world with your newly acquired supernatural powers from a supreme deity that you know nothing about. Goodluck, bitch.

The Graphics

Long story short, the game is absolutely amazing...If we were still in the fucking 90s. You’ll be playing a game as you were gaming in a fucking Gameboy machine, everything is pixelated, and you only get to move from one 2x2 block to another. I can’t fucking stress enough that this game is supposed to be a huge fucking hit if it was made earlier than 2010 because it was the decade that realistic gaming hasn’t been a huge success yet.

Anyway, Urban Demons still has some tricks up in their sleeve, what else could be the reason that people play this fucking outdated game? If you’re wondering what it is, it’s already fucking obvious! It’s the nude big-titted women in the game that keeps the players around for a while; sometimes, they even return to experience the same feeling again. I mean, who wouldn’t? Surely some sick bastard like you can easily get aroused by a simple nude image.

The Music

Aside from the repetitive background music that you hear all throughout the game and the sound effects when you interact with objects, the soundtrack selection is literally non-existent. However, to be more precise, there’s a bit of a soundtrack when entering specific areas and whenever you’re entering particular scenes. Still, it’s only there to accompany you in your boring sex adventure.

Yeah, you heard that right, I fucking said boring, you want to know why? Because who the fuck would entirely enjoy a sex-filled role-playing game when there’s no good music to add to the overall immersive experience. I mean, can you fucking imagine yourself playing an awesome role-playing game lame fucking music? I bet you fucking can’t! As of late, music is a way of life, and there’s no perfect game, movie, or show without a good soundtrack.

Urban Demon’s End Game

By the time you’re reading this, the game still hasn’t gotten to its final stages yet, as it’s currently still a work in progress. However, the developers have released the latest update to the game, which includes additional features to the overall content of the game. Remember when I said that the outcome would vary from the choices you’ve made throughout the game? Well, now there are five different endings.

The developers finally added a credit scene as you “hypothetically” finish the game. It’s just a sign that the developers are getting fucking lazy as they’ve already put an end credit scene without actually finishing it. However, the only good side about this is that after the credits have rolled, you won’t start over again, you get to continue on with the game as you please.

My Recommendations To Improve The Game

Oh fuck, where do I begin? There are so many things that need improving in this game, but I’m only judging Urban Demons as how games should be designed by the standards of new generation games, considering this was released only recently. However, if I were to judge this game for what it originally is, there’s still a lot more things to cover before I can actually call this game completely and utterly enjoyable as fuck!

Anyway, to improve the game entirely, I would recommend changing how sex scenes work. What I’m trying to say is that there’s little to no effort at all when it comes to the fucking animations, in which the fuck scenes are what this game’s main attraction was. So please, developers, please do better on the game’s animations, because I’d be more than eager to play this game again if the animations are a little more erotically enticing.

Aside from the overall animations of the game, the next best thing to improve in Urban Demons is the soundtrack selections for specific scenes. Don’t get me wrong; the music in the game is quite good... If you’re one of those pornographic nerds that turn the music off so that no one can hear what the fuck you’re watching. Anyway, if the developers are reading this, you should definitely do some fucking intense work in the game’s soundtrack quality.


I’ve spent more hours into this game than what I initially intended, and honestly? I actually enjoyed the game. However, I wasn’t having the time of my life treating it as PORNOGRAPHIC GAME, as I enjoyed playing as it is, a nostalgic role-playing game that would seem to come from the 90s. I only hoped that there could be more interactable characters in the game, not to mention that it would be a huge fucking deal if they included actual animations of fucking.

However, Urban Demons is not entirely about some motherfucker that was given supernatural gifts to fuck other women or some slutty bitch taking revenge from someone who wronged her. There’s more to it than that, but I’m not going to explain everything to you that this game has to offer. It was initially designed to vary the outcome from the choices you’ve made throughout the game. You’ll have to play the game for yourself to learn more.

PornGames likes Urban Demons

  • Using the traditional gameplay of role-playing games
  • You’ll have super fucking powers
  • Traditional key controls
  • Minigames?
  • You get to fuck around with other women
  • literally
  • Every woman you encounter has a huge
  • fuckable tits

PornGames hates Urban Demons

  • A limited number of NPCs
  • A limited number of boobs
  • No fucking animation?!
  • Everything is only still images
  • There’s no animation whatsoever in the sex scenes!
  • Like the games from the 90s
  • the music selection is quite generic