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Monster Girl Quest

Monster Girl Quest Paradox, aka Monmusu Quest, aka MGQ! Who the hell doesn’t love monster girls? Give me a busty demon slut, lactating cow whore, or gelatinous slime girl over any plain ass hentai chick any day of the week. There’s just something about monster babes. And the internet seems like it agrees. There are dozens of games out there about fucking slutty monster girls with giant tits and sopping wet pussies. Hell, just take a look at any NSFW section on an art site. That selection will be jam-packed full of dog girls getting knotted or sexy succubi giving tail jobs.

But it all started somewhere. Sure, there were other games before it, but I’m talking about the one game that got the whole monster girl genre off the fucking ground. Monster Girl Quest is a game that pretty much kickstarted its own genre of games where you go around trying to fight monster girls and getting raped in spectacular detail if you fail. Since the game launched in 2011, many other creators and developers have made games that owe inspiration to the Monster Girl Quest (“Momusu” in Japanese) formula.

Takes Awhile to Download, but it is Well Worth the Wait

The game itself is an Eroge visual novel series that was created by Totoro Resistance. The series can be played as one big visual novel, but it was initially released as a trilogy. Also, getting your hands on the full game can be a little tricky. I recommend going over to and finding it over there. You’ll have to download every single part and then the English patch before you can get into this fetish fueled adventure of a game, but, trust me, this shit is so worth it.

If you’re just looking to jerk off to hot monster sluts, then I’d recommend throwing the game on normal difficulty. They aren’t messing around with hard mode. Oh, and those of you out there who happen to love monster babes, but hate vore can toggle that fetish off. But you’re stuck with all the other kinky ass fetishes that this game is loaded with, especially rape. If you’re not down to fap to yourself or other fantasy characters getting prone boned against their will, then this is the point to go ahead and turn back.

Monster Girl Quest Throws You Right into the Hot, Hentai Action

You play as some generic dude named Luca, who is set on a quest by a goddess hottie named Ilias. Basically, the goddess fucked up and accidentally made monsters. Instead of fixing that shit on her own, she tells you to go out and kill the Monster Lord since you’ve finally come of age. You bid your Mom goodbye, and Pokemon-style go out and try to accomplish your destiny.

And damn does it get right into the good stuff. There’s no unnecessary exposition or bullshit to sit through. You play for a few short minutes, and you’re already pitted against a busty slime girl trying to bend you over and steal a taste of your “delicious semen.” Fuck, I’ve met a couple of chicks at the bar like these slime girls — thirsty bitches. You have to strike her down with the sword you’ve been training with all of these years. Now, it is possible to win, but I sure as hell didn’t my first time around.

Explore Your Darkest & Weirdest Fetishes

I lost, and the slime girl rides your character for every drop of cum, and you are left there defeated. Apparently, the monsters in this game eat semen to survive. Whatever, as long as I’m getting to fuck some hot monsters babes. Damn, these are some good hentai scenes. You get some high-quality artwork of the slime girl, along with audio of her wet pussy slapping down on you. Even the translated dialog is pretty damn sexy. What a way to start, right? Though at least losing feels like win-win in this game.

After that, you meet a sexy snake girl that makes your character question his way of life. Are monsters evil? What are Ilias’s motives? You know, all of that RPG plot stuff. The game actually does have choices you can make throughout, so every time you play, you could get an entirely different ending or story. It may not seem like your average visual novel, but that’s what sets it apart. It’s like one of those choose your own adventure fantasy books only with a lot more rape and monster babes.

Something to do with meeting and not killing the monster snake chick causes Ilias to dump your ass at the ritual and not make you a hero. But, of course, its probably all part of her greater plan for you. Who knows? You’ll need to get swinging that sword and exploring the world to find out.

Incredibly Fun Story With Lots of Branching Options

After failing to be granted the baptism where you get ordained as a holy hero of monster-slaying, the game becomes rather open-ended. You can talk to different people in town, buy equipment, and go out into the big wide world with three whole continents to travel between. This game is awesome because you can hop on for a quick nut or dive into the complex narrative of good and evil...while also busting a nut.

Really, the game is hot as fuck throughout. There are no dull moments where you don’t get to see any monster pussy. Hell, my first foray into the wild, and I was getting raped vore style by a crazy slug chick. What other game can offer that kind of visual experience? And every single scene in the game takes you through exciting dialog or lore about the story. It doesn’t bombard you with exposition every moment you’re playing; rather, it gives you short scenes here and there to keep you interested.

Stunning Illustrations & Hentai Scenes

The overall story is insanely good as well. I won’t go spoiling anything, but this game has some awesome twists, turns, and everything in between. And the sheer amount of work that went into this game is obvious. It is full of beautiful illustrations for hundreds of different characters, monsters, sex scenes, and environments. It isn’t one of those hentai games that you pick up and can immediately tell all of two hours of work went into it. This game got two more editions to the series and a sequel title for a good reason.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

Monster Girl Quest has so many great features. I liked how they introduced a combat system to the visual novel format that still works. Each encounter is like a puzzle that you have to figure out before, well, before you get raped and milked for your semen. Talk about high stakes. But the game also has the most exciting hentai scenes of any hentai game I have played in a long time. Most games make you work hours just to see some softcore bullshit. Fuck that. I might as well use my imagination instead. But not Monster Girl Quest. This game gives you, perhaps, more fetish content than you could ever ask for. I hate to circle back, but that slug girl scene was fucking wild. I never thought I needed porn of a slug girl raping my character, but, hey, I sure as hell am not complaining.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I don’t know if I’ve got any big complaints about the game. It runs well. It doesn’t suck. That already sets a pretty high bar when it comes to hentai games. And, to top it all off, I had a fuck ton of fun playing this one. So, yeah, I haven’t got a bad thing to say about this one. Go play it.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Monster Girl Quest is one of the most fun, fetish-filled, hentai RPG adventures that you can have. This visual novel is so fucking good. Even with all of the successors out there trying to copy the Monster Girl Quest formula, there really isn’t another game that offers the same experience. This game has stunning, original hentai art of hundreds of different monster sex scenes. There will be fetish scenes for shit you’ve never even considered. And the writing and overall story is on point. I don’t say this shit often, but this is a must-play game for any hentai game fans out there.

PornGames likes Monster Girl Quest

  • Erotic Visual Novel Filled With Hot Monster Babes
  • Tons of Crazy Fetish Scenes
  • High-Quality Artwork
  • Animation
  • and Writing
  • Hours Upon Hours of Content to Explore

PornGames hates Monster Girl Quest

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